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Author: herHABITAT

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This isn't a podcast just for women - it's for anyone who feels like they don't know what the f*ck they're doing in the world and learning how to be okay with that.

Impractical Women's Studies is a podcast that talks about important topics in an accessible and relatable light. We uncover sex, creativity, liberation, art, music, life.

We do a live feed on our facebook for those that want to be a part of the discussion, and to humanize the idea of a podcast. We're not sitting in a small room with a mic, usually we're drinking wine in bed and having real chats because that is real life and we want to make real life accessible to you in all formats.

We're not just a podcast; we're a community. And we're badass.
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Teagan Johnston talks with her mom Sheila Johnston about toxic relationships; how to recognize, identify, deal with, and move on from them. “We don't like going to the dentist.. We don’t like doing to the doctor… We just wanna stay moving forward at whatever cost. But if you hear something in the car moving and not sounding quite right, then you should take it in! Because you're right! you’re right to hear that something is not quite right… And if taking it in aka talking to that person about the relationship means that its gonna cost you 5000$ and your van is dead thats better than you driving this really horrible van thats gonna kill ya. So if you’re in a relationship and you’re hearing these noises take it in… Sometimes its a very fixable thing!"
Hello! IWS here with Season 2, Episode 1. This season Teagan and Forest decided for practical reasons to record solo episodes of IWS. This is mostly due to where we will both geographically be in the world, but also because it's a new experience to listen to (and record) a solo podcast! Cheers to variety! This episode Forest talks about community, her relationship with it, her foundations in it, how herHABITAT started and where we want to go with it. It's an easy to listen to yet passionate episode. Dive in! “I want to go out there and innovate the way community is utilized. I don’t think community is very convenient right now. It’s not very efficient… Everything is quite erratic and spread out… [compartmentalized]. It makes it quite difficult to commit to things.. Everyone does have a multitude of interests, and I think it’s essential that we be able to find ways to enrich these parts of ourselves to their fullest capacity or find ways to collaborate them. It’s really hard to do that right now. I wanted to build a community centre that took all of what I saw as essential components of community, what makes it, and what builds it up. What makes it effective and strong. a place to learn. A lot of things I looked at; first, financials - we don’t have the financial stability right now to afford everything we want to do. Most people in canada just can’t financially find a way… and that’s really sad. That’s even things as far as taking care of yourself. it’s really not feasible for a lot of people to be able to have a yoga membership, go to acupuncture, have a gym membership, car insurance, groceries, rent.. it’s not easy to live in the world and create a lifestyle thats healthy for you - to be able to maintain it and utilize it to it’s fullest extent. a lot of people will pay for a full month of a membership but only go twice a week because of this or that… so I think that, the first aspect of community is having it localized. Having one place where all of the things happens. and being able to utilize that place to it’s fullest capacity under one membership.”
In this episode Teagan and Forest talk about periods, all the facts you need to know about normal vs. healthy, what to look for in during your cycle, ways to reduce PMS, and some good stories and laughs because that's what we're here for! We talked to Dr.Jennah Miller ( about our questions and concerns and she came through with tons of knowledge, facts, and experience. If you're interested in talking to her more you can find her at one of her clinics through her website. We will be posting the full questions and answers on P.S. Thinx pls sponsor us “You see these clots and it looks like a vagina booger” - Forest “Thats the point of destigmatizing these things. You have a right to explore your body and not fucking feel weird about it.” - Teagan “You shouldn’t feel ashamed and alienated from your period. It’s not happening to you, it’s a part of you” - Teagan LINK TO PDF DOC W/ DR. JENNAH MILLER:
Teagan Johnston and Forest Greenwell take on the topic of making big life decisions, how they happen for us, what we've learned from them, and their advice to future selves (and you.) Plus, Forest shouting a fearful "SPICY!" in the middle -listen to find out why! “if you’re trying to help someone and it’s damaging to you, it’s damaging to them in the end” - Teagan “the more spiritual I’ve been the bigger life decisions have been a lot easier” - Forest “its really hard to be the one to leave because you’re holding onto the love you thought you had and the dedication.. but if what you promised yourself to was there still, you wouldn’t be leaving” - some dude Teagan got furniture and life advice from
Forest Greenwell with guest Juma Perez discuss the in's and out's of an artistic life, knowing and (mostly) not knowing what you're doing, and a few clues to mastering the art of uncertainty. "I think it is almost a disease to be scared of asking people for help… and it is such a self-hindrance to not give yourself space to not know things.. I mean, I think we can find out the true state of ourselves in these limbo quiet moments and when you do that you’re actually able to see what you’re going to do next but not the outcome and thats okay.. and when you learn to be okay with what’s going on but not to stay stagnant…"
EPISODE 3 / #metoo

EPISODE 3 / #metoo


We're coming at you with a topic that hit's pretty close to home for a lot of people. Trigger warnings for sexual assault, rape, and reporting in this episode. We're dealing with the #metoo hashtag, sharing our stories and support, and digging in deep with that good shit this episode. Hosted by Forest Greenwell, founder of herHABITAT and Teagan Johnston of Little Coyote
Forest and Teagan are back with our second episode! We're coming at you this time to talk about the weird things we let ourselves get away with, the patterns that develop during the creative process, and what it really means to take care of yourself and find balance when it seems like the scales are always tipping too far in any direction. We talk about Teagan's band and her new album release for The Trouble With Teeth, Artist Dissociation, dealing with nerves, and abolishing the Starving Artist stereotype. Join us in spilling wine on the couch!
We wanted a podcast that felt like you were hanging out with your friends in your living room. So after many days of hanging out and talking in the living room we decided to actually do it. We hope you enjoy our stories, experiences, and advice. We hope you feel at home, and we definitely hope you laugh.
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