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Welcome to the CAPE Lead podcast, where amazing things happen. This podcast was created by retired US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Timothy “Chachi” Pachasa, and was created to discuss emerging leadership concepts, and hopefully open up the thought process for how we interoperate with our people and our teams. CAPE Lead focuses on teaching leaders how to succeed through solid understandings of Caring, Alignment, Perspectives, and Expectations.
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This episode discusses the metaphorical relationship between making regular pancakes, making Japanese pancakes, and how we can apply leadership principles to understand the difference in the two
This episode discusses the differences between expectations and standards in our every day lives.
Ep 22-04 90 Degrees

Ep 22-04 90 Degrees


This episode discusses the simple things that we can do to find value and make leadership easier for ourselves and others
This episode discusses our mindset of buying a car, and the correlation we can make with how we give our people hard skills to be successful in life and leadership
Ep 22-02 Tim vs Tor

Ep 22-02 Tim vs Tor


This episode is a discussion about our mindset,and how we can help ourselves and others grow from being a vicTIM, to a vicTOR!
Ep 22-01 Proud Father

Ep 22-01 Proud Father


This episode discusses a conversation that our seven year old son Rennan had with my wife about his understanding of expectations
Today, we discuss whether the military model for leadership "really" works, and whether or not we have the capacity to evolve our leadership processes.
Today's podcast is brought to you by a frustration I had in the customer service realm, where a store manager was very unclear about the expectations of what he could provide for me
This episode is brought to you by my two sons Noah and Rennan. What I discussed today is born of conversations I had with them yesterday not only about expectations, but about the importance of using the correct words.
In this episode, I revisit some of my key concepts toward understanding expectations, and I explain why expectations are so important in our daily lives.
Today's episode discusses our understanding of the differences between input, feedback, and how we interact with these two concepts
In this episode we discuss our understanding of both obedience and discipline, but then also add in a third dimension of what is our understanding of organizational commitment inside our respective workplaces.
Today’s episode discusses what we can do to understand the information we give other people, and what we can do to make sure that we’re adding context to that information to make sure that we are leading expectations.
This episode revisits a previous podcast about perspectives and what we can do inside our respective organizations to shape conversations toward a mutual sharing of perspectives and understanding
This episode discusses our foundational understanding of not only leadership theory, but human connection theory
This episode discusses the subtle difference between our actions and the expectations of our actions.  Being able to differentiate between these two topics (if only philosophical) can be the key to avoiding frustration and/or conflict.
This episode discusses why we need to be more purposeful with our choice of words.  I discuss common situations where a "synonym" just doesn't cut it, and I make the case that to the careful and educated communicator... synonyms don't exist!
This episode discusses our understanding of leadership concepts through the lens of three different analogies/metaphors that can help paint a picture of what we need to do while implementing leadership principles; the chef, the orchestra conductor, and the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.  My hope is that through this episode, I can help build a mental picture that will help explain why the correct application of leadership principles is so vitally important. Contact me: Twitter: @timpachasa Instagram: @chachipachasa
In this episode, I explain my HUGE absence over the past few months, and I introduce a "great" fight I had with my wife, Allison.  It was a great learning moment for us and I thought that some of you out there might benefit from our lessons learned!
This episode discusses lesson learned that I had last week, while my wife and I were in the hospital preparing for the birth of our third son, Jackson
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Aaron Farris

Chief, check out Quarantine University on Facebook. It's right up your alley!!

Apr 1st
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