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Creative Conversations

Author: David Fuller

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This is Creative Conversations, a podcast dedicated to inspiring creatives to get on with it by unpacking the processes used by productive creatives the world over.
8 Episodes
Join me for a chat with Aussie Trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis as we talk about living and playing in New York, facing and overcoming challenges, sexism, and of course... coffee!Nadje's journey is a fantastic insight into the mindset of a creative soul pursuing her art. A truly compelling conversation!
Join me for a chat with Newcastle based songwriter and performer, Heather Price.Referred to as a Rock Goddess by her husband Adam in a recent episode, we discover there is a great deal more to Heather than being an awesome rock bassist. We chat about music, writing and overcoming hurdles to pursue her passion.
In this week's episode I chat with Newcastle songwriter, musician and Hey Universe frontman, Adam Price.We talk about the creative process, the inspiration behind his songwriting and cheap whiskey amongst other things.
In this episode of Creative Conversations I chat with Florida based artist Gretchen Kish Serrano about her life and her art.We talk about what inspires her to paint and what her dreams are for the future. If you're a dog lover, then you will want to see her work!
In this episode I chat with my old friend Eugene Astuto about the creative world of eSports and putting together eSports events.
In this episode I chat with Kariné Poghosyan about her life as a classical pianist living in New York.We talk about her daily routine, practise habits, challenges overcome, and general outlook on being a high level musician. Oh, and she brought a cafe latte with her, I just forgot to ask!
Join me for a chat with Faustina Agolley as we talk about how she lives a creative life. There’s some bubbles, and the mandatory coffee!
Join me for us chat with Arkansas artist, Norword Creech, as we talk about her art, her creative process, and being an artist in the middle of nowhere! A mix of humour and wisdom with a splash of coffee!
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