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Welcome to The Johanna Nichola Show! Never boring, always valuable, no BS. Join me as we dive deep into captivating and honest conversations about life, love, money, business and personal development.

Expand your perspective, create a fresh blueprint for your life and join me for some incredible conversations with fascinating people. visit

I'm inspired to help people to rebuild their personal and financial infrastructures as I'm building an open and inclusive platform for personal development, education and access to financing without traditional barriers.
10 Episodes
Today I'm having a conversation with 5HUNDREDS co-founders Erika Hanchar & Elizabeth Johnston. These two incredibly talented women independently ran creative businesses whose careers frequently crossed throughout the last 15 years. They have collaborated on numerous creative projects from full-scale events to business consulting, media production, and business writing. They saw a need for a professional marketplace that combined consulting services with swift turn around times, accurate results and affordable rates. The result was a fresh new marketing perspective experience that makes it easy for business owners to take advantage of a variety of creative marketing services again and again for a low guaranteed price. Listen to learn how you can use their Method for Copywriting to turn around a copy job for your business quickly. Learn how you can break down small pieces of your projects and finish them quickly. Learn how you can get things off your to-do list. Learn how their mentoring and consulting can help elevate your business - quickly! 5Hundreds Core Offerings Business marketing services for $500 per project 2 professionals High-quality business services Quick 2 week turnaround time on projects We start a project and then pass over to our clients for completion Visit them at  👉Join my Free Online Community at 👉 And visit my website  for more training and live stream info
In this episode, co-founder of custom jewelry, Patti Moloney and I discuss why compassion, sensitivity and vulnerability don't need to be seen as weaknesses. We discuss why we should celebrate those attributes rather than hide them.  Patti shares her story of how her intuition helped save her business from going down a slippery slope, and how she created Butterfly Strong, a beautiful necklace and movement that celebrates strengths that are often overlooked and undervalued in our society. Visit Find the Butterfly Strong Necklace here:  👉Join my Free Online Community at 👉 And visit my website  for trainings and live stream info
In this episode, Kady Romagnuolo - Mindset & Performance Coach - and I discuss the unconscious effects of trauma on our level of success. We explore what trauma is and why it's essential to healing family and ancestral trauma. Learn how to break the cycles of self-sabotage,  find your voice, passion and gifts in life. Kady specialized in conquering fear, stress & worry and is the author of two fascinating books. For more information on her programs and to purchase her books, visit her website at 👉Join my Free Online Community at 👉 And visit my website  for training and live stream info
As entrepreneurs, we have an incredible opportunity to build something that matters.  I want to take you back to a time before you decided to take things into your hands and become an entrepreneur. You may have spent time working in a less than optimal environment or knew in your heart that you had a more significant calling.  As time passed, you could no longer ignore the discomfort, and you knew it was time to "doing something" about it.  Whether it was to STEP UP - SPEAK OUT - or STEP AWAY - and start living a life that was more in line with your values - on your terms.  I want you to remember that time.  Remember that time when courage was the only option.  I've hired Nicole Richards, Visionary Business Strategist, and Empathy and Diversity consultant to join me for an intimate and interactive discussion so you can learn:  🔶 What is our responsibility as a business owner in the BLM movement?  🔶What is anti-racism? 🔶Why did we avoid injustice in the past, and what do we do to be fully aware as we move forward? 🔶How can we make this a transformational opportunity to learn and grow? 🔶How can we unpack this deep-seated, unconscious racism in our lives and businesses? 🔶How can we support black leaders and business owners? 🔶What will our world look like as we work towards a fair, equitable, and respective place? JOIN me LIVE June 11th, 2020 at 1pm EST on Zoom. Link in my group: Join me in my Free Online Facebook Group - Massive Impact Entrepreneur to register or watch the replay
We all like to believe that we know what our strengths are, what our weaknesses are and believe that we are in control. 
But that’s not the case for anyone for that matter. It’s not the Conscious Mind that runs the show; it’s your Unconscious. 👉Join my Free Online Community at 👉 And visit my website  for training and live stream info
Episode 5 - If you’ve ever doubted yourself, made bad decisions, made mistakes, felt “not good enough”, listen to find out why it's necessary for your success.
Start thinking about yourself in a new way, and dig deeper into what you stand for. Learn how to express your amazing abilities to reach people that need what you do!
The goal of today's Podcast, is to get you out of your head - which is always a losing game - and help you figure out what you really should be doing rather comparing yourselves to others.
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