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Author: Dave Spencer

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Pragmatism is Patriotism. The goal of Practically Political is to engage and motivate citizens who are fact- and issue-oriented, invite conversation, respect differences of opinion, believe in compromise and put sound policy before partisanship. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, if your bottom line is to get our government working again to serve the best interests of all Americans, then please join us in making our voices heard. This is not the time to give into hopelessness, anger or despair; it’s a critical opportunity to redefine what democracy really means.
44 Episodes
Does Biden Care About Domestic Energy? Can the Republicans Move Beyond Trump? Should Silicon Valley Bank Been Bailed Out? What is the Republicans' Foreign Policy?
In this episode, Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield discuss: Should TikTok be banned in the US? Republicans supporting Trump if they aren't the nominee. Are Big Cities Getting Safer? Does Fox News have any credibility left?
The Chinese ‘Weather Balloon”?The State of the Union - VotingPlaying Chicken with the Debt LimitResponse to State of The Union
End Game for Putin in Ukraine?Where is the Line on Classified Documents?Should Father’s Pay Child Support for Unborn Children?Will Congress Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling?
In this episode, Carrie and Dave dig into: What’s the Agenda for the New Congress? - Who Should Run Twitter? - Apples and Oranges - Biden & Trump - Associated Press Limiting Abortion Language
2022 In Review

2022 In Review


Dave and Carrie dig into 2022 and look forward to 2023 and the big issues approaching.
Topics covered in this episode:1. Advice for GOP after Midterms2. Is the Hunter Biden Scandal Impeachable for Joe Biden?3. How Does the GOP Move on from Trump?4. The GOP and Unions
In this episode, Dave and Carrie get into:1. Abortion Pills Brought through Mexico2. After the Midterms, Move on from Trump?3. Is ‘ESG’ a Fraud?4. What’s the Strategy for the GOP Controlled House?
In this episode Dave and Carrie discuss:1. Overview of 2022 Midterms2. Will Herschel Walker Win in Georgia?3. No Rewards for Mediocre Performance4. Economic Policies to Combat Inflation
In this episode Dave and Carrie get into Oz/Fetterman and Walker/Warnock, raising the debt limit ceiling, total gridlock if Dems lose House but keep the White House, and what policies are GOP candidates pushing, if any?
Pennsylvania Senate Race: Fetterman vs Oz • Upcoming Supreme Court Rulings • OPEC Cutting Oil Production • Where is Rock Bottom for Trump?Watch us on YouTube
In this episode, Carrie and Dave dig in on several topics in the news these days: Border security and the Fentanyl Crisis, Biden's handling of the Ukraine, making sense of nonexistent Republican policies, and is it finally time for Republicans to move on from Trump?
In this episode, Carrie and Dave discuss Biden passing legislation despite a low approval rating, the GOP attacking the FBI despite standing for “Law & Order”, finding better political candidates, and the backlash to the IRS funding.Follow Practically Political on social media to watch the video of all episodes:TwitterFacebookInstagram
In this episode, Carrie and Dave discuss ESG - Environmental, Social, & Governance, share their midterm predictions, tackle media bias and the technical definition of a recession, and ponder whether President Biden should proceed with reelection in 2024.Follow Practically Political on social media to watch the video of all episodes:TwitterFacebookInstagram
In this episode, Dave and Carrie discuss, corporate welfare through subsidies, rumors of Donald Trump announcing his presidential candidacy 2024, a solution to cancel culture, and if we're at a point where people will break from party and not endorse bad candidates.
In this episode, Carrie and Dave discuss some hot issues: They examine California's stimulus to help with inflation, the fallout from the January 6th Commission in the midterm elections, the legacy of Joe Biden's presidency, and exceptions for abortions.
Why is the left proliferating the narrative that the USA is a racist country? Should Trump be criminally charged for January 6th? Never admitting mistakes continues the demise of the GOP Is a recession not inevitable?
In this episode Carrie and Dave touch on: Whether the Dems should swap out Biden, should Roe v. Wade be overturned, is the current inflation transitory, and whether or not personality disorders should impact one's ability to run for office.
Questions/Topics in this episode of Practically Political: Washington Post outs owner of ‘Libs of TikTok’ account. Why are Republicans choosing power over party? Why does the Media cover for Liberals? At what point is a candidate so bad that they lose party support?
1. Are we still in a pandemic? Should our policies reflect that answer? 2. Should the Trump and the GOP be held accountable for loyalty to Putin? 3. Janice Rogers Brown and Joe Biden 4. Is Herschel Walker over the line as a candidate?
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