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Welcome to the All For the One Podcast, presented by First Christian Church (located in Canton, Ohio). This podcast features stories and conversations about life, Jesus, and what happens when they come together. FCC exists to help people find hope, experience community, and live with purpose as we reach out with unconditional love to all people and lead them to be all in disciples of Jesus. To learn more, visit
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In this special bonus preview episode, meet All For The One Podcast Co-Hosts Tracy Yantzer and Kyle Reed. Not only are they part of the podcast team, but they are part of the First Christian Church staff team and we know you'll love getting to know them a bit better before the podcast officially launches in September!The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio.To learn more about FCC or get connected, visit #JesusForAllPe...
The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio.To learn more about FCC or get connected, visit #JesusForAllPeople
In this special episode of the Jesus for All People podcast, FCC's Lead Pastor, Ryan Rasmussen, sits down with Pastor Walter Moss and Christopher Lynch for a roundtable discussion on racism, injustice, and how followers of Jesus can and should respond to current events with love, understanding, and empathy. Our vision is to be a church where Jesus is for all people. For us, this conversation is a challenge to be a community that reflects the call in Micah 6:8, to “do justice, love mercy, and ...
All For The One

All For The One


This month Ryan tries to keep the gang on track as conversation goes a little bit everywhere. Eventually significant chat ensues about evangelism. Also, Shawn Maurer, FCC’s Next Steps Pastor, joins the round table and Ryan interviews Petie Kinder from Traders Point Christian Church about multisite church.
Change is Coming!

Change is Coming!


In episode eight Ryan and Jimmy give a quick update on all the change coming to FIrst Christian this fall. Big vision casts, upcoming building renovations, new team members, and more! Ryan also sits down with Seth Heller, FCC’s new Worship Arts Pastor, for a little “getting to know”.
Admit it, life can feel a little heavy at times, can’t it? This month Ryan, Jimmy, Silent Davis, and Leah talk about how laughter really is the best medicine... and things get a little, uh, funny. Also, Ryan sits down with comedian Jonnie W to talk about the craft that is stand up.
Better late than never! This month’s episode comes in right at the buzzer with an all dude round table. Things get especially crazy as Ryan’s dad joins in on the fun. Ryan apologizes to Jimmy for being bad at softball, the guys share sex talk stories, and Scott Nickell, teaching pastor at Southland Christian Church, gives insight on what it means to be a man chasing after God. Happy belated Fathers Day!
It Takes A Village Q&A

It Takes A Village Q&A


The gang is back and joined at the round table by the infamous Kyle Reed, FCC’s wildest new staff member! Also, Ryan takes some time to answer submitted questions on the subject of family.
In honor of our upcoming Disability Ministry Sunday the gang is joined by FCC’s Disability Ministry Pastor, George White. Also along for the ride are First Christian Day Service superstars Al & Joey!! If there’s one thing we can all agree on after this episode it’s that no one deserves to get dumped on Taco Tuesday.
Have you ever struggled with discerning God’s call for your life? Should you take the job or not? Should you move your family or stay put? Our good friend, Brad Hammond, joins us to talk “calling” and drop some knowledge.Also, we promise we do thorough background checks when hiring staff but Monica Peters, FCC’s Pre-Teen Coordinator, might cause you to question that as she joins the round table. Get woke, y’all!
It might be cold outside but this episode is HOT like fire! FCC Student Pastor, Bryan Shelley, joins the round table and confesses his undying love for Cincinnati. Also, Ryan admits to stealing merch from a conference he once spoke at.Last but not least, Jason Lantz, Vision Leader at RiverTree Christian Church, offers honest leadership insight. In 2017 Jason was listed as one of the Top 20 Leaders Under 40 by About Stark Magazine and is the founder of the One Church Movement, which seeks to m...
It's A New Year!

It's A New Year!


Coming at you FRESH in 2019, the gang talks resolutions and Jimmy admits to cramping up while eating cereal. Also, Ryan sits down with Paula Williams, a transgender person who shares her journey with us. This episode is so FRESH we can’t handle it!
The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio!We have officially crossed the halfway point of the year. One of the biggest celebrations so far this year is the opportunity we've had to send teams out on mission trips. This month on the podcast, among other things: 5:34 - Bradley Clark joins us for the first time to talk about global missions and a recent trip to Honduras, and to share his thoughts on which of our podcast hosts has the best odds of sur...
The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio!Summer is here! This month on the podcast: 5:40 - co-host Tracy challenges us right off the bat with a deep theological question that we're willing to bet you've never considered before;8:33 - hear from Maiharriese Wooden ( Community Engagement Director) about some amazing doors God has opened for FCC to impact our community, and find out why she lost all respect for Jimmy after he made a statement that se...
For more information, visit firstchristian.comFind past sermons online at and subscribe to the FCC Sermon Podcast at
The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio!In this month's episode, we change things up a bit by introducing a conversation that Pastor Jimmy had with two good friends who are also part of the First Christian Church Family. Clarence Hogan and Maiharriese Wooden are members of the FCC staff team who also happen to be people-of-color. In this episode, we get to listen in on a conversation about the role and responsibility of the church in the area of raci...
The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio!Happy New Year! This month on the podcast, join Kyle, Tracy, and Jimmy as they discuss how you can create rhythms in your life that will have a lasting impact in a healthy and positive direction. Let's face it - even with the best of intentions, most resolutions are destined to fail. But there are a few keys to success that will have you on the way to creating goals and establishing habits in your life that wil...
The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio!November is here, officially ushering in the holiday season with arguably the best holiday of all - Thanksgiving! This month on the podcast, get to know FCC's Worship Pastor, Seth Heller, as we talk Thanksgiving traditions and share a few highlights of some exciting things that are just ahead this month at FCC.To catch up on the most recent sermon or hear past teachings from our pastors, check out www.firstchri...
The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio!Each October, the Halloween season presents us with a unique opportunity: it's the only time of year when perfect strangers from all over your neighborhood will literally come right to your door and knock. This month on the podcast, we talk about a few simple ways to make the most of this season to connect with people, build relationships, offer encouragement, and even share your faith!On this month's episode:1...
The All For The One Podcast is presented by First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio!For a follower of Jesus, sharing your faith may be something you know you're supposed to do, but that still doesn't make it easy. Inviting someone to church or trying to start a conversation about Jesus can be awkward and intimidating, but it doesn't have to be.On this month's episode (the first official episode of the All For The One Podcast!):Kyle, Tracy, and Jimmy offer some advice and discuss some easy ways...
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does a multi site mean I wont have the same pastor? and will it still provide transportation? I want to be an assest

Oct 16th
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