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Join Bruce from Chubstr and Jody from Bear Skn for the Heavy Conversation podcast. Heavy Conversation discusses the issues many plus size people deal with every day. From finding clothes that fit, to dating, to the myth that fat people can’t be active – we’re taking on each topic and offering tips and solutions.
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This week, we're breaking out the fall beers! Listen in as we enjoy brews and introduce you to a new hangover-proof product and a few clothing brands you might not know about. H-Proof: ( ( Girlfriend Collective: ( Big Bud Press: ( Bruce's Beer: Schonramer Gold, Flensburger Dunkel, and Fruh Kolsch Jody's Beer: Atomic Pumpkin, Fresh Hop (level), pumpkin spice yeti, monkless scheppelkoffegan
Fall is almost here and it's time to think about what you're going to wear. The guys talk about how they're approaching their big & tall fall looks, what they're wearing and where they're getting it.   Beer this week:   Jody: Pale from the Crypt, by Liquid Gravity Brewing Company, San Luis Obispo, CA Bruce: Burst, by Mikkeller Brewing, San Diego, CA
The guys talk about what it's like getting back out into the world now that restrictions are loosening in most areas. We talk about the new Chubstr photo shoot for Fanatics, what's happening at Bear Skn, what we're watching and about the new Ivy Park Big & Tall collection.
In the last few weeks, two big men have publicly shared their stories about how the world looks at (or overlooks) them because of their size. We've been told for decades that being vulnerable and talking about emotional pain is a weakness. These guys push back against that. In this episode, Bruce and Jody discuss that changing dynamic.
Summer Style 2021

Summer Style 2021


Talking Big & Tall Summer Style   Summer is here and we're getting back out there into the world. What are you going to wear to get through the hottest season? We share our favorite brands and trends that you need to know about.   Bruce's Beer: Citrus Situation from Old Town Brewing Jody's Beer: Fresh Haze IPA from Deschutes Brewery
We're back from a month-long vacation just in time to celebrate 3 years of the Heavy Conversation Podcast. We're talking about what we did on our break, a new big & tall swimwear brand, and what's new from both Bear Skn and Chubstr.   Bruce's Beer: Deeply Unserious, Sasquatch Brewing Co. Jody's Beer: Rainbows & Unicorns, Breakside Brewery
Don't believe big & tall or plus size people are getting out there and living active lives? We're talking about a few of our favorite athletes, influencers, and accounts that spotlight people bucking the stereotypes that say big folks aren't getting out there and being active.
This week we're talking about getting the COVID vaccine, Jody's vacation extravaganza, and being made fun of for being a big guy on a bike. Listen in for this wide-ranging discussion!
There's a light at the end of the pandemic-laden trail, and in the somewhat near future, we're going to be able to get back out into the world again. This week, Bruce and Jody talk about the things they want to do post-pandemic.
Over the years, we've seen a lot of big and tall brands launch to great success. We've also seen more than a few crash and burn. Why do so many big & tall brands fail? This week, we talk about the reasons a lot of brands fail, and what up and coming brands need to avoid.   Beer Jody: Breathing Conversations - Finback Brewery Bruce: All Malt Premium Lager - Maccabee
If you're like us, you've been stuck in the house for the last 12 months and you're ready for a change. While we wait for vaccines to get out, consider taking a staycation! Bruce & Jody share staycation tips and ways you can have fun without going too far away from home.     stay local, go to hotel, air bnb - camping - good for your mental health
Recently, Jonah Hill was photographed drying off shirtless on the beach after surfing, and the photos made it into a UK paper. Hill responded with a smart, powerful response that shared his own path to self-love and positive body image. This week, we talk about the state of male body image in media, pop culture, and the world at large.
This week, we’re talking big and tall spring style trends. Find out what you need in your closet this spring.
We’re sharing the best date night ideas in this listener's favorite episode of Heavy Conversation. Whether you’re looking for ideas for a fun date night at home, or something creative outside, this list will offer a little inspiration.
We're looking back on listeners' favorite episode: Plus Size Sex Positions 101. Get our tips to help you make the most of sexy time! New episodes begin again next week.
Guess what? Plus-size people have sex! This week, we're talking about ways to spice up your sex life with the best toys for bigger people. Our list features products that can help you out, whether you're alone or with a partner.
Over the last year, Covid-19 has changed just about everything people are used to doing, even dating. This week, Bruce and Jody talk about what dating and hookups look like as people navigate their way through the pandemic.
This week, we're talking about the best big & tall clothes for winter. This season is different from most, but there are still some essentials you need to have in your closet. Find out what's on our list!
Joe Biden becomes the 46th president of the U.S. this week, but it's not time to forget about politics. How do we stay involved in politics without going crazy? Bruce and Jody share the ways they're doing it and a few ideas that could work for you.
With everything happening in the world today, it's no surprise that we're seeing an increase in depression and anxiety. This week, the guys share how they manage both of these things and talk about strategies that might just work for you.
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