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Strip Club Confessions

Author: Harley

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The title says it all, an Ex stripper and a current stripper talk about life working in clubs, how people view us and treat us, and plenty of other shit too. I'm sure you'll find some interesting and enjoyable things here... somewhere... you just have to dig reaaaaaalllllyyyy deep down. So buckle up and come along with us for the ride. Support this podcast:
4 Episodes
Episode 3

Episode 3


lots of talk about Tarot cards and a new spread I made, not so much about writing, but info on a NEW podcast that will be starting alongside this one with my wifey, so pretty excited for that stay tuned for more details! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Hopefully this is less cringy... I think I'm kinda gettin better at this now that I am not freaked out so much and that I have hidden from the internet for a while hahaha. --- Support this podcast:
Special Guest CharliPanda!!

Special Guest CharliPanda!!


Hi! So I tried to stay on topic as much as possible, but with my mom hijacking my podcast I'm not sure how well that worked out! I hope you find it as funny to listen to as we did to record! I will warn you there is quite a bit of Cussing in this podcast, so hopefully this isn't going to get down voted or whatever it is that happens to podcasts that people don't like! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed listening and I promise I will get better with practice! I won't always be so awkward!
Uhm Intro?

Uhm Intro?


Hahaha what an awkward way to introduce myself and have word vomit... I hope I get better as time goes on otherwise this was a failed enterprise.... plz dnt judge me lmao --- Support this podcast:
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