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Author: Brook: Entrepreneurs, Moms, Wives, & Girls Who Love Fun

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Brook Hollis is your host on this fun ride into the mind's and topics that she finds interesting. Warning - this mom cusses and talks about a lot more than just her kids. Her friend Whitney is along for the ride now too!! Come be friends with us!
34 Episodes
As HEY GIRL HAVE FUN kicks into high gear amid the social distancing of 2020...we'll go back in time when we could still sit face-to-face and interview Mara from New Albany's great bar - THE EARL.  Full of LOUD laughter and insider knowledge of the bar scene.
So you think you're funny?  This is a question that rolls around Brook's head on the daily.  A bucket list item for Brook is doing an open mic night at a comedy club - pure terror.  Brook sits down with a professional comedian, Charlie Walker, to get pointers and LAUGH...a lot.  He's funny ha ha.  Find him at whatsacharlie on google.
Brook chit chats with Tasia Verno - aka A Fit Bartender about Tasia's journey, staying fit, and staying fit while also drinking!  Tasia breaks down some tips on how putting yourself first benefits all of those around you.  Plus we get the skinny on a yummy drink that won't bust your gut!
Leadership and P*ssy based business coach Julia Wells chats with Brook from New York.  Get tips on bringing your feminine vibe into daily work life and making it more PLEASURABLE.  Plus we learn what a p*ssy palace is!  Cheers!
Brook sits down with Laurie Haag with Laurel Wreath Bridal and Stacy Baker from Pepin Mansion to talk WEDDINGS.  From planning to the things that could go wrong.  Brook also quizzes the ladies on their shorthand wedding knowledge.  GOT spoilers too.
Finding the fun in work is HARD at times.  When anything becomes work it might lose its luster...Andrew Nicholson talks about long boarding everywhere he goes, throwing fun events, and his bucket list events.  Wanna go to an adult food fight...yeah me too!
Brook sits down to talk hoarders, gross garages, and all things organizing with Sally Scott from PA for Today!  She's a fiery redhead and Brook has a cold...great for podcasts!
Brook sits down with Diana with Mane Alley - southern IN's top natural beaded row (NBR) provider.  We talk NBR, beauty, taboos, and horny bells.
Brook sits down with Cisa from Sew Fitting to discuss work, life, cliques, and Buffalo Bill.  Normal everyday conversations right?  We might also talk about the weirdest sewing requests Sew Fitting has received.
26 - Elderberry Witch

26 - Elderberry Witch


Brook and Whitney sit down with Jenny Watson from The Elderberry Co.  She's turned a need into a hobby...into a growing business.  She's super impressive and a chica on the rise!  As usual there are sprinkles of Justin Bieber, Netflix, and a round of Good Shit!
The girls sit and chat about keeping, making, and dealing with friendships as adults.  Tips on making new friends and an invitation to BE OUR FRIEND!!!!
The girls sit down to talk MAKEUP with one of the best makeup artists around town - Marie Fulkerson.  Marie talks about the risky jump she made (with her hubby) to follow her passion.  From Hooters to eye hoods and tips on a great face.
The girls sit down to chat with Her Exchange founder Sarah Lynn about why she started her community of women who are making things happen, sharing how they did it, their lessons learned and supporting each other along the way.  The girls talk about Sarah's journey from six figures, to Starbucks, and finally to what makes you light up.  They throw down about Instagram and how to utilize it to serve your purpose in life and business.  
Brook and Whitney have so many topics this week and just not enough time!  Recent school threats, Momo, a cold, and the incredible Abducted in Plain Sight have the girls pulling their hair out.  Come talk Jan and sharting with us.
Brook and Whitney chat with Kelly and Beth from New Albany Social about all things New Albany Indiana!  Great restaurants, shops, and the new things coming to our booming city.  We also get to hear about the start of New Albany Social.  There's also talk of old lady breast tissue.
Betsy Smith, Certified Life Coach, mother of two teens, creator, writer, speaker and self-proclaimed comedienne - joins the girls for some real talk.  Dropping knowledge on our frontal lobes, teens and tech, what are tweens and teens are experiencing, and how to better parent in this digital world.  Have a listen and learn!  
The girls sit down and chat with The Hat Girls - Kentucky Derby's #1 hat maker extraordinaires!!!  We discuss how they got started, working with friends, and we name drop! Rachel and Kate give us tips on surviving the Kentucky Derby and finding your perfect hat.  What comes first...the hat or the dress?
Brook and Whitney talk about birth stories, douche canoe trips, and intruders in their homes.  No plot line here people - just freeform thought trains.  Enjoy!
The girls sit down with Jubilee of Wellness and talk CBD oils, cannabis, magic muffins, and losing our southern slang!  Great beginners guide to CBD.  
Brook and Whitney give listeners some of their New Year's resolutions and tips on how to actually KEEP them this year!  They also go off on several rants: eating farts, favorite self-help books, tweezing hair off your face, and other such goodies.  Come hang out and be friends!  
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