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Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger
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Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger

Author: Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)

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Photography insights are important interviews with people in the photography industry. Each episode features a photographer, model, inventor, retailer, publisher, engineer or artist from the analogue and digital world.

Hosted by the Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley) who provides a casual, but intelligent insight into their work and life. All guests are subjected to my infamous "random questions" and the pay it forward recommendation scheme.

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63 Episodes
For episode 62 we have a talented commercial photographer Christina Zen - who shoots film!Christina moved across to film after years of shooting weddings on digital to the world of film!  She bought a Contax 6x4.5 and never looked back.  She talks us through her experiences and provides insights about learning to use film stock effectively.Christina shoots a variety of food, lifestyle and other commercial related work.  You can see lots of her lovely images on her website (the food images are especially mouth-watering). She also mentors with one on one sessions, so if you are looking for help, look no further.We discuss a number of topics including:choosing filmPushing Portra 800/Fuji 400Shooting food + eating it!Shotkit.comWaist level shootingFood photographyMum + coping as wedding togNeed for marketingLess "posed" lookBeing creativeWorkshops + science lessonsRANDOM QUESTIONSChristina goes through our random questions, so find out:what would Jesus's social media handle be?If she chooses Julia Roberts or Patrick SwayzeLINKSInstagram - - LinksShotkit website - - Send in a voice message:
Welcome to episode 61 of Photography insights, with me the Phlogger.  Today I have another first - father and son for guests from the world of film.Ned & David Collyer are friendly and talented people who love nothing more than shooting film.  Separated physically and by age (don't worry David we won't say how many decades!).  It's a really unique interview that conveys a  relationship filled with passion and being proud.  David touches on being separated from his son Ned and how he's managed to watch his film shooting progress.  Ned on the other hand talks about his experiences picking up cameras through school and college and preparation for the world of university.In this episode we discuss: Bresson’s leica m3Fuji x-proPhotojournalismLondon college of communication (Ual)Magnum vs seven agenciesDocumenting the Iron mountain cannonballsProtest photography + glaswegie's reputationBarney Maguire + masculinityCycling + skateboard accidentsWilliam klineWashi film + kodak ektarDarkroom romanceFixer accidentsConsistentcy with developmentRANDOM QUESTIONSNed and David took turns answering our infamous questions, so find out the relevance of:Zero gravity musicUnderstanding catsExistentialist mooingDarwin awardsLINKSAs always I'm happy to share the details of my guests' social media and web links, which are:David Instagram - blog - Instagram - website - photos - Send in a voice message:
For episode 60 I'm delighted to bring you a quality photographer and friend of mine too - Leon Broomhead.  Leon is what you might call an experimental photographer, shooting styles that involve fashion and abstract but not directly.What can I say about Leon, well he is a thoughtful guy, who thinks a lot about his work and how to get the desired outcome.  His work is all about pushing boundaries both in a technical way and artistic.  I’ve met up with Leon many times and its always been a pleasure.  Sharing the same types of photography has helped both of us.  Having a passion for film photography has always been part of our lives and conversations, so i’m glad to share a little with you.In this show we discuss:Fuji 6x9Model expectationsArt nude/fashion photographyShooting for yourselfInternet police + conformingPhysical contact vs social interactionTalented modelsLong exposure modesLeaving expensive techSprocket rocketRANDOM QUESTIONSYou might also learn why Leon would take a burger to the moon, in our random questionsLINKSInstagram - links are the photos we discussed in the podcast.  (the one of Amy Jayne)  (the one of Marie Jean)--- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to episode 59 of Photography insights, your one-stop guide to interviews with people in the photography industry.  Before we move on I wanted to thank you all for listening and supporting the show.  There are a couple of ways you can help further, which are, 1 - leave an iTunes review and to share the show with your friends. One of your friends will be interested, you can guarantee, there is a massive range of people interviewed so there is something for everyone’s interest.Today we have a legendary film and video photographer from the UK called Paul Berriff. He’s been shooting over 50 years in the press world of photography and documentary film making.Paul purchased his first camera from a newspaper round, he followed emergency vehicles on his pushbike in his teens!  