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I first crossed paths with Holly Nelson through pageantry.That's not to say I was entered in a pageant (God forbid), but Holly had won a title and one of my other businesses is focussed on interviewing pageant queens.As is often the case, I found the person much more interesting than the title and was surprised to find that Holly and I shared a lot in common when it came to business, specifically working for ourselves and looking to help others do the same.Fast forward some six months later and Holly has been helping me work on several of my businesses as well as the launch of two books which we'll be releasing later on in 2019.Holly is one amazingly strong, creative and insightful individual who also has a heart of gold. I highly recommend getting in touch with her no matter the size, stage or focus of your business.4:07 Interview start5:45 How Holly helps businesses7:41 The importance of being able to pivot9:16 From the solopreneur up to the small business11:03 How to avoid getting in your own head12:24 Who is Holly Nelson behind the scenes?14:21 How to get in touch with Holly15:15 Ten questions with Holly NelsonCONTACT HOLLY on socialFOLLOW US you enjoyed this interview, make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more!
In this episode I'm talking to Holly about social media calendars, both in terms of how to create them AND how to implement them (both parts are equally important).I am FAR from perfect in this area, but if there's one thing I would advise you to do it's to START... ANY structure is better than no structure.And if you're someone who values their freedom (like me) and feels like a schedule cages them in, get over your crazy and bite the bullet anyway, otherwise your content creation will be completely inconsistent, dooming your business to fail before it starts.TIMESTAMPS4:57 Why do so many people struggle to implement social media calendars?9:40 Where do you start when you're overwhelmed?11:09 Where's a good place to start with scheduling?14:05 REPURPOSE your content to win19:10 Which platforms should you hit? All of them?24:47 The platform you love may not be the best one for your business27:40 The best tools to help you with your scheduling40:04 When to do your scheduling?41:10 Batching your content creation45:36 Breastfeeding on the runway(??)48:35 Bite the bullet. Perfection is the enemy.LINKSBuffer ( software with a great FREE plan.Zapier ( middle man - helps all your apps work together without you having to do anything.Planoly ( plan out your Instagram feed and automatically post for you.CONNECT WITH HOLLY WITH ADRIAN you enjoyed this episode, make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more podcast episodes like this!And if you have any entrepreneurial questions you'd like us to cover, leave them in the comments below and Holly and I will get to answering them in a future episode!
In this episode Holly interviews ME (wow that's a first) about how I went about self-publishing my first book 'From Fear to Freedom' back in late 2017.We were lucky enough to have that book reach the #1 spot on Amazon both here in Australia and the US, and whilst I would by no means consider myself an expert, the fact is that getting published in the first place probably puts me ahead of 99% of the game.Reaching that number one spot is no doubt an added bonus.As always, if you have any questions about this topic or any other entrepreneurial subject, leave it in the comments below or email it to us on and Holly and I will be sure to get to it in one of our future episodes!CONTACT ADRIAN HOLLY @hollyjnelson on Snap
In this episode I'm talking to Holly Nelson from HN Marketing and Alaina Brown Founder of Shii Mii about their reasons for going into business and a few of the lessons they've learnt along their respective entrepreneurial journeys.TIMESTAMPS0:32 Holly's intro2:51 Alaina's intro4:40 Why did we become entrepreneurs?8:54 Alaina's entrepreneurial lessons12:40 Holly's entrepreneurial lessons16:41 Balancing optimism and realism19:15 How can you tell if your idea will work or not?24:40 Closing remarksFOLLOW ADRIAN HOLLYhttps://www.hnmarketing.co ALAINA you enjoyed this interview, leave us a comment below and make sure to SHARE! :)
Korynn Morrison is vivacious, outspoken, determined and a coffee addict - most of which are qualities I don't normally associate with artists.I initially met Korynn when helping her to create a video for an art exhibition she was participating in. She immediately grabbed me as being on point, enthusiastic, professional and very business-minded... again things that I don't normally associate with artistic people, not just artists.A lot of people are the artistic/creative type and struggle with how to implement that in the business world. If that's you then I encourage you to follow Korynn's example as someone who approaches her art as a profession - in the studio 530am each day every day.Don't let being female get in your way and don't use artistic integrity (no matter what field you're artistic in) be an excuse. You'll see that Korynn certainly doesn't.TIMESTAMPS0:48 Korynn the artist4:58 Dealing with criticism7:10 Getting 'a proper job' and the importance of passion12:10 On being a female in the art world13:45 The artistic process15:45 Problems with the education system19:57 The importance of quiet22:37 Art vs coffee and meditation28:55 Contacting Korynn29:28 The final ten questionsCONTACT KORYNN US you enjoyed this interview, please subscribe and leave a comment - it really helps us out.
Rikka Zimmerman is a recording artist who survived a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer and now tours the world delivering inspiring and motivating transformational events with a seven-figure business.She also released an album ‘The Miracle’ last year that debuted at #19 on the Australian iTunes charts. The album has 200 layers of healing affirmations embedded in the audio, meaning listeners transform their subconscious whilst listening.If you enjoy the interview, make sure to leave a comment below!And if you have a story that would inspire young women get in contact with Adrian on WITH RIKKATo purchase Rikka’s album, go to: find our more about events that Rikka is conducting (including some in Australia in July 2018): get involved in our upcoming coffee table book focussing on young Australian women changing the world, visit us:
Gemma White will tell you she's an ordinary girl.If that's true, then she's proof that ordinary girls can achieve extraordinary things.Gemma is a real estate professional, has two investment properties of her own before the age of thirty and is also an Ambassador for anti-bullying charity I Can I Will.On top of that, she is the reigning Miss Australia Continents 2018 and will be jetting over to Las Vegas in June to represent Australia on the international stage.I caught up with Gemma in Newcastle after she had just been a judge at the Miss Australia Global International 2018 pageant.If you enjoy the interview, make sure to leave a comment below!And if you have a story that would inspire young women get in contact with Adrian on WITH GEMMAInstagram
This interview has been a long time coming, having originally shot it back in 2017.I explain why in the introduction to the interview, so let me just say this: if you’re a content creator or someone who wants to find a way to turn their passion into a living, then you really need to listen to this interview.Creating an online business that can take on full-time employees is no easy task and is probably a dream scenario for many of us, and whilst it’s useful to hire coaches and get pumped up by sharing the latest entrepreneurial quote, it’s ten times better to hear from someone who’s done it for real.Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to get more interviews with content creators and solopreneurs and as always, if you have any feedback or enquiries, email us on for watching!CONNECT WITH IAN
Episode 3: Stay the Course

Episode 3: Stay the Course


Sometimes what you need, everything you've dreamed of, is just around the corner... when you least expect it and you feel at your lowest. ❤️
Have you ever had that little annoying incident or situation that you can't do anything about, that you know you should put out of your mind... but you can't? Yep, that's me. 🙈
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