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Kill it with Cancer

Author: Delirium TV

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Welcome to Kill it with cancer. If you are here it means you probably have at least a few too many chromosomes and have orbited the sun at least 18 times.

Kill it with cancer is a trash podcast produced by Delirium TV. It's uncensored offensive comedy and stories, hosted by a USN sailor , and two veterans (Airforce and Navy). Kill it with cancer explores stories and questions we all think about, while the hosts get wasted.

KIWC updates on each wednsday main episodes and relapses alternating.

Listener discretion is advised. Content is explicit and should not be played aloud in public nor into the ears of people who happen to be under the age of 18.

TL;DR: We are a bunch of assholes who make sounds into computers. Don't play aloud. Be an adult.

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Note: You can find our bonus season as "Kill it with cancer season 0"
80 Episodes
The End of KIWC

The End of KIWC


Thank you for sticking with us this long. Good bye.
Ciege, Lofam, Nevi. We had some issues, Nevi is pretty sick rn (got that beautiful corona strain) and some audio stuff happened so we are using the backups, basically the episode sounds like ass. Sorry about that. This episode is pure chaos. Enjoy. Sponsors:Proton VPN Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
Lofam, Nevi, and lemon. They do their thing. Not much else to say. Enjoy another installment of soberly challenged retards shitposting. Sponsors:Proton VPN Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
It’s just nevi lofam and ciege in this ep yet again, enjoy more drunk ass shitposting. Sponsors:Proton VPN Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
An old guest rejoins us today to discuss corona pokemon, and a plethora of related topics. Our music is the same, get over it cunt. Sponsors:Proton VPN Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR FAGGOTS. With that new year comes a new standard opening and a full new branding! Our artist has released new logos for this season. Our music is the same, get over it cunt. Sponsors:Proton VPN Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
The 2.5 hour end of year special, where the original trio gets together for the end of season 2! Don’t worry, the name is a joke, it’s not as bad as youtube rewind I promise. Merry christmas and happy new year, we’ll see you next year for season 3! Sponsors:Proton VPN Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
Relapse to 224 Sponsors:Proton VPN Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
The usual trio + Ciege, get together to shitpost about everything you can think about as they get lightly buzzed this episode. The title says it all. Enjoy, next episode is the Season finale. So prepare your fucking asshole for some stupid super drunk shenanigans. Sponsors:Proton VPN Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
The relapse to episode 23 of season 2. Enjoy. Ultimate power over a country, More fucking economics, and some talks on the trans dilemma. Music:OPZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
Nevi, Lofam, Ciege, and Our favorite crazy brother from Psycosmos Cos’m come in to talk about Evergreen 2 (syracuse boogaloo), Obamas horrible reign of terror, vinland saga (a rly fucking great anime) and much much more! Music:OP ZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
The Cos’m brothers join us from Psycosmos, Kermit and Cos’m, To shitpost about Popeyes, how many people in the world like dick, Monster house, Buffy the vampire slayer, and many many more! Welcome to kill it with cancer. Now get the hell out. Music:OP ZoeyDanStrawberry StationChance
Nevi, shuzo, and lofam get together to talk about their autistic childhoods. I apologize for some of the vocal warps, I tried to keep them to a minimum but we were way to drunk to record ourselves so we used the backup system which has a few minor glitches. So Nevi and Shuzos audio sometimes […]
Relapse to episode 221. 40 minutes of autismo maxima from the mouths of four idiots. Music:OPZoeyDan Mason
Nevi shuzo creeps and lofam get together for another fantastic trash episode, with topics such as:FF& and loot boxes, China and Blizzard as well as other chinese economics, Facebook and lizardboy zuckerberg. Music:OPZoeyDan Mason
A 1.45 hour special with a brand new opening by spastic gamer (it’s trash just skip to 24 seconds) for the rest of season 2. We talk about Petersons stint in rehab thanks to the ridiculous amounts of stress he’s going through, Islam is right about women (except you anon), a huge segway on humans, […]
The final 20 minutes of the 219 podcast. We didn’t wanna leave all this out but it didn’t fit in the relapse or the episode. enjoy. Don’t forget you can use the website to get other info like our sources, our subscribe star and other stupid shit. Just go to it fuckers. It’s adless […]
Gen 5 info and stories from Lofam talkin about, a community of bronies and light alcoholics that went through some crazy times in the past. The stories told are in the past and do not happen anymore but their time at the convention is undoubtedly fucking hilarious. We apologize for the issues with lofams […]
Nevi, Lofam, Shuzo, and a spic get together to have a grand old time talking about Vile shlomo, and presidents. Don’t forget you can use the website to get other info like our sources, our subscribe star and other stupid shit. Just go to it fuckers. It’s adless anyway. Music:ZoeyDan Mason
S2E18 relapse. We apologize for the minor hiccups(voice warbles, pitch changes, ticks, cutouts, and other stuff). In the past couple recordings. We’ve figured out the problem and cannot fix it, we have to wait for it to be fixed. We’ve been having troubles with our recording system and will be going back to our old […]
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