He learned to test his film exposure by meeting bands like the Beatles, Rolling stones in their dressing rooms in the 1960’sPaul has some great stories from just working in the press industry and then goes into the 4 near-death experiences.  I mean if you listen to them it's crazy and you might wonder how he’s still with us.  I think most people would have given up after experiences like this. One of these concerns 9/11 and you cant feel the magnitude of what Paul is saying, so please do check out his video on Youtube.As usual, check out the show notes on the website for links to his amazing work.Rolleiflex medium formatAttic darkroomsChasing emergency servicesPress photographybeatles/pink floyd,rolling stones at 16Tri-xSpeed graphic, rolleiflex & Nikon fDon't breathe for low shutter speeds!Printers waited for Paul1 film roll per storyGetting your film on time for trainsPolice don’t arrest press photographersTrained as fireman 2get first on scenesSpend time with your subjects1 year with Nasa astronautsDigital +smart phone revolutionWorld treade centerFilming ground zero clearing upINFOWebsite - - Send in a voice message:
Welcome to episode 58 of Photography insights, your one-stop guide to interviews with people in the photography industry.  This time we feature the amazing Clay Patrick Mcbride from New York City.He is a senior lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York where he teaches advertising photography.  Throughout his career as a magazine photographer, he has worked on many assignments with famous musicians like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Norah Jones.  You can see many examples of this on his website (see links for info).  He tries to leave time to use film too in his work and loves his 5x4 camera.*** quick disclaimer, there are a few swear words in this episode, very minimal though ***We talk about different areas as he's one cool guy, these include:Inspire through qualityNorah Jones/kid rockResearch your subjectBeing authenticMusic/assignment photographyWork from the ground floorBuilding relationshipsWhy shoot filmUsing polaroids for print sDiscussed:Shooting eggs to understand lightingPodcasting as a learning platformRANDOM QUESTIONSClay also goes through my random questions so find out why he breaks the rules and punches everyone!  Also, we put bets on how famous N.F will be in 10 years time compared to Eminem! (yes, I will be wrong).LINKSUniversity - - - - - Send in a voice message:
Welcome to episode 57 of photography insights, the show that interviews people in the photography industry.   Today we speak with Nick Brandreth from the George Eastman Museum in New York.  We learn about his role there as a specialist and he provides some background on the museum.  Nick’s a fun, energetic and motivated guy, that helps everyone learn, as you will tell from the show.You will find information including:Rochester instituteEddy adams workshopMusc with Clay + JustinWet collodionLippmann platesMake your own dry platesEastman kodak + museumWw2 + kodakdaguerreotype cameraMoon landing cameraNick’s lab + officeWrestlingImportance of printingEnd of the USBDigital great teaching toolShoot lessWorkshops + trainingcamera  + Moon landing cameraNick’s lab + officeWrestlingImportance of printingEnd of the USBDigital great teaching toolShooting lessWorkshops + trainingRANDOM QUESTIONSNick kindly answers our random questions so find out- when the robots will take over- Nick takes the matrix pill- who he would like to punchLINKSEastman museum - Facebook - Instagram - website - do check out the museum.PHLOGGERDon’t forget to check out the website Instagram feed - review - Send in a voice message:
For episode 56 our interview insights looks at Calvin Chinthaka, an amazing fashion photographer from London.  Calvin uses both digital and film to support his work, which also includes cinematography too!He puts a lot of time, research and planning in to shoots, which shows in his work.  It's great to see someone using different mediums, from his current Sony's to his Pentax 6x7 film camera.Calvin talks us to about how he beat 2500 applicants to attend the famous London College of Fashion, whats involved there and how it helped his career.Look out for the podcast, which also discusses:Why workshops are usefulUseful influencesUnderstanding lensesPractise makes perfectPlanning shootsFilm festivals + cinematographySets + collaboratingSri Lanka heritageFashion industry changesResearch for shotsPentax 6x7Developing filmOutsourcing retouchingMasters degreePodcastingPrinting large (3ft)Timing0 - intro to Calvin + applying for uni9 - workshops14 - making your mark18 - collaboration22  - creative directing, Sri Lanka36 - planning equipment39 - favourite cameras + lenses44  - future56 - recommendations58 - linksLINKSInstagram - - - forget to keep looking for more episodes, blog articles, galleries and resources:Blog - reviews - Send in a voice message:
