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Are you tired of the endless routine in your life? Would you like to hear a different BETTER alternative that will put an end to your life of sacrifice?
This is exactly what Freedom by choice is.
I want an honest DIALOGUE with my audience to create a positive environment where everybody florishes.
My podcast is about more than just business. It's about LIFE!
The entrepreneur's life is filled with ups and downs, successes and failures.

I want to arm you with everything you'll ever need to enjoy the wins and overcome the hurdles in LIFE.

Lots of fun, dialogue, honesty and passion.

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Are you happy to be woken up in the morning by the sound of the annoying alarm clock? Do you take any pleasure in going to work every day?  Or on the contrary, you go to work walking backwards with a grim on your face?  How important is passion in your every day life? does passion have anything to do with your activity? Today, I am going to tell you a story, that happened to me very recently, that allowed me to find the answer to all these questions. Do you want to build a life of choice and never have to put up with people's BS or things you simply don't want to do?  If yes, here is the blueprint that allows me to earn $500 a day, without putting any work. This same blueprint has been used by my students to make $100 per day as a complete beginner Click below to find out how --- Support this podcast:
Today, I am going to tell you the secret to build an army of faithful soldiers that would go to war with you no matter what. There is a simple shift in your midset that you need to operate in order to make that happen. Not only it is going to help you build this legion but it will also make your life 100 times more enjoyable in the process. All the answers are inside this episode If you want to discover how I can afford to travel all year and have a kickass life, click here: --- Support this podcast:
Did you know that most days, you are losing more than $1,400 just like that?  This is money that you could have used to enjoy life and have a good time. Still... You blow them away because of one tiny little mistake. In this episode, I am going to teach you how to keep those $1,400 in your vault and have a good time instead of blowing them away make sure to tune in --- Support this podcast:
Make sure to click on this link to see the quadrant: Do you sometimes wonder why you are consumed by stress and always the victim of eternal circumstances?  What if we could put an end to your main sources of stress by using a simple 4 step formula?  In this episode, I am going to show you the secret to living a far more relaxing life. The good news is that anybody can apply this Make sure to click on this link to see the quadrant: --- Support this podcast:
If you were given a choice, would you rather be a leader or managing people?  Which option is the most advancing for your career and your life in general?  In today's episode, we are going to break down the 2 options and help you choose the right path for you based on who you are as a person --- Support this podcast:
Are you looking for the ultimate marketing strategy that sends you tons of raving fans?  Well the hunt for this secret strategy is over because we are going to cover that in this episode. Today, I am going to tell you a story that perfectly illustrates the power of that form of marketing. The best news is that it is accessible to you and you can start using it without any prior training All the answers in the episode Special link for divers: ask for Rachel and tell her that I sent you --- Support this podcast:
Everybody knows that "stress can kill you" but only a few people actually know why. Well, my friends, this ends today. In today's episode, I will reveal what I just learned about stress and how it just rocked my whole world. Make sure to tune in to today's episode --- Support this podcast:
Today, we took part in some sort of experiment that was very revealing and helped me learn more about how we perceive the world.  At the same time, that same experiment reminded me of horrific stories of my past that you really need to hear. Crazy stuff man!  Tune in to today's episode to learn what the experience was and also to hear about the horror stories of my past.  Let me know in the content if you can relate to my interpretation of the experiment and if you are just like me --- Support this podcast:
Are you unhappy in your current life?  If yes, are you looking for a proven and quick way to improve your life and happiness?  Well if that's you then here's the good news: In today's episode, I am going to give you the stupid simple formula for happiness that you can start applying right now If you do this I GUARANTEE you that you will be a 100 times happier and that you will attract more success in your life. Make sure not to miss this episode because there are some gems that will change your life --- Support this podcast:
Do you want to know the biggest lie that's being spread in the online space?  Chances are that you are actually convinced that this gigantic lie is the truth and that will hurt you... bad Today, I want to expose those marketers who lied to you for years and help you uncover the truth. In addition, I am going to rant because these lies can ruin people's lives Tune in to find out what it is and more importantly, how you can take action today --- Support this podcast:
Are you looking for a solution to change your habits and your behaviour in order to achieve greater things?  Have you exhausted every option (meditation, yoga, hypnosis, audiobooks) and are still stuck in your old ways?  Well it's your lucky day. Today I will give you the key to rapid, spontaneous and long-lasting personal growth that won't require any of these options. Really powerful stuff that works all the time without fail and can help you change your ways in minutes.  All the details can be found in today's episode --- Support this podcast:
