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Author: Giovanni Bartolomeo

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The Elemental Awakening show will consist of a free-flowing conversation anywhere from 30-60 minutes with minimal editing. We will talk about…. life. Guests will be people Gio finds interesting and/or inspiring and topics can range from anything from health, wealth, relationships, psychedelics, spirituality, learning, relationships and more!

The intention is to share information to help others make impactful changes in their lives and also for the host and guest to learn from and inspire each other. The guests will range in background, interest, career, age…the more diverse the better to help get different perspectives on all the topics we cover.

This Gio's 3rd podcast (The G and Coletti Show, The Way Within). Some other themes he will have here are Psyched Out (psycedelic related shows) and Podcaster (interviewing other podcast Hosts). You can check out for more info!
47 Episodes
Healing the world and guiding people to find their purpose - Podcast with Salvatore Gencarelle Sal Gencarelle calls himself a visionary healer. Using millenary techniques from Native American traditions, his mission is to heal the world, one person at a time, and guiding them to find their purpose in life. In partnership with wise teachers, he conducts ceremonies with miraculous results, as well as 'vision quests', where participants are confronted with themselves and nature in challenging but rewarding experiences in the wild. In this chat, we talked about his grueling path to gain the knowledge from his spiritual teacher, the benefits of the connection to the Earth and the importance of properly integrating the teachings after a profound spiritual experience. For other healing exercises check out our breathwork exercises at
Lee Davy is a wellness specialist, self-proclaimed modern-day Samurai who practices deep mediation techniques, cold exposure, and psychedelic ceremonies as tools to tune into the higher frequencies of other realms. In this chat, he talks about his journey and his morning routine, which begins with at least three hours of meditation. He also shares with us some of the most profound experiences going ever deeper into meditation which can be as profound as some powerful psychedelics.
A few months ago, I sat down with entrepreneur Robert Bent to talk about his journey from an 'unhappy standard person' to 'meditative psychedelic warrior' as he jokingly refers to the side of the spectrum where people are able to stay in the present moment. While his path seemed to be all laid out through business schools and the world of investment banking, Bent set out on a journey, where he "failed" in numerous ventures and went on epic adventures with the specific purpose to face his fears. Having found himself very talented at making friends and building communities, combined with his interest in wellness, he now uses tools such as hot/cold exposure, meditation, and social connection to facilitate transformative experiences. Check out his wellness facility at For more transformative activities such as breathwork exercises, you can do at home during these times, visit
Functional Medicine practitioner Sachin Patel shares with us some of the elemental tools to heal yourself that are available to everyone: fasting, sleeping, and silence (meditation). In this podcast, we talk about how Functional Medicine can work alongside traditional medicine to address chronic disorders that are the product of our modern lifestyle. From the food we eat, the quality of our sleep, to the kind of thoughts we have inside our mind, our health care system would be completely transformed if we took our own health into our hands by getting educated and we didn't wait to become sick in the first place. Sachin Patel also encourages medical practitioners to lead by example and become a role model, rather than simply passing on information.
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer Ernie Pavan talks about the way he helps his clients find the roots of their pain through a myriad of NLP techniques, complemented with his spiritual learnings gained throughout his long career helping people overcome limiting beliefs, ailments, and blockages. In combination with his own techniques such as the Quantum Change process, Pavan practices what he calls Evolved NLP, which his clients claim has often miraculous results. Check out his website to learn more about:
Jordan River talks about the story of his YouTube channel Spirit Science, where he shares spiritual concepts and information in the form of entertaining animations. From ancient prophecies, teachings from plant medicine, or the mysteries of the tarot, his stories aim to elevate the consciousness of the audience. In this chat, we discuss the importance of setting an intention when pursuing a creative project, the mysteries of the universe contained in ancient books such as the Hermetica and his newest venture: an educational platform for spiritual seekers called Spirit Mysteries: Visit Jordan River's Spirit Science YouTube channel here:
Law of attraction enthusiast and life coach David Peacock shares the tools, books, and insights he has come across in his journey to becoming better at manifestation and unleashing all the possibilities within himself and his clients. From understanding how the mind works, the impact on mindset on personal finances and the power of mystic insights gained through psychedelics, for David, continued learning is the name of the game.
Self-proclaimed 'Health Nut' Troy Casey shares some of the many things he has tried to enhance his body and spirit along his journey from a glamorous male model getting wasted at parties in Milan, to becoming an influential health and mindset coach, content with a minimalist apartment facing the Californian coast. Unsurprisingly, eating nutritious food, getting enough sleep and practicing a daily physical activity are non-negotiables for Troy, however; delving into the world of South American herbs and plant medicine such as Ayahuasca, or experiencing the miraculous healing practices of the Maori of New Zealand, have also shaped his practice and beliefs. He has recently published his first book "#RippedAt50", where he outlines his methods for staying healthy in a toxic world.
Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and Mindset Coach Aaron Fisher reminisces about his personal journey going from not being able to fit in within the educational system growing up as a dyslexic boy to embarking on a self-discovery trip to China, where after trying his luck and failing at several jobs, he fought the voices in his head that were preventing him from achieving his dreams. With a newfound mindset, he returned to Canada to start new ventures and share his insights with his community.
