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Author: Jeremy Pluta

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The Number 1 RiffTrax Podcast IN THE WORLD!

Hosted by Jeremy Pluta and Dave Chadwick, founders of the True Blue RiffTrax Fans!
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14 Episodes
 *PLEASE NOTE:  We had to use our backup recording this time after our main source failed.  That's why Jeremy sounds like Eric Roberts as Duffy the cat.*This week, Jeremy and Dave talk about The RiffTrax VoD Yesterday's Target, the Just the Jokes MP3 of The Wizard of Oz, and the Bridget & Mary Jo short What Mary Jo Shared.Banana Splits Trailer:'s Target: The Wizard of Oz: What Mary Jo Shared: --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
In today's episode of the #1 RiffTrax Podcast IN THE WORLD, join Jeremy and Dave as they talk about the newest RiffTrax VoD The Power, RiffTrax Live: Star Raiders, and the short Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners.This episode also makes a stop into the Matthew J. Elliot & Ian Potter Appreciation Station with a look at RiffTrax Presents: Flight to Mars. So join us, won't you?Pre-Order RiffTrax Live: Star Raiders: The Power: Flight to Mars: Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners: --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
It's the #1 RiffTrax Podcast in the world!Hosted by Jeremy Pluta and Dave Chadwick, this is your weekly look into the wonderful world of RiffTrax.In this episode, we discuss RIFFTRAX Live: Octaman, The Psychotronic Man, and the short Buying Food.And please, everyone make sure to give Dave a hard time for fiddling with a box cutter during the recording(that's the clicking noise you are hearing throughout). Tommy Wiseau Joker Audition: Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Trailer: Buying Food: Octaman Live: The Psychotronic Man: --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
~THIS EPISODE IS PRE-RELAUNCH~Halloween Movie Madness is in full swing! Today is day 11, and we're talking about Carver's Gate!--- Support this podcast:
~THIS EPISODE IS PRE-RELAUNCH~Today is day 10 of Halloween Movie Madness, and we are going to be talking about Black Sheep. Not the Chris Farley movie, the horror-comedy from New Zealand.--- Support this podcast:
~THIS EPISODE IS PRE-RELAUNCH~Our film for day 9 of Halloween Movie Madness is the 1987 horror-comedy Return to Horror High! Also, this episode was recorded LIVE in the back laundry room, so it SUPER high quality!--- Support this podcast:
On this episode, we are catching up on the weekend's Halloween Movie Madness films! Also, we will be talking (mostly) about today's movie: Creature Unknown.--- Support this podcast:
~THIS EPISODE IS PRE-RELAUNCH~It's day 4 of Halloween Movie Madness 2018, and today we are taking a look at Terminator 2. No, not that one. The other one.--- Support this podcast:
~THIS EPISODE IS PRE-RELAUNCH~It's Day 3 of Halloween Movie Madness 2018, and today I am talking about Return of the Living Dead Part II. As a special bonus, I get interrupted by 45!--- Support this podcast:
~THIS EPISODE IS PRE-RELAUNCH~Day two of Halloween Movie Madness 2018 brings us a LEGENDARY adventure from director Ridley Scott!--- Support this podcast:
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