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Author: Giovanni Bartolomeo

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After turning 40 in 2022 I started sharing my short solo casts (Giocasts) about life as an update to friends and family around the world. No real intention here, just to express and connect, I might interview a few people but mainly just to share what I'm thinking about, feeling and doing.

This podcast channel is also an archive of al the previous podcasts I've done on instagram as @elementalgio and also on youtube for more videos!
113 Episodes
A short story and some Q & A. As i sit down with Derek he asks me a few questions.
A recap of my summerdaze experience kept this one short..hope you enjoy it!
In this episode I share in a vulnerable way that I struggle sometimes too. Which is hard to admit but within in struggle as you step into the shadows there is always a gift. I hope you enjoy. Check out our free new release on our website
In this episode I reflect a bit on the last year since i started putting these out and speak a bit about dharma and finding your elemental rhythm.
In this podcast I talk about leaving Costa Rica for now and the importance of acceptance, trust intention and creation.
In this track I share my most recent journey to Rythmia Life Advancement Center and the incredible experiences and life lessons learned, you wont want to miss this one. I also give a bit of a glimpse into my past and some of the crazy stories and how the medicine closed the loop and brought me full circle.
Some random thoughts about life.. I hope you enjoy and please connect on IG @elementalgio and if you enjoyed this episode please leave a review! -Gio
It's been a wild week for me of seeing the contrast of beauty and challenge through different plant medicines and deep insights I'm excited to share with you. Hope you enjoy it! Connect with me on IG @elementalgio
In this short episode I share a bit about the amazing experience we had at Envision Festival, The Breath Source App Launch, Music, Abundance and more. Stay Connected and check me out on IG @elementalgio
In this episode I talk about some travel in Costa Rica, The difference of expressing vs impressing, smart cities being yourself and more. Also here is a private link to one of our live recording sessions we will be using to make some breathwork experiences.
A week after an amazing experience at Rythmia I share some insights on what I learned from the medicine. Also give some updates on some new projects and what I think is going on in the world. Connect with me on IG @elementalgio
Just getting back into the flow and taking some time to reflect on the last couple months before my next week here at Rythmia.
In this episode I talk about the second half of my trip to Rythmia and the deep spiritual lessons I learned. Had to check myself on how I define spirituality, learning conscious parenting and much more. We get to the great trees in a future episode. With Gratitude Gio
In this episode I share some experiences with Ayahuasca and some insights I received about personal freedom, the mind, plant spirits, trust and surrender.
In this episode I talk a bout a few controversial subjects that have been on my mind. I really don’t know the truth but have a lot of questions at wound what we are experiencing right now. How to make sense of it all? Can we collectively let go and come back into alignment? I also talk about inequality and challenges it brings and a little surf confession! Hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts. With Gratitude, -Gio
In this episode I'm sitting outside on a rainy sunday morning just sharing some recent thoughts about life, living in Costa Rica, meeting a Mambe elder and more.
In this episode we return to costa rica and appreciate the green grass on the other side that also comes with muddy patches at well. I talk about patience, the collective mind, what vs how and much more... follow on IG @elementalgio Thanks for listening and would love to connect..
In this episode I talk about the what vs why. Also dive a bit into the ego mind, learning lessons on the fly and diving deeper into self awareness. Talk a bit about Biohacking, and just ramble on a bit about a bunch of other cool stuff. Connect with me on IG @elementalgio thanks for listening!
On this episode I talk about the magic we experienced at camp summerdaze, the power of community and my favourite book. The way to love by Anthony Demelo. Would love to hear from you let’s connect on IG @elementalgio
Getting back from Alaska a few thoughts and reflections about the trip and life in general. What you don’t know you don’t know is where the magic lies.
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Devendra Kazak

this podcast is very dishonest. the hosts are claiming to interview these guests with minimal editing when the truth is they are not interviewing anybody. they are taking audio from other sources and cutting it up and pretending it comes from an interview they participated in.

Feb 29th
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