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Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger
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Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger

Author: Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)

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Photography insights are important interviews with people in the photography industry. Each episode features a photographer, model, inventor, retailer, publisher, engineer or artist from the analogue and digital world.

Hosted by the Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley) who provides a casual, but intelligent insight into their work and life. All guests are subjected to my infamous "random questions" and the pay it forward recommendation scheme.

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55 Episodes
Welcome to episode 54 (i think), which features the one and only Dawn, wife of the phlogger!  You've recently had the pleasure of her intro's rather than my dulcit tones, so thought it would be nice for her to join me.In this episode we discuss:Podcast changesPodcasts guests coming soonBloggingInstagramFacebookSo you may have noticed a change in the name to "Photography insights - important industry reviews", this is to try and hone my SEO skills!  Yes i'm trying to appeal to more people and get the message out about what we are doing.  It would be great to spread the word, share knowledge and for people to listen to these amazing people.  It's truly an honour each time for someone to spend their precious time and impart what they do and have learned with us all.  The episodes will be named to show relevance to the interviewee too going forward, so if anyone is searching for them, hopefully one day the podcast will show in the Google!Yes I never stop planning guests, sometimes they happen all at once and I'm trying to find time to edit and spend time perfecting things behind the scenes for you.  I'm in talks with some great people so keep watching the Twitter ( Facebook feeds (  Not all may happen but we will see, i'm keeping positive.  I do have a long list of people and strive to look at different genres and types in the industry where possible.  I want to keep it fresh and bring different minds in and keep you all motivated.On the blogging front we've recently had an amazing guest post by David Hochleitner ( all about shooting colour infra red on film.  It's a great read, with a clear guide how David works and how to use the film.  He provides a great insight in to this interest ex-surveillance film.Their is also an article by myself on shooting your first wedding called "how to survive your first solo wedding". I've gone through the experiences from my shoot, how I planned and prepared for this.  I talk about equipment choices, failures and how to cope with anxiety.  Yes I shot film too on my first wedding, which all worked out nice in the end!Instagram - main blogging feed is still - my images are now on on's been great to get hold of someone who is going to work alongside me about street photography.  Finally I've met another person with the interest, intellect, skill and personality to work as a team.  There will be big changes for my street group and what will come in the future.  For those interested it can be found here would like to remind everyone to leave an iTunes review as always - to my wife for helping with intro's and who knows what will happen for the future.  She has a lovely voice and talented with her crafts.See you all next time.
 John and Coleen Graybill help run the Curtis legacy foundation and their other business Mountain Spirit photo.  John is a direct descendant of Edward Curtis, a photographer from the late 1800’s/early 1900's who famously photographed the native Americans. John’s foundation is key to protecting and showcasing the work of this photographer. If you don’t know who he was, then dont worry, keep listening, but in short he took thousands of dry plate photographs over a 30 year period.  Because of his subject matter, it was important work in terms of culture and history.Please do listen in to this interview, you find will out about how John & Coleen are attempting to photograph the descendants of the original subjects too, using the same techniques (Descendants project).So stayed tuned to learn about JP Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, General Custer and how history was re-written. We also discuss:Quinn Jacobson & Jason lanePortrait tentsPersecution of Native Americans Edward curtis lifeJP Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt + General CusterThe history book lies$150 horse feesSacrifices of an artist Descendants projectKickstarter picturesHow to scare a bear  TIMING0 intro + friendships7 toolsets,intentions+ art14 edward curtis and his life22 Curtis research of native american27 technology33 fear in Alaska at devils island40 divorces,children + hollywood49 descendants project61 culture changes69 kickstarter76  random questions LINKSPlease do check out their amazing work and sign up for their newsletter!Mountain Spirit website - foundation website -
