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Online Business FM: Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, SEO & Blogging Podcast

Online Business FM: Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, SEO & Blogging Podcast

Author: Louie Luc

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I'm Louie, the founder of the Income Prodigy blog, and also an online entrepreneur, internet marketer, SEO, growth hacker and blogger.

I challenge myself to continuously learn every day by testing out and experimenting different online business models and ideas, digital marketing strategies, SEO tactics, blogging techniques, growth hacks and, even, success principles and personal development activities (be them emerging and recent or already proven, battle-tested ones) and publicly document my progress (including mistakes, blunders or miscalculations) so that you can learn from my successes as well as from my failures.

Rather than just TELL you about my achievements, I actually want to SHOW you how YOU, too, can succeed in the online world.

That's the mission and goal for this podcast!

Follow my case studies and experiments or, simply, my overall day-to-day journey as I share my experience creating, growing and monetizing my Amazon/affiliate niche and authority sites, blogs and podcasts.

Learn from/with me as I talk about the online business and internet marketing approaches, books and tools I use to try and achieve success and automate growth in my web-based businesses, drive traffic to my sites through search engine optimization or other sources, create engaging and helpful content, build links to my articles and rank them high in the search engines, get mailing list subscribers and social media followers and, in the end, turn visitors into customers.

Improve yourself as I discuss topics such as entrepreneurship, personal development, motivation, mindset, psychology and overcoming difficulties -- those crucial factors in every entrepreneur's path toward a more successful, enjoyable, happy business and life with the freedom, time and control you've been aiming for.

Subscribe for free and listen to this show right now, start taking action immediately and let's find out TOGETHER how we can make it online! One last thing: just remember... YOU GOT THIS!
23 Episodes
Back in Episode 19 of this show, I listed 9 tips on how to choose the perfect domain name for SEO. The thing is: Choosing the right domain name from the start is important for a number of reasons. The most important of which is not being forced to change it later on due to something you forgot to check or pay attention to. Just imagine all the work, time and money if you had to. That's why, in this session of the OBFM podcast, I address the 6 mistakes people usually make when they set out to buy a domain name. And I also share the steps you need to take and tests you need to run to avoid making them. You can find the show notes page for this session at
One of the best ways to stop procrastination, maintain focus and boost your productivity is a very popular time-management method called "The Pomodoro Technique". Say you have an important task to complete in your 9-5 job, a paper for school, or content you need to write for your blog or freelance gig. Or you need to work on your website design or build links to your niche or authority website... You have tons of urgent items on your to-do list but every time you go determined to do them you instead wind up procrastinating and fail to complete them. Enough is enough! Let's change this now, once and for all! In Episode 22 of the Online Business FM podcast, I talk about the Pomodoro Technique, a powerful focus and productivity hack that you can start using immediately to stop procrastinating and finally get some work done! What You'll Learn: My story of how unproductive I was and the solution I found to fix that. How to stop procrastination and become more disciplined, focused and productive. What the Pomodoro Technique is. How it works. When you should use it. How to get the most out of your pomodoro sessions. Best free Pomodoro Technique timers and focus and productivity apps and software. You can find the show notes page for this session at  
An effective strategy for getting started at anything, sticking with it and finally accomplishing your life goals
Learn some of the most important characteristics that the World's most renowned high achievers share among themselves so that YOU too can reach great success both in business and in life.
I'll be sharing 9 tips on choose the perfect domain name for SEO for whatever it is you're building online, be it an online presence, your online business, an affiliate niche site or an authority website. You can even use these tips for choosing your brand name, rather than just a domain or site name. Hopefully you will want to match your brand name with your domain name.
In this episode of the OBFM podcast, I'm bringing to the table a really, really crucial topic. In fact, it's of such monumental importance that it ends up setting apart those who are moving toward success from those who are traveling in the very opposite direction, toward failure. This is a critical distinction that you have to be aware of prior to anything else, even before actually having a business idea that you'd like to pursue. I'm talking about the subtle but huge difference between the meaning behind the expressions "making money online" and "earning money on the Internet". That being said, you'd better give this a listen, if you're really aiming for success!
Have you ever felt like you're not doing enough, not working as much or as hard as you should to push your freelance gig or online business further? You're not alone. It happens to me and to just about everyone, all the time. I wouldn't call it a solution, per se, but, in this episode I have a challenge that might help you for, at least, a period of time in actually getting stuff done and getting closer to meeting your goals. If you're looking to become more productive and focused, you should listen in and then give The 30-Day Productivity Challenge a try. It can very well be a game changer for you. WARNING: This challenge can result in permanent beneficial effects on you and your business.
Finding your perfect niche can be tough. There's a lot to consider, you don't even know where, let alone how to start. The niche-finding formula I've devised will ease that out for you and finally show you how to find a profitable niche in just three straightforward steps. What you’ll learn: The importance of choosing the right niche. 6 easy methods of brainstorming for niche ideas. Which markets are the most profitable ones. How to gauge your niche’s potential profitability. And, A lot more. Go for it! Hit 'Play' now! Here's this episode's show notes pages link:
If you're new to affiliate marketing and / or SEO, you’ve probably already asked yourself: What is a niche website? Err... What is a niche, really? Those are common doubts but they can be easily cleared out in a few minutes. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing in this episode. I'll also explain you why it’s so important for your website to have a very specific focus and teach you how to find a niche and how to build a successful niche site. Furthermore, I'll give you some niche website ideas and examples, tell you some success stories and much more! What you’ll learn: What a niche website is The internet marketing version of niche markets The importance of having a very specific focus for your website How to niche down How to choose a niche for your website How to build a successful niche website Reasons why you should or shouldn’t build a niche site Some niche website ideas and a few real-life success stories Niche site examples Niche site types and sizes What are you waiting for? Hit 'Play' already! Here's the show notes pages link:
Building an affiliate website is probably the easiest online business model you can get yourself into. It’s super low risk and the returns can be exponential. The thing is, more often than not, building a niche site to the point it reaches success and makes you a ton of money in affiliate commissions, might not be as straightforward as you’d like. In this episode of the Online Business FM podcast -- Episode 14 --, I’ll be sharing everything about my public niche site project case study that I started a few years ago. From when I began building my own Amazon affiliate niche website to how long it took me to earn a full-time income from it, from what followed my seemingly quick success to my failures, from the lessons I learned and the strategies I tried to what I have planned for the coming future. I’ll finish this session of the OBFM show with an exciting announcement that you won’t want to miss out on.
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