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In 2020 China’s pharmaceutical market passed an important milestone, a Deloitte report cited that China was expected to grow its pharmaceutical market volume by 2020 to $220 billion (USD) becoming the second largest market behind the US. The commercial potential is huge, so what do we know about the orphan drug (OD) potential in China? Fisentzos Stylianou discusses China’s healthcare system, key challenges for OD manufacturers, Spinraza’s commercialisation journey in China, and incentives available to OD manufacturers in China. Reference: Presenter: Aparna Krishnan, Partner – Global Operations Contributor: Fisentzos Stylianou, Analyst Producer: Operations team
Over the last few years, the Middle East has piqued the interest of orphan drug manufacturers, and some have prioritised launching in this region before European markets. Akshay Kumar and Lavni Varyani discuss what is driving this behaviour, the orphan drug infrastructure within the region, and opportunities, barriers, and key considerations for manufacturers aiming to launch in the Middle East. Presenter: Akshay Kumar, Partner, P4A Contributor: Lavni Varyani, Founder, Pharma Business Partners Producer: Operations team
For this Rare Disease Day episode, Janet and Nick discuss a range of topics associated with the rare disease community and patient advocacy. They address new-born screening, patient registries, the UK rare disease framework, the NICE methods review and much more! Presenter: Georgie Rack, Communication Executive Contributors: Janet Bloor, CEO of Duchenne Nexus Advocacy (DNA) and Nick Meade, Director of Policy and Joint Interim Chief Executive of Genetic Alliance UK Producer: Operations team
Lots of anticipated changes are expected in the orphan drug, cell and gene therapy space and 2022 is going to be an exciting year. Listen to our latest podcast on the top trends in drug development, HTA and pricing from Akshay Kumar and Andrea Bernardini to help you navigate the year ahead. Presenter: Georgie Rack Speakers: Akshay Kumar & Andrea Bernardini Produced by: Ops team
Sophie Schmitz and Joanna Fernandes discuss bluebird bio’s innovative gene therapy Zynteglo and its withdrawal from the European market. Sophie and Joanna will be looking at the fall of Zynteglo from two sides: from a company perspective and from the perspective of the EU environment. Presenter: Georgie Rack, Communication Executive Contributors: Sophie Schmitz, Managing Partner and Joanna Fernandes, Senior Consultant Producer: Operations team
On Rare Disease Day, P4A discusses the role of policy-makers in the healthcare system and specifically, the issues surrounding cross-border healthcare as part of its '6P' campaign.    This directive is a key cornerstone legislation by EU officials that enables patients to find treatment in healthcare facilities outside their home country. However, there are several challenges associated with it.  Presenter: Christina Poschen Contributor: Dr Andrzej Rys, Director - Health Systems and Products Producer: Aparna Krishnan
In another special edition episode dedicated to the '6P' campaign to mark Rare Disease Day, the Weekly RoundUp team discusses the pharmaceutical perspective on partnerships in the rare disease space.   Presenter: Max Rex Contributor: Jan-Willem Schmitz, General Manager for Nordics and Baltics, Sanofi Genzyme Producer: Aparna Krishnan
 Throughout February, Partners4Access is running a campaign to mark the annual Rare Disease Day on February 28. The '6P' campaign is aimed at creating awareness on the impact of rare diseases on key stakeholders and the need for partnership to achieve successful treatment access for patients. The 6Ps are Partnership, Patient, Policy-maker, Physician, Pharma and Payer. This week we focus on the payer who are decision-makers assessing the value of a product in the healthcare system.   Presenter and Producer: Aparna Krishnan Contributor: Einar Andreassen, senior advisor at the Norwegian Medicines Agency. Einar is a health technology assessment analyst and reimbursement decision maker for the national insurance scheme in Norway.  
