DiscoverOnline Business FM: Online Business, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking & Blogging
Online Business FM: Online Business, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking & Blogging
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Online Business FM: Online Business, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking & Blogging

Author: louie [at] incomeprodigy [dot] com (louie [at] incomeprodigy [dot] com)

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I'm Louie, an entrepreneur, internet marketer and blogger. I challenge myself to experiment new online business ideas, marketing strategies and growth hacks and publicly document my progress (including failures) so you can learn from both my successes and mistakes. Rather than just TELL you about my results, I want to SHOW you how you can make it in the online world too. That's the mission and goal for this podcast! Subscribe for free today and start taking action now!
13 Episodes
OBFM 8: How to Create and Sell Information Products & Make Money Online [Top Passive Income Online Business Models & How They Work - Part 5]
In Episode 8 of the Online Business FM podcast, we talk about how to create and make money online selling information products and how to go about building online businesses around those kinds of products. It does seem hard and somehow daunting (especially to someone with little to no experience) to transition from doing affiliate marketing, being monetized via Google AdSense or getting sponsored into this huge step where you’re actually building out and marketing your own products. Nevertheless, as you’ll listen in this episode, everything can be much less overwhelming than you think. Plus, there are tons of opportunities out there that may very well be in your ballpark and these types business models might open the doors to your desired financial freedom. I’ll be addressing the specific types of products and the passive-income online business models that you can build around your own information products that you’ll be creating and selling online. What You’ll Learn: eBooks: What to write about and how to publish & sell your own eBooks. Online Courses: Which tools/platforms to use & how create, improve, promote & sell. Recurring Revenue: How to generate recurring revenue. Membership Websites: Things to bear in mind, tools/platforms, building & running a community. Software: How to create a software product & types of software businesses. Productized Services: How to turn your freelancing gig into a productized service gaining you freedom and flexibility.
OBFM 4: Top Passive Income Online Business Models & How They Work [Part 1]
Episode 4 of the "Online Business FM" podcast is the first of a four-part series of episodes where the focus is on the top online business models that pave the way for passive income opportunities. In this series, I'll tell you how these online business models work, how they can benefit you and who's the best type of person for each one the discussed passive income types. Session #4 of the OBFM show starts the series by addressing the two different approaches you can put into use to structure and prepare for any of your chosen types of passive-income online business models. This episode will answer: Which are the two main approaches to starting a passive income online business? Which of them are best for you at this stage of your entrepreneurial career? What is the best, easiest and fastest way to start earning passive income? How can you make use of your audience online to make money? Howcan you make money online without an already existent audience? Why you should always have your own website? How to build a website for your business? And, Much more! I believe this series of episodes will be very important for every reader, listener or follower of the "Online Business FM" podcast and together these episodes will become the most listened ones. Why? Because they are of high quality and share so much insight and knowledge. Don't wait any longer, click "Play" and get ready to find ways to earn a passive income and build a successful business online!
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