Do you know one of the key elements that differentiate the high performers from the rest?  Why is it that some people always seem to come on top while others fail over and over again?  It comes down to one simple thing... And I have to publicly admit that I have been guilty of it... Today I am going to reveal what that flaw in my life was, and more importantly, what I changed to become more successful.  Chances are that you are going through the same thing I was, so make sure to tune in to today's episode!  --- Support this podcast:
How can you make sure to be protected whatever happens and have real peace of mind? Because of the rampant coronavirus, many people are forced to realize that their financial situation is hanging by a thread... What can you and what should you do to make sure that this doesn't happen to you in the event of a new crisis? More importantly, what should you do RIGHT NOW to make sure that you come out of this crisis on top?  If you are looking for a way to create a new income stream and protect yourself as well as your family from any crisis, then make sure to get click on the link below and get my course. In this course, you are going to learn how to create a business that runs while you sleep (and makes you money of course) Make sure you get the course: --- Support this podcast:
Would you agree with me if I told you that time you more precious than money?  Any billionaire on this planet would give away a billion to get back 20 years of their life (hands down)!  Now, what if I told you that there was something even more valuable than your time... Something that can transform your life and open the doors to long-lasting success I am going to reveal in this episode what it is, and what you need to do in order to join the secret society of people who know this secret. All the answers are in today's episode so make sure not to miss it --- Support this podcast:
What if I told you that everything you have been through in your life was a big fat lie?  Would you believe me? And if indeed, that statement was true, would this mean that everything you have done up until now has been in vain? Well today, I am going to reveal why EVERYTHING you know about the world is "wrong". More importantly, I will explain how you can actually thrive in the world and achieve great success (once you understand 1 simple truth) All the answers are in today's episode --- Support this podcast:
In today's episode, we are going to talk about MONEY! What would you do if you were handed a buck load of cash?  Would you stop everything and do nothing all day? OR on the contrary, you would stay busy. In this episode, I am going to tell you exactly what I would do and why! The answer might surprise you... Let me know in the comments what you would do in that case?  Just imagine you just won the lottery and pocketed 50 Million dollars... Congrats bro.  WHat's next for you?  --- Support this podcast:
Did you know that a single behavior can have a radical impact on every aspect of your life?  What if that one behavior is so destructive that it causes you all sorts of problems in your life?  At first glance, these incidents seem unrelated and isolated... But are they really? What if we could pinpoint the root cause of the problem and help you improve every facet of your life. This is what we are going to talk about in today's episode --- Support this podcast:
Are you looking for a mentor who can help you reach your goals faster?  Finding a mentor can help you compress years of struggle, trials and errors into days thanks to their experience. If you listen to most highly successful people, they will advise you to find a mentor. Now, there are some things that they don't tell you... Some things that are very important and that you need to know about before embarking on a quest to find the mentor who is going to catapult you to success. In this podcast episode, you are going to discover the hidden side of mentorship and you will be able to get an edge over your competitors Leave me a comment to tell me how and where you are looking for your mentor --- Support this podcast:
Is the school system a relic of the past?  I mean, in this day and age, do we ACTUALLY need to go to college and graduate?  Or on the contrary, we should skip school altogether and start our own business fast?  These are questions that you might be asking yourself... After all, you have heard stories of college dropouts who made it big.  Is the formula, work hard, get good grades, go to college is big fat lie?  Or is there actually some good that comes out of all this?  We are going to cover this and much more in this episode. I promise you that my take on the subject WILL stun you!  Tune in to this brand new episode and leave me a comment to tell me what your take is on the school system and if you think that it is still useful nowadays --- Support this podcast:
Don't you wish you had more time for yourself during the day?  Where does all that time go anyway? By the time you finish work, there are only a few hours left and next thing you know it's time to go to bed (and start the same cycle over and over again) What if there was a way to get more time for yourself? In this episode, we are going to talk about one very unconventional way of looking at YOUR time that will be an eye-opener.  What are the things that are wasting too much of your valuable time and that stray you away from accomplishing your goals? How can you identify them and more importantly, how can you quantify them?  The answer is in this episode. I am going to reveal a trick that you have probably never heard or thought about before, that will help you find the biggest time wasters AND the one thing you need to do to fix it. If you have ever wondered how the REAL digital nomads manage their time and work efficiently, this episode is for you. Time management starts with identifying time wasters and also identifying how badly it penalizes you in life.  If you want to learn how to work less, make more money and have more time in your life, I have the perfect resource for you. Click below to discover the very simple formula I use every day to reduce my workload to 1 hour a month (at the most).  It's easy, it's newbie-proof and it will give you the keys to a much happier and relaxing life 👉 --- Support this podcast:
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