For episode 55 of Photography insights, we interview an alternative male model called Marius.  Okay that's not his real name, but his modelling alias, but that's what is important and who everybody hires.I've worked with Marius a couple of times at recent charity group shoots in Lincolnshire and he's a great guy.  He has the character, the laughs and professionalism.  Marius works in the goth style so is normally associated with a vampire.  Knowing this I asked him to portray this for my corpse bride wedding scene, he would be the evil vampire!  He played this role so well and it was then great to work with him again a few months later where we did some dark and low key shots.In this one we discuss:reputations + purpleportTrade for printsInfluences of musicMax payne +matrixReputationsWhen to say noCommunications + reliabilityAlternative model of yearTIMING0   intro to marius + comic book ideas4  working with photographers10  start of modelling career23  gothic style +ideas34  reputations, safety + shoots45  future49   random questionsINFORMATIONFacebook - - MENTIONEDJay Good Facebook - Instagram - website - Send in a voice message:
Welcome to episode 54 (i think), which features the one and only Dawn, wife of the phlogger!  You've recently had the pleasure of her intro's rather than my dulcit tones, so thought it would be nice for her to join me.In this episode we discuss:Podcast changesPodcasts guests coming soonBloggingInstagramFacebookSo you may have noticed a change in the name to "Photography insights - important industry reviews", this is to try and hone my SEO skills!  Yes i'm trying to appeal to more people and get the message out about what we are doing.  It would be great to spread the word, share knowledge and for people to listen to these amazing people.  It's truly an honour each time for someone to spend their precious time and impart what they do and have learned with us all.  The episodes will be named to show relevance to the interviewee too going forward, so if anyone is searching for them, hopefully one day the podcast will show in the Google!Yes I never stop planning guests, sometimes they happen all at once and I'm trying to find time to edit and spend time perfecting things behind the scenes for you.  I'm in talks with some great people so keep watching the Twitter ( Facebook feeds (  Not all may happen but we will see, i'm keeping positive.  I do have a long list of people and strive to look at different genres and types in the industry where possible.  I want to keep it fresh and bring different minds in and keep you all motivated.On the blogging front we've recently had an amazing guest post by David Hochleitner ( all about shooting colour infra red on film.  It's a great read, with a clear guide how David works and how to use the film.  He provides a great insight in to this interest ex-surveillance film.Their is also an article by myself on shooting your first wedding called "how to survive your first solo wedding". I've gone through the experiences from my shoot, how I planned and prepared for this.  I talk about equipment choices, failures and how to cope with anxiety.  Yes I shot film too on my first wedding, which all worked out nice in the end!Instagram - main blogging feed is still - my images are now on on's been great to get hold of someone who is going to work alongside me about street photography.  Finally I've met another person with the interest, intellect, skill and personality to work as a team.  There will be big changes for my street group and what will come in the future.  For those interested it can be found here would like to remind everyone to leave an iTunes review as always - to my wife for helping with intro's and who knows what will happen for the future.  She has a lovely voice and talented with her crafts.See you all next time.--- Send in a voice message:
 John and Coleen Graybill help run the Curtis legacy foundation and their other business Mountain Spirit photo.  John is a direct descendant of Edward Curtis, a photographer from the late 1800’s/early 1900's who famously photographed the native Americans. John’s foundation is key to protecting and showcasing the work of this photographer. If you don’t know who he was, then dont worry, keep listening, but in short he took thousands of dry plate photographs over a 30 year period.  Because of his subject matter, it was important work in terms of culture and history.Please do listen in to this interview, you find will out about how John & Coleen are attempting to photograph the descendants of the original subjects too, using the same techniques (Descendants project).So stayed tuned to learn about JP Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, General Custer and how history was re-written. We also discuss:Quinn Jacobson & Jason lanePortrait tentsPersecution of Native Americans Edward curtis lifeJP Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt + General CusterThe history book lies$150 horse feesSacrifices of an artist Descendants projectKickstarter picturesHow to scare a bear  TIMING0 intro + friendships7 toolsets,intentions+ art14 edward curtis and his life22 Curtis research of native american27 technology33 fear in Alaska at devils island40 divorces,children + hollywood49 descendants project61 culture changes69 kickstarter76  random questions LINKSPlease do check out their amazing work and sign up for their newsletter!Mountain Spirit website - foundation website - Send in a voice message:
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