ndigo Yoga Studio owner and teacher Genya Klaiman tells us his story growing up as a restless boy in Sakhalin island in the Russian far East and his journey through different countries where he experienced a spiritual awakening through several practices such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork. When I sat down with Genya back in February earlier this year, when this episode of the Elemental Awakening was recorded, we didn't know the degree of the challenge the world would come to face in a matter of weeks; however, the lessons he shared regarding setting routines, developing self-discipline and the importance of self-care ring more true than ever. This is the time to go inward and work on ourselves. Stay safe.
Music producer, filmmaker, and social media guru Matt Xian talks about his experience using psychedelics and how it has impacted his creative pursuits. After a profound experience with psilocybin mushrooms, Matt found himself inspired to create from a different perspective. Music, films, experiences, all informed by the profound insights gained through psychedelics. He also talks about the importance of developing the ability to focus, and how social media is engineered to keep you hooked and distracts you from your work. To learn more about the different ways in which psychedelics can expand your consciousness, check out my documentary Psyched Out.
When Victor Oddo experienced the first signs of his spiritual awakening, we thought he was going insane, after completely transforming his life, he now has a successful YouTube channel where he shares the kind of his information that was not available to him during his awakening process. We caught up with Victor at Rythmia in Costa Rica, where he shared some of his wisdom regarding following your calling, and his experiences with plant medicine.
Serial Tech entrepreneur Dmitry Buterin shares what he learned as he ran three multi-million dollar businesses. From implementing Teal, a new paradigm for organizations in which the traditional hierarchical system is replaced by a system of self-organization and self-management; to realizing the importance of doing business that benefits not only the share-holders but its employees and the world at large. Buterin also dives into his personal experience with psychedelics and other tools for self-development as he transitioned from being an entrepreneur into his spiritual journey.
A luxurious lifestyle, traveling around the world, beautiful girlfriends…everything Zark Fatah had by the time he turned 40 years old made him a 'successful man' by some standards. However, despite the superficial success, on his 40th birthday, he knew he was not living a fulfilled life and had to face the harsh reality that a change in paths was due... In the first episode ever of the Elemental Awakening Podcast, we chat with Zark Fatah, nightlife entrepreneur who after going through an awakening to his true purpose, decided to become a facilitator for transformational travel experiences, where he helps people achieve breakthroughs through insightful workshops and challenging activities. Fatah talks about those difficult moments when we have to let go of our past and the idea of who we were to embrace our true calling and the potential of a fulfilled life. We hope that listening to inspirational stories like Zark's transformation can push our viewers to 'surrender' to their own awakening process and look inward to achieve the life they envision.
We sat down with Emily Fletcher, best-selling author, and creator of Ziva Meditation, the first online meditation training. In our chat, Emily shares the story of her journey from a Broadway performer struggling with stress and insomnia to developing a meditation training designed for performance and productivity to help busy people, who might be struggling to meditate with methods designed for Buddhist monks. Check her out at her YouTube channel
In this episode I share a bit about what I've been up to the last few years and a bit about my journey. Thanks for sharing and leaving comments! Much love, stay tuned for more amazing content and be sure to check out our YouTube channel! Gio Youtube:
On this episode of the Way Within Show I got to talk with Kasper van der Meulen. He is an author teacher and trainer and one of the top Wim How method trainers in the world. We talk about some of the challenges he faced in his life and what led him to the Wim How method and how a few simple changes transformed him. You can check out and for more information. Never miss an episode sign up to our mailing list
This episode we got to dive right in to the Mucusless Diet Healing system. In my opinion this is the optimal diet for humans however it is quite challenging. Professor Spira lost over 110 pounds and totally reversed almost every single health issue he had in a very short period of time. We disccus those details in length in this interview. I highly recommend checking out both Arnold Ehret's work as well as Professor Spira's. Please connect: web: email: instgram: facebook: To subscribe on iTunes, click here:
On this Episode of the Way within I share the incredible story of Gerard Powell. From his Bio: He opted to try anything available to hide from himself and his “perfect” life. Most of his existence he suffered from addiction and depression, incessantly trying to fill the hole deep within, with little or no success. Ultimately, after much trial and error he found the key to true success and happiness. Today, he serves as a conscious entrepreneur, thought leader, philanthropist and public speaker on a mission to share the modalities and philosophies that transformed his life. Here is Gerard’s story:    Gerard was born in Scranton.  He was kicked out of school at 17.  Went to jail.  Became a millionaire in his 20s.  Became a multimillionaire in his 30s.  Sold the company for $90 million in his 40s.  After achieving the American dream he tried to commit suicide two times.  Couldn’t get his life together.  Was addicted to alcohol, injectable Demerol and cocaine. In a last ditch effort to turn things around he triad Plant Medicine... He was never the same again Please connect: web: email: instgram: facebook: To subscribe on iTunes, click here:
On this episode of The Way Within I got to connect with Clarity Bartlett and talk about the origins of the Easter Story. Where did that silly rabbit come from? Connect with her in the podcast she references a song which can be found here: Please connect: web: email: instgram: To subscribe on iTunes, click here:
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Devendra Kazak

this podcast is very dishonest. the hosts are claiming to interview these guests with minimal editing when the truth is they are not interviewing anybody. they are taking audio from other sources and cutting it up and pretending it comes from an interview they participated in.

Feb 29th
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