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Author: Cameron Reilly & Ray Harris

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Join veteran podcasters Ray Harris (The World War II Podcast) and Cameron Reilly (The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast) as they go on a journey to discover the true story about the Caesars.

WARNING: This podcast contains jokes, rude words and references to politics and religion. People easily triggered by such things should not listen. You poor snowflakes.
68 Episodes
This is where the story becomes really weird. Nero, up until now the golden child, suddenly becomes a cold murderer with the murder of Britannicus. The post Nero #4 – Nero The Murderer appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Nero #3 – Nero In Love

Nero #3 – Nero In Love


In the first year of his rule, Nero was a big hit. He built a wooden amphitheatre in the Campus Martius, flooded it, and held a naval battle with sea monsters. In his gladiator shows, nobody died, not even criminals. But then… Nero fell in love. The post Nero #3 – Nero In Love appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Nero #2 – Nice Guy Nero

Nero #2 – Nice Guy Nero


Nero becomes emperor on the murder of his step-father. He’s 16 or 17 years old. Why didn’t the Senate stop him? It might have something to do with Seneca and Burrus. Seneca wrote him a speech where he promised to be nice. And, indeed, the first five years of his rule seemed to go well. His mother, Agrippina, ruled by his side. The post Nero #2 – Nice Guy Nero appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Nero #1 – The Last OG

Nero #1 – The Last OG


This is the story of Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. Known to us as Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. Or just “Nero”. On this episode, we ask - how is it possible that a man tutored and guided by one of the most famous Stoic philosophers, Seneca, would end up with the reputation as one of history’s worst tyrants? The post Nero #1 – The Last OG appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Messallina decides the time has come. She has a poison expert released from prison and they prepare a special dish of mushrooms for Claudius’ last meal. But the mushrooms weren’t enough and so they had to finish him off - with a feather. The post Claudius #15 – A Mushroom & A Feather appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Claudius builds the world’s biggest tunnel and puts on a huge show to celebrate. But things don’t go to plan. Nero gets married and starts to build his political profile - he is only 16. The post Claudius #14 – Digging Tunnels appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Claudius and Agrippina get hitched despite the fact that she was his niece. She immediately starts to get rid of her enemies, reward her supporters, and prepare the ground for the next stage of her plan to make her young son, Nero, the emperor. The post Claudius #13 – Roman Incest appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Caligula plans his invasion of Britain. It would have been the first time any Roman solider had been there since Julius Caesar. What motivated his plans? Was he even serious? It's often portrayed as a stupid stunt. But we discover there may be more to it. How did it fit into his German campaign and the conspiracies against him? And how does it factor into Claudius' later invasion? The post Caligula #17 – Brittanicus Germanicus appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Sometime around the year 40, Caligula executed Ptolemy, the king of Africa Proconsularis and Roman ally. It's usually portrayed as evidence of his insanity and greed - but perhaps there is an alternative explanation. The post Caligula #16 – Bless The Rains appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Caligula suspects a grand conspiracy against his person and the sword falls on a variety of people - including the commander in Gaul, his two surviving sisters and his best friend / lover, Lepidus. The post Caligula #15 – The Conspiracy appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Caligula built a 3-mile long bridge over the Bay of Naples. Why? So he could ride over it to prove someone wrong. Then he marries his third and last wife, Caesonia. Then he fires two consuls for not celebrating his birthday and starts a general purge of governors who are called back to Rome and, in some cases, charged with majestas. There's conspiracy in the air. The post Caligula #14 – The Great Purge appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
The Nemi ships were two pleasure barges, one larger than the other, built under Caligula at Lake Nemi. Although there were several attempts to recover them from the 15th century onwards, it wasn't until 1929 that Mussolini ordered the whole of Lake Nemi would be drained and they were recovered and housed in a museum. And then the Americans decided to drop bombs on them, and they were destroyed, lost forever. The post Caligula #9 – The Ships of Nemi appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
According to Suetonius, Caligula was quite proud of his "adiatrepsia" - shamelessness. He lived in habitual incest with all his sisters and was especially fond of Drusilla. He made her divorce her first husband and marry his friend and lover Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. In 37 he interrupted the wedding of Livia Orestilla so he could marry her himself - and then kicked her to the curb 24 hours later. Then he made Lollia Paulina divorce her husband and marry him - but he tired of her in six months. Then he married Caesonia, "a woman of reckless extravagance and wantonness". Six months into his rule, Caligula fell seriously ill.  While he was sick in bed, Macro and Silanus apparently prepared for the worst. They started the wheels in motion for Gemellus to be declared the successor. The post Caligula #8 – Shamelessness appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
How does a 24 year old kid, who's never even been on a battlefield, let alone lead an army to victory, get declared "imperator"? How would you handle it if you were granted ius arbitriumque omnium rerum (‘power and authority over all things’) and declared princeps legibus solutus (a princeps not bound by the laws)? Would you be able to handle it? We know we wouldn't. Who would we have killed? Find out on this episode. The post Caligula #7 – Going Back To Cali appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
One of the other first things Caligula did when he took power was to release Herod Agrippa from jail - King Herod from the New Testament. The grandson of Herod the Great. Which all gives me an excuse to talk about The Maccabean Revolt and a short history on Judaean politics from 169 BCE to Caligula.  The post Caligula #6 – The Maccabees appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
By all accounts, Caligula was extremely popular with the people, as his father, Germanicus, had been. Suetonius reports that Caligula was “the emperor most earnestly desired”. When he entered Rome, the celebrations are said to have gone on for almost three months, and more than 160,000 animals were sacrificed—and eaten.  The post Caligula #5 – Caligula’s Popularity appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
We all think we know something of the story of Caligula. We have a picture of him as a destructive monster, an insane sadist. But truth is rarely that simple. Let's take a look at the sources and their individual biases. And let's keep in mind that Caligula was Rome's first true emperor.  The post Caligula #4 – Monster or Misunderstood? appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
We continue and finish our live commentary on the 1979 epic film, CALIGULA. Picking up where we left off last week, Caligula is fisting the married couple and he doesn't even remove his ring. A dark and stormy night leads to night terrors, a super hot threesome between Caligula, his sister and Helen Mirren, a gratuitous but welcome sultry Italian lesbian scene, spinning plates, a Helen Mirren does Madonna dance scene, some torture, a horse in a bed, death, crazy, an orgy on a fake ship, and we close with brains being bashed out on the stairs. It's one helluva film.    The post Caligula #3 – The Movie (Part 3) appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
It's 48 CE. Messalina is dead. So now Claudius needs a new wife. There are several candidates, including Julia Agrippina, the daughter of Germanicus, making her Claudius' niece. Conveniently, her rich husband had recently died. She is also the mother of a young boy called Domitius Ahenobarbus - but who will soon change his name to Nero. The post Claudius #12 – Lips That Grip appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo - brother-in-law of Caligula - is sent by Claudius to Germany to deal with some rebellious tribes. But he's TOO successful, so Claudius calls him home. Messalina decides to get married again - while still married to Claudius. Surprisingly he isn't too happy about it when he finds out. So she has a date - with a sword. The post Claudius #11 – Deviant Behaviour appeared first on Life Of The Caesars.
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Top Clean