Throughout February 2019, the P4A team are hosting a series of special edition podcast episodes to mark Rare Disease Day. The initiative is part of a new 6P campaign aimed at promoting awareness about rare disease challenges and its impact on people and society. The 6Ps are Partnership, Policy-maker, Payer, Pharma, Physician and Patient. Our message: 6Ps are essential to successfully serve the rare disease community and achieve access to medicines. This week, we discuss the first P – Partnership. The team reflects on the meaning of partnership in the rare disease context and what it can achieve through examples of different types of collaborations. From patient and clinical experts influencing HTA decisions; key stakeholders coming together for the Hercules Project to a collaboration between US based ICER, Canada's CADTH and UK's NICE. Presenter: Aparna Krishnan Contributors: Sophie Schmitz, Christina Poschen, Max Rex, Joanna Fernandes, Nader Murad and Jack Rawson
 This week we are looking at the USFDA’s proposed plans to address the expected rise in cell and gene therapy product applications and a significant development in a new controversial procedure called gene drive. Also,  P4A is starting a new campaign that will run throughout February to mark Rare Disease Day.  The '6P'  campaign is aimed at creating awareness on the impact of rare diseases on key stakeholders and the need for partnership to achieve successful treatment access for patients. The 6Ps are Partnership, Patient, Policy-maker, Physician, Pharma and Payer. P4A will roll out a series of podcast episodes featuring thought leaders representing these stakeholders. So make sure you listen in! Presenter: Joanna Fernandes Contributors: Nader Murad and Sophie Schmitz Producer: Aparna Krishnan
This week, the P4A team discusses the Louisiana Medicaid program implementing the 'Netflix' subscription model to pay for hepatitis C drugs and the potential Brexit options facing the UK government.  Presenter: Joanna Fernandes Contributor: Max Rex Producer: Aparna Krishnan
Happy New Year to Weekly Roundup listeners! 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the healthcare and biotechnology industry. We are only a couple of weeks in and already news developments are buzzing on the regulatory and corporate front. So for this week's episode, we start by discussing the recent wave of  mergers and acquisition deals announced by Big Pharma namely, Eli Lilly and Loxo; BMS and Celgene as well as GSK and Tesaro. Also, the P4A team look at the implications of the current US government shutdown on the FDA and the agency's initiative on assessments for innovative drugs.  Presenter : Max Rex Contributor : Joanna Fernandes Producer: Aparna Krishnan
In the last episode of 2018, the P4A team look back at the events of the year and particularly on how their predictions on key trends in the rare disease space have fared. Presenter: Aparna Krishnan Contributors: Mergers and acquisitions - Sophie Schmitz Rare oncology drug approvals - Joanna Fernandes Future of new technologies like gene therapies - Christina Poschen Increasing prominence of societal burden data - Nader Murad Emphasis on planning Real World Evidence - Aparna Krishnan U.S drug prices - Max Rex The Weekly RoundUp team will be back in the new year.
This week, the team discuss Novartis' AVXS-101 FDA application; the UK regulators' promise to review its HTA system under a new voluntary pricing and access scheme and clinical trial updates from bluebirdbio’s gene therapy LentiGlobin. Presenter: Joanna Fernandes Contributor: Aparna Krishnan
This week's episode looks at the proposed rules by the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in a bid to reduce drug prices and improve e-prescribing and the OECD's new report on access to medicines. Presenter: Aparna Krishnan Contributor: Jack Rawson
The P4A team discuss the latest update on Brexit and its implication on life science companies; Novartis' CAR-T therapy commercialization efforts and the Hercules Project, a unique initiative supporting new drug reimbursements in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Presenter: Aparna Krishnan Contributors: Joanna Fernandes and Sophie Schmitz
In the second part of our World Orphan Drug Congress special, P4A's Sophie Schmitz speaks to Diane Kleinermans, adviser to the Belgian Federal Government on the origins and future of the Beneluxa initiative. Presenter: Aparna Krishnan Contributors: Sophie Schmitz, Managing Partner, P4A and Diane Kleinermans, Adviser to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Belgium
The team analyze the new Medicare drug pricing plan unveiled by the Trump administration and the prospects of Vertex's cystic fibrosis drug Symkevi which gained EU approval recently. Presenter: Aparna Krishnan Contributors: Max Rex and Jack Rawson
This week, we look at Biogen's spinal muscular atrophy drug Spinraza's prospects in the face of emerging competition and the latest Brexit update providing recommendations on areas to prepare for as deadline for UK's exit looms. Presenter: Aparna Krishnan Contributor: Joanna Fernandes
This week, the P4A team analyse the new regulations surrounding health technology assessments in Europe and US-based CAR-T start-up Allogene Therapeutic's record-breaking initial public offering. Presenter: Max Rex Contributor: Christina Poschen, Consultant, P4A
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