 For episode 52 we welcome Adam Sandy, a rather talented cinemaphotographer from the UK. Podcast contains:Studying visual effectsWorking aloneCollaborating with Instinctive photographyMovies on roll filmRecommendations + friendshipsSpecialising + nichesDifferences with videography + stillsTIMING 0 - university + starting in videography 9 - editing24 - loneliness of being self employed28 - collaboration53 - random questions LINKS 
I'm very honoured to present our next guest, who will be the least youngest person I've interviewed!Since its the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, I've got hold of Robert Shanebook who worked for Kodak.  Not only did he join the biggest film company in the world, but he was part of the team who built the camera used on the Appollo space missions!  Yes I'm talking about the camera that filmed Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong!!!Robert is the only remaining member of the team from 1969, due to the age differences of his colleagues (he was only 21).  He has had amazing career with Kodak and published 2 editions of his book. We discuss:Started shooting at 14 with commercial studio shooting 4x5!!Electrocutedvolunteering at Kodak museumYashica 44Only team member aliveEktachrome to t-maxTravelling the worldMr Hasselblad worked at Kodak!Banned from releasing bookKodak made coating plant each decade up to 2000Rochester had 60,000 employees!BankruptcyHow to shoot in spaceAstronauts objected to cameraEktrachrome 64Kodak customers & complaintsTIMING21 - infrared 28 - the book 43 - kodak alaris + distribution of film48 - appollo mission camera60 - price of posting from the moon65 - kodak customer serviceINFORoberts book - "making kodak film" - Kodak Eastman museum - 
Well folks we made it to episode, so that also means a year of podcasting.  For this one I wanted to have a relaxing chat with some of my prior guests and get an update to what has happened.It's been an amazing, emotional and hard working lesson in life.  I've met some very interesting characters around the world whom I now call friends.  From my early days of just using my mobile phone and playing with different ways of recording, i've settled down in to something custom built by myself.  This now allows me live video with my guests, which helps us with the conversation and allows me to see emotion.  Once I've converted this to audio I can then present the important part of our conversations.For this show we have:Paul McKay from Analogue WonderlandJon Scrimshaw from Instinctive PhotographyJason "speed plates" Lane of PictoriographicaSteve Lloyd from Chroma CameraPaul Lefko from L.A.EM from emulsive.orgYes this did take some planning and took a fair bit of time to get this episode ready for you.  Everybody on the show has interesting news since their podcast interviews and due listening to in their own right.  In summary we discuss:life changescollaborationwebsitesKickstarter + plate holderslatest shootspodcastsaward nominationsscanningorigin of random questionsRANDOM QUESTIONSTo mix this up everybody was invited to ask the Phlogger questions for a change.  One of my guests tries his hand at a new way to answer the questions too!  But find out:Phlogger's embarrassing accidentorigin of random questionswhy i'm an honorary scousermy favorite filmI'm a humble person who loves to celebrate the work of other people, hopefully you will enjoy listening to our guests.  I really can't thank you all for joining in this one off show.  A couple of people had to cancel or couldn't make it, so a shout out to Dominique in New York, Leyton in Scotland and Ashley in Australia.I'm nothing without my wonderful guests, each one has inspired me in a different way, each one has shown compassion and an insight in to their personality.  It is great to say many have remained friends and the Phlogger will always follow their work and showcase where possible.Finally thanks to all you listeners too, i'm nothing without you and hope you get something out of the show.  My aims are to help educate people about other processes and genres of photography.  It's important they remain fun but also show the personality of the person, its these insights that resonate within me.TIMINGS0 mins - Paul McKay (Analogue Wonderland)23 mins- Jon Scrimshaw (Instinctive Photography)37 mins - Jason Lane + Steve Lloyd66 mins - Paul Lefko79 mins - EM (
