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Palmetto State politics, campaign chatter, and news -- no beating around the bush. Insider insights from candidates, operatives, party officials, and activists on the front lines of South Carolina politics.
56 Episodes
The team chats with Adair Ford Boroughs and discuss her campaign for SC-2. Take a listen!
Jarrod, Courtney and Lindsey chat with Libertarian Candidate for President Dr. Jo Jorgensen. They chat her campaign, Libertarian policies and how she's running a 3rd party candidacy in a world overshadowed by Donald Trump's tweets.
The OG's, Chris and Jarrod, sit down to chat the Supreme Court's recent decision that the LGBTQ community is protecting from employer discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1968. After, Jarrod has a conversation with SC State Senate Candidate Dr. Dawn Bingham to discuss her expertise in public health and how she is campaigning during the COVID-19 public health pandemic. 
Jake and Chris chat with Rhodes Bailey about his bid for SC House District 75 and what campaigning looks like during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 
Podmetto producer Jake Erwin and writer Billy Francis present a new, narrative podcast called 'Southbound: A Simon Fogg Mystery.' Enjoy this special preview just for Podmetto followers. 
Chris, Jarrod, Lindsey, Courtney and Jake are joined by Jason Zacher, Senior Vice President for Business Advocacy with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, to chat the COVID-19 stimulus package and programs. Jason discusses the difference between the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), how upstate small businesses have been able (and mostly unable) to access these funds, and how he thinks the Governor's 'Stay Home' order may be pulled back to allow small businesses to operate.
Chris, Lindsey, Courtney, and Jake get together to catch up on the what's happening during the COVID-19 shutdown. 
It's been 7 days that felt like 7 years. This past week included the SC Democratic Primary; Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer dropping out; Super Tuesday; and some real shitty happenings at Greenville County Council around LGBTQ issues. The crew chats all of this and gets back to our roots with local and state issues. 
The entire Podmetto crew hit the road and went to Charleston for the 2020 Democratic Primary Debate hosted by CBS. The crew chatted with folks outside of the debate hall and at various watch parties across town. They wrap this episode with their final endorsements of the 2020 Primary campaign. Check it out!
Chris, Lindsey, and Jake talk about the Iowa Caucus, the injustice of library fines, and keeping our eyes on the prize in 2020. Jarrod takes a vacation from this episode and racks up a debt of haikus.
The crew chats with SC-4 candidate Kim Nelson and touch on the Greenville County Legislative Delegation meeting, Greenville City's new hate crime legislation, WREN's survey results on women in SC, and much more!
The crew talks about Jarrod advocating for LGBTQ Rights at Greenville County Council, second amendment "sanctuaries", civil disobedience, Mike Bloomberg conspiracies, and Hillary hating Bernie. 
Jake & Lindsey try to get Jarrod & Chris to vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary. 
Freewheelin': the gang catches up on statehouse news and share stories about getting in trouble at school.
1.8.20 - 2020 Vision

1.8.20 - 2020 Vision


Chris, Jarrod, and Lindsey are back with a look ahead to the 2020 political landscape in South Carolina. They set some goals for the year and discuss what to watch for across the state over the next year. Then, Jarrod talks with Kat Taylor; wife of 2020 Democratic candidate for president, Tom Steyer. 
Chris, Jarrod, & Courtney sit down with Amy O'Rourke to chat gun control, women's issues, and what it's like when your spouse says, "I want to run for public office."Amy is a mother, educator, small-business owner, and the wife of, now former, 2020 presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke. The Podmetto crew sat down with Amy in one of her last interviews of her husband's campaign. 
Democratic Candidate for Greenville City Council Matt Johnson joins Chris and Jarrod to talk his campaign, why local elections matter, and what his final days of campaigning will look like. 
Jarrod and Courtney talk the latest presidential debate before Jarrod chats with 2020 candidate, and current Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio.
The Podmetto Crew found bonus content from the 2019 SCDP Convention with some badass women running for Congress in South Carolina. Lindsey sat down with Kim Nelson from SC-4 and Adair Ford Boroughs from SC-2. They chat early campaign thoughts and why they're jumping in to replace two conservative, ineffective Reps. 
Jarrod sits down with Colorado Senator, and 2020 Democratic Candidate for President, Michael Bennet. They discuss his campaign, the issues facing America, why young folks need to show up, and, most importantly to Jarrod, which flavor cupcake they are going to order. 
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