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This is Chill Digital Marketing, where you can hear the latest in the digital marketing world. As well as how you can implement what we share in your business.
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On The Chill Business Journey, we released Episode 83 | Social Ads on Pinterest & LinkedIn. This wraps up our series about Ads on Social. Facebook expands their Climate Science Information Center. Oculus VR headsets can now have multiple accounts tied to them. New negotiations happening for news shut down in Australia. New tools to stop the exploitation of children on the platform. They have released their latest State of Small Business Report for the US. Learn about Branding in Facebook's Blueprint learning platform. Instagram has new resources to provide support with eating disorders in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAwareness). Twitter calls for Allyship to #StandForAsians. Pinterest also partners with the National Eating Disorder Association to share messaging about events and round table talks. LinkedIn releases several new free features for Company Pages. Listen to the expert panel on 2/25/21 discussing Full Funnel Myths Debunked. YouTube has new controls for parents for teens and tweens. They also launched Creator Voices to learn from successful creators. Latest lineup of YouTube Originals released for YouTube Kids. They are putting effort back into YouTube Spaces, with only virtual for now, but bringing pop up location back when it is safe to. TikTok announces the first 100 Black Creators & Music Artists for new incubator program. They have partnered with the UFC and Portland's Timbers and Thorns FC teams. TikTok has also released new tools in support of National Eating Disorder Awareness week. And their second half of 2020 Transparency Report has been released. In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, NPR's Code Switch podcast is starting a fellows program with two categories: Recent journalist graduates and Reporting Fellowship. Get all the links at:
On The Chill Business Journey, we released Episode 82 | Running Ads on Facebook. We cover 6 items you need to get started, then walk through creating an ad for Traffic. Facebook expands programs for Black owned businesses for BHM. New suite of tools released for App Developers. They also have a one stop shop for getting started with Facebook for businesses. So far $120M has been donated to COVID support. A Facebook smartwatch may be in our future too. Everyone is trying to mimic Clubhouse and Facebook is in the works on a similar one now. Hang tight if you are a Windows 10 user that Messenger crashes on. Boost My Business has a training on creating Instagram Reels. We Create formed in honor of BHM. Lunar New Year gets some special love. And Instagram shares 3 ways to turn inspiration into action with Saved Content. Twitter shares how to prepare for the Apple iOS update. They are also expanding the types of accounts that get labeled as state-affiliates. Pinterest releases Interests for iOS. They also share back stage access to NY Fashion Week. LinkedIn helped fill 330,000 jobs relating to the pandemic. Check out their 5 Practices for using LinkedIn to build your brand. They are also forming a Creator Platform. YouTube shares some behind the scenes of the making of Life in a Day 2010 and Life in a Day 2020. This year's AdBlitz share The Big Game ad winner. Clubhouse is ramping up encryption for their platform. Is Dispo a platform to be on the lookout for? In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share the lifestyle blog, Orchids + Sweet Tea, from Shanika Graham-White. Get all the links at:
On The Chill Business Journey this week, we released Episode 81 | Editorial Calendars for Social Ad Planning as the second episode in our series this month on Ads on Social. Facebook continues COVID support and is reducing political content that is shown. They also released a video series on how to enhance your creatives. For Safer Internet Day, they shared new and existing safety features on Messenger. Instagram is updating how they will handle abuse on the platform. Reels content that is low quality video or from another platform (like TikTok) will not be discoverable. They are also working on a vertical Stories feed. Kpop tweets on Twitter reached 6.7 Billion in 2020. #SaferInternetDay2021 got a fun emoji. They have shut down their Ads Transparency Center. Spaces (Twitter's competing tool to Clubhouse) increased beta group from 1,000 to 4,000. They are also looking at new income streams, like a subscription for TweetDeck. LinkedIn partners with Microsoft Viva on a new Employee Experience Platform. Account mapping is coming to Sales Navigator. YouTube refreshes YouTube Sports and expands CTV to Australia, Canada, India and Japan. Snapchat's Spotlight (their answer to TikTok) had 100M users in January. TikTok shared 3 features for Internet Safety Day. They are releasing more tools to combat false information spread. And they have expanded their alliance with Universal Music Group. Google Analytics will no longer pull in data from YouTube. In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share the free image site, Nappy. They provide free stock images that showcase people of color to use either personally or professionally. Get all the links at: Chill’s Week In Review
On The Chill Business Journey this week, we released Episode 80 | Know Your Target Audience where we lay the foundation for the theme this month: Ads on Social. Facebook is changing the name of "Units" in groups to "Guides". For Black History Month, they are showcasing different creators, businesses and individuals. To get ahead of the dwindling power of the Pixel, they have created a Conversions API. There is also an exclusion control for advertisers to have more control over content that is placed next to their ads. Facebook is also planning for a new subscription tool for journalists and writers. Messenger rooms are getting new creatives from underrepresented artists. And Messenger is coming to Oculus! Instagram now has a new "Recently Deleted" function to be able to bring back deleted content. They have also opened back up their Publishing API to third party tools. Twitter has started releasing features of their Revue purchase into the platform. Pinterest is also showcasing Black creators this month. On Pinterest Creators Presents, they will have Black Gold on 2/24. LinkedIn has a guide to help you control your feed and conversations. They also released a 6 point checklist to help measure your ad campaigns. YouTube is featuring Black Artists each week that are showcased on their channel. Leandro Assis is this week's featured artist. They also have a new clipping tool in the works for users. TikTok has partnered with WPP to expand their offerings. They have also partnered with Quizlet so creators that focus on learning and informative content can have another tool in their toolbox. Clubhouse has confirmed they are in the works of adding a paid subscription service tool for creators. In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share a page on The History Channel's website that showcasing Black History Month as well as the theme for 2021. To get all the links in this week’s news, go to: Chill Digital Marketing’s Week In Review.
