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Retail Nightmares

Author: Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle

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Hilarious podcast.
265 Episodes
Talented musician, DJ and wonderful human being Adam Fink returns to discuss Teen Wolf, pizza and tattoos.
Delightful, hilarious and talented actor and comedian Kelli Ogmundson returns to discuss Beefy Bruce, Danny Devito and dingaling city!
Hilarious comedian and filmmaker Bita Joudaki returns to discuss 90's TV shows spoilers, ancient rich people, and ketchup!Follow Bita on twitter @bebejoujou
Cool friend Lizzie Bartelt joins the co-ghosts to discuss cool pillows, return philosophy and garbage picking.
Famous podcaster and friend Ben Harrison join the co-ghosts to discuss fucking the police, checking in with your family and being punk.Please donate and check out these resources:Black Lives Matter Vancouver Black in BC Community Support Fund for COVID-19 The Hogan's Alley Society Black Lives Matter (US) Emergency Release Fund The Ramsey Orta Welcome Home Fund The Official Peace and Healing for Darnella Fund Resource: Places to donate to fight anti-Black racism and support Black Liberation Resource: Ways You Can Help BLM
Lovely and funny musician and spaceman AJ DiGregorio joins the co-ghosts to discuss, cruising, big grapes, and the woes of being a teen DJ.
Hilarious comedian and artist Amber Duntley virtually joins the co-ghosts all the way from New York to discuss tortoise facts, farm life and water slides.
Very funny comedian and podcaster Scott Simpson joins us all the way from San Francisco to discuss his me nook, Robert Pattinson and It's-Its.
Award winning hilarious comedian and podcaster Ivan Decker returns to discuss potatoes, potatoes and potatoes.
Hilarious and delightful voice actor and cool person Jade Lake returns to discuss potatoes, potatoes, and board games.
Accomplished musician and producer Chris Dadge joins the co-ghosts to discuss potatoes, novelty earrings and The OC.
Talented actress, model, storyteller, and activist Cassandra James joins the co-ghosts to discuss ASMR, General Hospital and the hell dimension / patriarchy.
Parts 1 and 2 of a play by Alicia Tobin narrated by Graham Clark. Starring Ryan Beil, Jessica Delisle and introducing Kevin Lee as Jay Arner.
Writer Laurie Woolever and twitter celeb shit disturber Chris Thornton - the co-hosts of our beloved sister podcast Carbface for Radio - join us virtually from New York and New Jersey to discuss big pancakes, porn clowns, and lizard resurrection. Apologies to the audiophiles for our wacky sound!
Alicia and Jessica catch up with each other about how we've been coping with our new quarantine lives, fostering a kitten and Bongo Dance!
Former guests Kelli Ogmundson and Emmett Hall return to do a special self isolated episode where we discuss, Tunnel Boy, tomato stakes and hot sulfur.
Delightful human and excellent artist Rebecca Chaperon returns to discuss nut hutches, pizza and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Very funny comedian and cartoonist Jacob Samuel joins the co-ghosts to discuss time travel, buckets and Night Cat.
Costumer and ice cream aficionado Nicola Verheul joins the co-ghosts to discuss dog shows, performance art and shamrock shakes.
Very funny comedian Chris James joins the co-ghosts to discuss working in big box stores, male nudity and sour cream!
Comments (2)

d o m

this show is a puppo of my heart

Sep 2nd

Lofi Sky

I just found this podcast. it's pretty great. I'm only in the first 20 episodes or so. my one wish so far is that there were more stories vs banter, but the hosts are entertaining and the guests are interesting.

Apr 20th
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