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Pressing Towards His Standard

Author: SurrenderMe Productions

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Welcome to the Pressing Towards His Standard podcast, a Christian Podcast aimed at proving the purpose in your process.
9 Episodes
Have you ever found yourself over analyzing what it takes to be a woman? Has body image been a topic often at the forefront of your mind? Femininity is such a broad topic and many of us don’t measure up to the demands and qualifiers of others. This is my truth and I hope it blesses someone.
Be Present in 2020

Be Present in 2020


Just a small 4 minutes of admonishing the listener to take a different approach to the culture of “On to the next” and focus more on being present in every day interactions and living life.
Is there really a blessing in quitting? Absolutely! Today we’re talking about coming to the end of your ability and trusting in the stability of Jesus Christ. For the recent grad that is just wrestling with their newfound adulthood and the purpose of it all.
For the recent grad struggling with their post student identity. Everyone raves about graduation but no one ever talks about what comes next. Join me as we talk about topics of identity, value, and experiences that are least than ideal.
Happy New Year. 2019 was a year full of lessons. So let’s talk about one of those lesson plans, humility.
What is your self worth? Can you put a price on it? Is it worth buying?
A pick me up for the burdened Christian who longs to please God.
A recap of my experience of going somewhere alone for the first time without someone to accompany me. Don't miss out on opportunities simply because no one can go with you but use those moments as a chance to discover you.
This is the Intro to Pressing Towards His Standard, a christian podcast about the process to becoming God's Best for your life in respect to life in general.
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