On The Chill Business Journey this week, we released Episode 79 | Networking with Existing Contacts. Facebook shares concepts of how their algorithm works. They have also turned over Trump’s accounts to their independent Oversight Board. Facebook News comes to the UK. They are also directing users to credible Holocaust resources when searching for it. Instagram is releasing a Professional Dashboard for business and creator accounts. Twitter acquired the editorial newsletter platform, Revue. They have also introduced the community based tool, Birdwatch. Be sure you comply with changes if you are a verified account on the platform. Pinterest expands their Try on tool to eyeshadow as well as expanding product tagging features. They also now have Story Pins. YouTube has an International Holocaust Remembrance Commemoration today. And CEO Susan Wojcicki shares their priorities for 2021. New kid, Clubhouse, is raising funding to be able to pay creators on their platform. In this week’s Allyship Segment of the Week, I share the blog post 20 Female Black Influencers to Follow in 2021, by fashion and lifestyle blogger, Tomi. Get links to all the news on our website: Chill Digital Marketing's Week In Review
Things may sound a little different on this podcast. We are taking the audio from our weekly Live video to bring you the latest news. The Chill Business Journey is back! Visit Episode 76 | Planning for 2021 to get your FREE 2021 Chill Editorial Calendar. The doors are open until 11:59pm MT on 1/31/21 for The Chill Business Society. Sign up today to stay on track with your digital marketing for your business in 2021. Join our FREE Facebook Group: Chill Collaborative for DIY Marketing. Where we will support small business owners year round with their digital marketing needs. Prepare your business for changes with Facebook Ads as they regard to Apple's iOS 14 this month. Be prepared for drops in revenue based on the inability to target ads effectively. Facebook also released updates to the Pages Experience. Pinterest has released their predictions for trends in 2021. See if there are any you need to be tracking for your business. YouTube released a short video where they asked successful creators on their platform to share advice on running your channel in 2021. In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share a documentary list compiled by Dazed Digital. Get these shows on your watchlist to watch soon. Get all the news links at:
On The Chill Business Journey this week, we share 5 Tips for Video Calls. No matter how great we think we are on video, there are always times when we need reminders on how to conduct ourselves 😉. Facebook releases their next level of AAT which identifies objects in images. They also released a new Business Equality resource center. Twitter has created the first @SecondGentleman account for the husband of our first female Vice President in the US, Kamala Harris. LinkedIn shares 5 new B2B Customer Engagement Strategies. YouTube launches a new health partnership team with Dr. Garth Graham leading it. In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share the book The Leader's Guide to Unconscious Bias by Pamela Fuller, Mark Murphy and Anne Chow. Get the links to all the news at:
On The Chill Business Journey this week, we share 4 Online Networking Spaces that you can keep up with your networking in 2021. Facebook updated the Access Your Information Tool. Roy Austin joins Facebook as VP of their new Civil Rights Organization. They have also stepped up their monitoring of posts that violate their TOS ahead of the US Inauguration Day. Check out their 7 Tips for better interactions on Messenger. Twitter shared over 2 Billion tweets were made in 2020 about gaming. They also permanently suspended @realDonaldTrump. Twitter released a statement of the work they are doing following the riots in DC. Pinterest shares how people shop differently for tech today. LinkedIn shares video marketing trends in 2021. They also released the Jobs on the Rise report to help those looking for jobs right now. YouTube announces #YouTubeBlack Voices Class of 2021 shining the spotlight on 132 Black creators and artists around the world. In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share the 36 US recipients of YouTube's Black Voices Class of 2021. Get the links to all the news at:
Facebook released the 2021 Topics and Trends Report that points out emerging trends across Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is still maintaining their temporary pause on advertisements on social issues and politics, with Georgia being the only exception. Twitter has partnered with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science to provide advertisers more assurance around the placements of their ads. Pinterest has partnered with NAACP to stand in solidarity against systematic oppression and racism. This week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share an article from the 303Magazine that lists small businesses in Colorado you can shop with this holiday to help them stay afloat; many of which are Black-Owned businesses. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook released Digital Tools For Crisis and Recovery: US Report. Facebook Launched 4 new datasets and insights in Data For Good to help small businesses recover economically. Instagram is highlighting acts of generosity and amplifying accounts who are doing social good. Pinterest has launched new board features to help pinners turn their inspirations into reality. Youtube has launched HDR for live stream videos. In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share a young woman's website, Danielle Coke,  who is selling her own art in hopes to inspire faith and encourage justice. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook’s announced Season of Support, giving everyone access to dozens of free trainings and other tools. Facebook has partnered with Better Business Bureau to help protect people against scammers. Facebook launched Social Good for Business, helping business owners meet their goals while changing the world. Facebook just acquired a CRM tool called Kustomer. Instagram has released new branded content capabilities.  LinkedIn just rolled out new insights and tools to help job seekers take the next step in their career. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share, a website that provides anti-oppression education, trainings, and other resources. