Discover99 Problems (but a boss ain't one)
99 Problems (but a boss ain't one)
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99 Problems (but a boss ain't one)

Author: Michelle Pratt + Katy Carlisle

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The podcast that solves your freelance problems one at a time.

Your hosts are:

Katy Carlisle - Squarespace web designer at The Wheel Exists and founder of Freelance Folk popup coworking sessions.

Twitter @thewheelexists

Michelle Pratt - owner of Dive Deeper Development, business trainer and personal development coach.

Twitter @divedeepdevp

Say hi and share your problems or tips with us @99problemscast
49 Episodes
We each get 86400 seconds a day, so how do we actually do what matters in this time? In this episode we look at why freelancers sometimes struggle more to manage their time, and why the phrase "time management" might not actually be the right way of looking at the problem. We also share some practical tips on how to prioritise your days and get things done!
The classic freelance conundrum: if your business is doing well, should you grow it? And if so, how? In this episode, we question the idea that success is measured by growth and talk about the benefits of staying small (and yes this is the Paul Jarvis appreciation episode) as well as looking at how to grow sustainably if you do go down that route. Have a listen to find out why Michelle thinks "friends with benefits" could be the key to your freelance success 😉
In this episode we look at whether freelancers are more susceptible to mental health challenges, and chat about ways to manage time and clients if you're struggling. We share insights from our own experiences and discuss how much to share with clients.
Everyone wants to start the year with a bang, so how do you plan effectively? In this episode we talk about how to set goals in a way that works, and even question whether goals are always the right option to get you to where you want to be. We also share tips for planning and look at creative ways to get the work done!
As freelancers we don't tend to get appraisals, so it can be hard to know how we're doing. In our final episode of 2019, we open up about how our year has gone and look back at the highs and lows, as well as discussing the importance of making this time to reflect. 
The beauty of freelancing is that you can work from anywhere, but the challenge with freelancing is… you can work from anywhere! From the kitchen table to a dedicated office, how do you decide where is best?
After Michelle had what can only be described as "a bit of a day", we look at how to cope when everything goes wrong, and discuss ways to turn a negative mindset into a positive one. We also chat about how to cope with other people's negativity!
Sometimes you will find yourself needing to change direction or make some changes. In this episode we’re going to talk about why we might want to hit refresh, and what to bear in mind when we do it. 
Episode 40 - Guilt

Episode 40 - Guilt


The opportunities for freelance guilt are neverending, so how do you cope? You feel guilty for not working enough, you feel guilty for working too much. With so much to feel bad about, we chat about why we feel guilty and what we can do about it. 
You’re working on a client project and then you get the dreaded question. “Could you just…?” And inevitably what sounds like a five minute task ends up taking hours. So how do you protect your time whilst also keeping a good client relationship? We discuss options.
Episode 38 - Competition

Episode 38 - Competition


As more people go freelance, how do you stand out against your competition? In this episode we look at what you can do to set yourself apart from the crowds, and why it can help to make friends with your "competitors". 
As freelancers we’re in a unique position to be able to “pivot” and make changes to our business. But how do we deal with the impacts of change or uncertainty, and what happens when the change isn’t our choice?
When we first started out we dreamed of being busy. Then, we finally get there and it’s harder than we thought. In this episode, we look at how to manage when work starts to pile up!
Do you ever feel like you haven't found your purpose? You aren't alone. Most of us haven't had that lightning bolt moment, so we take a closer look into the idea of searching for a purpose and ask whether it's something that's found or created. 
Episode 34 - Resilience

Episode 34 - Resilience


A couple of episodes ago we talked about what characteristics are helpful as a freelancer, and resilience came up. So we wanted to take a bit of a deeper dive into what resilience means for freelancers, and share our tips on how to cope with the harder parts of self employment (spoiler alert: Katy's involves a video of milk bottles).
We’re a third of the way through our 99 problems, so we thought this might be a good time to get all reflective. So we’re going to fire up the Delorian and take ourselves back to our first days of freelancing. Knowing what we know now, what would we do with that time?
Are freelancers born or made? In this episode we chat about whether freelancing is suitable for everyone, and the common characteristics that you often find amongst people who are self-employed or small business owners. 
Coming out as a freelancer and explaining your new job to friends and family can be a challenge. In this episode, we share some tips for helping to get people on board with your freelance life. Plus we chat about some of the common reactions when you tell people you're self-employed (and how to deal with them). 
We're back after a short break whilst Katy moved to Anglesey, and so we thought it would be fitting to talk about how to juggle freelance life during big life events like moving house or getting married. We also talk about how to handle unexpected interruptions to your freelance work and managing client expectations during these periods. 
You know that feeling when you're on fire and everything just seems to be working right? Chances are you're playing to your strengths. In this episode we look at why focusing on your strengths is better than thinking about your weaknesses, how to spot what your strengths are, and how you can use them more. 
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