DiscoverThe AVNI Interviews w Eric Bork & Mikey Taylor
The AVNI Interviews w Eric Bork & Mikey Taylor
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The AVNI Interviews w Eric Bork & Mikey Taylor

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On the Avni Interviews Eric Bork and Mikey Taylor interview people doing the work they want in the lifestyle they love to help people add practical revenue streams in our new digital world.
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Here on The AVNI Interviews we interview people making money in the new digital world to help other people build practical revenue streams.
For the past couple of years we have brought stories of entrepreneurs and the stories they've gone through.  Recently our co-host Mikey Taylor has undertaken the path of financial and real estate education and re-discovered his voice after going through the process of letting go of one passion and undertaking an entire new one.  In this episode, we go over what Mikey has been up to and how there is a need to have conversations about money and finances.****Here on the AVNI Interviews we interview people building practical revenue streams in the new digital world to help others do the same thing.
How do you get to having 50+ clients?  This week, we give you the rundown with the founder of Five Spot Marketing, Amir Jafari.****Here on The AVNI Interviews, we interview people who have created revenue streams and break down how they did it as practically as we possibly can.****
Larger agencies are jumping on this trend right now and over the next 12-24 months most agencies will add this opportunity to their list of services for one simple reason:  Review Software is a great way to add a service for creatives who have clients with Google listings, without having to do a ton of work, or hire an employee to do more work.  Our goal with the Praze agency partner program is to help agencies add 48k yearly recurring revenue to their gross income.We had Stuart on a few weeks back and this week, we focus on the opportunity for agency owners and creatives to become Praze partners.
This weeks guest could possibly be one of the most valuable resources for ecommerce entrepreneurs.  How do small brands source products overseas without breaking the bank?  Nate Sedgwick of sourcing mojo has the answer.  Instead of hiring 3 full time employees, or having your quality control suffer, Nates company, Sourcing Mojo, offers an amazing service:  a team of 14 members in China, who will oversee your products from factory to delivery, for only a small monthly fee. 
In this episode, Eric Interviews Mikey on the 7 money mistakes not to make and what he's learned while accumulating wealth.****Here on The AVNI Interviews we interview people doing the work they want in the lifestyle they love to help other people do the same thing.
In this episode we discuss why sales is one of the most valuable skill one can possess, also, expert salesman Stuart Faught, founder of, shares some valuable strategies on sales.
After placing a $20 ad and making $2,500 on a high end chair, Justin Montanari and Eric Ryalls realized they were on to something.  Their first year, they did 150k, then 350k in 2018 and are on track to do 600k in 2019.  From searching free on craigslist and making 6k, to overcoming being sued, Justin and Eric break down their business and brand.
In this episode we go over a 4 step process in knowing your value:  Personally, Your Product and/or business.
In this episode we interview Mizael Huante, our Facebook / Instagram Ads experts.  We discuss when to do ads yourself, vs when to hire someone, strategies to optimize Facebook ads, and other valuable tips in Facebook ads.
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