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook’s is expanding access to Rights Manager and improving the Collective Ad Earnings Tool. Facebook and Instagram have launched new messaging features. Instagram has updated their search bar. Instagram announced new updates to the guide feature. Twitter has launched Fleets, a new way to Tweet momentary thoughts. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share a Ted Talk by Dr. Amanda Kemp called How to have a Voice and Lean into Conversations about Race. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook’s advertising policies with regards to politics and social issues are still on pause until further notice. Instagram has introduced new features including a Reels Tab and Shopping tab. Twitter has released Carousel ads. Pinterest introduced their new holiday collection that features the most-searched holiday gift ideas. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share a new podcast, The Resistance, that has meaningful discussions about different forms of resistance and how to overcome it. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook introduces the first AI model that translates 100 languages without relying on English. Facebook shares tips on how to build brand awareness. Facebook is offering a FREE Brand Building Template. Facebook is offering 3 FREE courses on how to get started on advertising. Facebook is offering 3 FREE courses on how to optimize your ads and meet your business goals. Instagram increases Live Streams from 1 hour to 4 hours. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share a book called The Plot Against Hip Hop by Nelson George. If you’re someone who grew up listening to hip hop, you might find this book to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook will not allow any new political or social issue ads run in the last week of the election until the polls close on November 3rd. Facebook launched a new site called Elevate, providing resources for the Black and Latinx community to improve their digital skills. Facebook is offering 3 free online courses around content calendars to help you plan for the holidays. Facebook is offering a free e-book called Build Brilliant Brands. Pinterest has launched new tools to help businesses reach more customers. LinkedIn has introduced The Company Engagement Report to power up your ABM strategy. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share an article called 7 Racist Slurs You Should Drop From Your Vocabulary. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook has introduced new tools in Ads Manager to help advertisers optimize their reach. Facebook has introduced a discount feature in Facebook Shops. Facebook has a new podcast called Boost My Business with David Fischer. Instagram has a new ads feature that allows you to tag products in the ad. Instagram is bringing Badges to their platform to help creators make money. Parent company Facebook is also opening up the Messenger API app to allow chat bots to be used natively on Instagram. Pinterest is making changes on their platform to help underrepresented communities get their content seen. LinkedIn has some updates for Pages regarding Virtual Events. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I’m sharing a website by Angel Arutura who is a social activist and environmentalist. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook is sharing 3 FREE lessons to help advertisers with the visual aspect of their ads. They also shared a FREE E-Book for marketers, by marketers. Facebook is prohibiting any ads against vaccinations. Facebook is ending the API for oEmbed and Embed blocks on Wordpress. And Notes are going away at the end of the month for personal profiles and business pages. Pinterest integration is now live in Microsoft Edge. LinkedIn is sharing resources on how they are helping nonprofits grow on their platform. LinkedIn is hosting Live With Marketers Oct 20th to discuss how to better engage your audience. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I’m sharing a link to the website Consciously Unbiased, a platform for change aimed at amplifying Black voices. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook is offering free educational resources to help businesses with their advertising. Facebook announced #BuyBlack Friday to encourage and inspire people to shop Black-owned businesses this holiday season. Facebook is connecting people to mental health resources in their centralized resource center to help people manage their stress. Twitter is improving ways images are cropped and previewed to give more control to users. Pinterest is rolling out new shopping tools for shoppers and advertisers. Pinterest is raising awareness around Halloween and cultural sensitivity with costumes. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I’m sharing a link from the Harris Boys’ Academy that provides a wealth of resources to educate and inspire actionable steps to combat racism. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook has introduced new tools and features for Facebook Group Admins. Facebook is offering FREE online courses for those looking to learn more about Advertising on their platform. Facebook Introduced Rights Manager to help combat copyright infringement. Instagram and Facebook Messenger have a new update to make it easier for users to connect across platforms. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share a test developed by the Project Implicit that will uncover your hidden biases. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
Facebook has removed the 20% text limit for advertisers. Facebook is offering free online courses to help businesses learn about becoming more discoverable. They have kicked off Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month. Lastly, Facebook has a Voter Empower Toolkit to help businesses encourage more people to vote. LinkedIn has redesigned their platform to make it more community focused. Youtube has introduced the ability to make short 15 second videos with Youtube Shorts. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share the Black Tech Green Money, a podcast aimed at helping Black inventors, scientists, engineers, and other Black professionals. Catch all the links to these topics on our website:
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