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The Podcast dedicated to dog behaviour, dog training and all things dog! Force-free focused and hosted by Renée Erdman, CTC, DipCBST, ACDBC of Support this podcast:
49 Episodes
Over the next two episodes I go over some of the most important and crucial information I think will promote a healthy and happy relationship with your dog. --- Support this podcast:
Daily stressors are normal and a part of everyday life. However, this can impact your dogs' behaviour significantly. Reducing stress levels will positively impact your dogs health and well-being.  We discuss how to identify stress, common stressors and how to reduce overall stress in your dogs' life. --- Support this podcast:
Curtis from is located in Philadelphia, PA. He is a positive reinforcement dog trainer and business owner and faces challenges that many of us will never know. The R+ dog training industry is not very diverse at this time (which needs to change). We discuss the racism he has faced, and continues to face, and he shares some insightful information for not only dog professionals but the community at large. How can we make lasting change?  Tune in to find out... --- Support this podcast:
Ragini joins us from Surat, Gujarat! We talk about how Covid19 has affected the streets dogs in her area, how street dogs live and her thoughts on how to help them without displacing them.  Ragini is a certified dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement and there are not many where she lives.  You can find her at @justpawsible on Instagram where she shares videos of her interactions with street dogs and how she strives to help them. --- Support this podcast:
Sometimes we just don't understand why our dog isn't responding to certain things we are attempting to teach? Do you want to become a better teacher for your dog? Of course you!  In this episode I'm going over some of the things that may be holding your training back or you may have hit a plateau. If you want to understand the learning process a bit better than listen up. --- Support this podcast:
You may have been advised to not give your dog "human food" or they will beg. Perhaps you were told not to allow digging or it will encourage more of that? My thoughts on how deprivation can potentially cause behaviour problems you haven't thought of... --- Support this podcast:
Erika from joins us again to discuss ”nothing in life is free”, the concepts of control regarding behavior and how it affects the relationships we have with our companion animals. --- Support this podcast:
Social Expectations

Social Expectations


What’s realistic to expect from our dogs in terms of social interactions with other dogs? Michelle MeGill @trainwithunderdogs chats with me on this episode. --- Support this podcast:
I know you’re excited. I would be too! But, keep these things in mind post-adoption... --- Support this podcast:
Kelsey @kelseymcdogtrainer shares some insight into her journey with her dog Sadie who suffers from dog reactivity. The ups, the downs and everything in between. --- Support this podcast:
... you need to listen to this episode. Sarah Turner is a Fear Free Certified groomer. She discusses the ins and outs and what goes on behind the scenes when your dog goes for grooming. You may be surprised. --- Support this podcast:
Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding


We don’t like it when our dogs resource guard but it’s actually completely normal. We discuss the types, what to do and what not to do and when it’s serious. --- Support this podcast:
Is there a 100 percent guarantee my dog will come back to me? I give you my training tips to bet a better recall. • Sign up for our free body language course at and don’t forget use BRAVO15 at for your 15 percent off discount! --- Support this podcast:
Not sure about whether dog park are for you? We talk about what to look for and whether your dog is a good candidate! • take 15% off your order at use BRAVO15 at check out! --- Support this podcast:
Behaviour Band-Aids

Behaviour Band-Aids


Why suppressing undesirable behaviour often backfires.  --- Support this podcast:
Sébastien Larabée, CPDT-KA, co-owns and has been working as a dog trainer and behaviour consultant for approximately 8 years. He was not always using modern, reward-based methods. Originally he was trained to use methods that were unpleasant to the dogs he worked with but made a conscious decision to change and evolve. How did he get to that point? What are the challenges of making those changes? --- Support this podcast:
Julia Naismith of joins us to talk about separation anxiety. Is this behaviour caused by the owner? Are you doing something wrong?  Join us! --- Support this podcast:
The holidays are a busy and fun time for most of us, but is it so for our pets? A few tips to keep incidents to a minimum --- Support this podcast:
Lori Nanan chats with me about her evolution in the dog training world, her cool courses and everything in between! --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we discuss whether it’s possible for puppies, or any dog for that matter, to be considered a blank slate. is live. Use code LAUNCH2019 for 20% off for a limited time --- Support this podcast:
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