UK Virus Alert by John Cleese. (^^,)

Apr 25th
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Brad D

Did you remove the episodes from Life of Augustus. I could've sworn I was listening to it on this channel and then it just disappeared? If removed, do you know where I can listen to it?

Jan 28th
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Top Clean

Yes these 2 guys make history fun to learn. (^^,)

Jan 17th
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Ioana Azamfirei

vastatio= make desert, call it peace! :-D because peace, too, is in the eye of the beholder

Jun 24th

Ioana Azamfirei

fun fact:"Tata" is the word we use in Romanian for father . Also 'pull a Sulla' gets me giggling every time you guys say it... those sound like 2 words for the male member in Romanian. Yes, great general that he was, Sulla's name is a part of a dick joke in a romance language that's closest to Latin. Marius, on the other hand, is a respectable boy name. Funny how that "worked out".

Jun 16th

galactical thinker

Awesome show. I hope this at least goes up to the year of three emperors. If considering time jumping. please do Attetus and Attila the Hun.

May 2nd
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Joshua Reddick

omg! Cam PLZ STOP PLAYI G MUSIC AND SINGING ANLONG FOR OVER A MINUTE! I want info with a little fun, but the minute or 2 of your karaoke is unnecessary.

Oct 23rd

Jacob Bains

Is the dynamic duo planning to podcast Suetonius, with nor phallic comedy and Trump phillipic? :)

Aug 25th

Jacob Bains

Oh my goodness Ray and Cam, you have absolutely outdone yourself with the intro music to episode 98. I have always loved the (classic) sesame street pinball sequence. Thank you!

Jun 2nd

Alisdair Williams

No its not !? .. but it is very good :)

Jan 27th

Joe Yagama

listening to life of cisar is like watching the gladiator by russell crow

Oct 18th
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