Wow, am I excited to present episode 49.  It was an absolute honour to work with the master of wet collodion, Quinn Jacobson.  If you search for wet collodion online you basically see Quinn's book and his videos, articles etc.  Not many people have published and help us the public learn about this historic process.We interview Quinn and discuss so many things, so yes its a long one (we talked for hours actually)!But this podcast does contain discussions on:Combat photographyPixelography + rise of digitalMachine learningConstraints are goodPhotography is not artLeaving your markArt changes the worldarcher,daguerre + talbotImportance of 1851Quinn’s tattooFamily timeSpectrum of light + uvTattoo removal with wet plateTim berners lee revived wet collodionChoosing your genreNight of broken glassFailure is goodiso/aperture/shutter speed need reasonsQuinn has literally just released his latest version of his book "chemical pictures" which helps you learn the technical aspect of wet collodion.  He is currently doing a special edition of 300 copies which has an extra chapter (listen to podcast for more).  At the time of the interview he had already sold over 200 so these are selling very fast and you will never see this limited work.RANDOM QUESTIONSOf course, a man of Quinn's intallect soars through our random questions, so find the relevance of Kevin Costner and tooth fairies.TIMINGS0   - quinn’s background7  - digital revoluiton11  - off grid + future of photography31  - mr archer37  - entry to wet plate42  - living in europe45 - uv light/spectrum58  - revival of wet collodion61  - story + meaning of work67  - mistakes + troubleshooting72  - quinns new book77  - random questions89  - critique/feedback by quinn FURTHER INFOPlease do check out his links:Website - -
For episode 48 we interview a documentary photographer - something new yet again! It's great fun interviewing people from so many different genres.  Tobias is a friendly person who likes to help others and always glad to listen to.  We recently had our trip around Hull, which you can find on my website.In this podcast we have discussed:Teaching 14-18 age groupBurying filmDegree + mastersHull fishermanTips for choosing a uniCameras lustsKickstarter M.A.’sKevin carter pulizter pictureTobias enjoyed his time going through our random questions, so find out:what he's doing on the last day of the planetwould he dare turn of a new google app that can foresee the futurewill he choose truth over ignoranceTo find check out the show.FURTHER INFO;A walk with Tobias article - - Instagram - 
For episode 47 we get together with the winner of my recent competition sponsored by Kodak Alaris.  Barney Maguire's analogue submission was a superb picture and part of series of his portraiture.  As first prize he won 20 rolls of kodak film and an interview with the Phlogger.As a bonus there are some guest questions from Jon Scrimshaw at Instinctive Photography, who has commented on Barney's work and wanted to know more about him.So I'm glad to present to you, the man behind the image.  In this show (my shortest ever interview) we discuss:LomographyGaps in film marketSubject matter + modellingRz67 mamiyaZinesInfluences + chroma cameraSpending a £1million on camerasNew zealandThe smiths TIMING0 introduction9 models and subject matter13 spending on photography17 future19 barney questions the phlogger22 questions from Instinctive photography28 random questions + links INFOBarney Instagram - 
 For episode 46 we travel around the globe to Australia, to interview the one, the only - Gina Milicia.Gina has been working in photography for 30 years, so is very experienced.  She has many resources on her website, including a blog, videos, presets, books and training through her gold membership.  Gina also runs a podcast called "so you want to be a photographer" with her friend Valerie Khoo. In this edition the podcast contains:Garage lightingmodifier/diffusing ideasFujiCamera interfacesPodcastingShooting kettlesImportance of projectsSharing resourcesGroup shots + hot setsPooling resourcesCamera alliancesWorking with modelsStoryboard + working in mediaRANDOM QUESTIONS Gina takes part in the random questions, so find out the relevance of:PoisonsAnimalsConvictsTIMING0 - garage + split lighting 11 - flash lighting advice21 - cameras + beginner advice24 - podcasting addicts + shooting kettles37 - shooting projects + working with models56 - favourite shoots62 - inspiration65 - random questions LINKS http://Ginamillicia.com
This is your next episode as promised with the Charlie Tadlock.  Charlie is a 2nd year university student and an aspiring photographer from Montana, USA.  He wrote an article for the elusive Emulsive site.  After writing the article EM suggested we talk to Charlie and he was right, a lovely young guy.The idea was to get a students view of photography education following an earlier podcast with Stephen Rendall (college lecturer). It will be interesting to hear 2 separate points of view.   Do you think education is still the answer?We discuss:EducationPhysical vs digitalMamiya 6'sMaking moneyAdvocates of filmTaking opportunitiesWorking with mastersTeaching othersAttic finds + hard drivesWe put Charlie through our random questions too, so find out:is a dog a mans best friend what the definition of a shutter and click arethe relevance of rom comsWhy Dracula cant shaveThe language of cowsIf you liked the show don't forget to check out Charlie's website below.INFOEmulsive article - Website - 
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