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Author: Patton & Schachte

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Welcome to Just A Thought, an audio series from three guys that work together, remotely. Working across two continents, Marlon, Daniel, and Tom hop on the mic to discuss topics in Business, Design, Strategy, and Life.
33 Episodes
The Deep Work Trilogy -- The Final Chapter
Samuel L Jackson is Your New Roommate and Swaggy Fake Airpods
 Why You're Not Getting Anything Done -- Book Club: Deep Work by Cal Newport Part 2
Book Club Devolves Into Apocalypse Planning and Conspiracy Theories
Tom Survives a Hurricane, Facebook Leaks User Data, and Surviving the Apocalypse in Our Commune
Book Club- Deep Work by Cal Newport Part 1
Figuring Out Pricing
Book Club - The Win Without Pitching Manifesto PART 2
Why You Need To Self Actualize
Book Club: The Win Without Pitching Manifesto PART 1
How Tech Companies Exploit Your Data and Being Grateful For Having Hands
EP23: Week in Review #5

EP23: Week in Review #5


Week in Review #5
Monetizing Your App Idea
EP21: Week in Review #4

EP21: Week in Review #4


Week in Review #4
Common Client Objections & how to Respond
EP19: Week in Review #3

EP19: Week in Review #3


Week in Review #3
Communicating with Clients
EP17: Week in Review #2

EP17: Week in Review #2


Week in Review #2
App First Look: Day One Journal
Building a Productive Virtual Office 
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