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The Podcast dedicated to dog behaviour, dog training and all things dog! Force-free focused and hosted by Renée Erdman, CTC, DipCBST, ACDBC of and

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71 Episodes
Losing a pet can be the most gut-wrenching and impactful things to happen. How do we cope with the loss?  Dr Katie Lawlor is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in this area. We hope this discussion brings you some clarity. You can find her at and --- Support this podcast:
Meet Your Dog!

Meet Your Dog!


Author and canine behavior consultant Kim Brophey discusses the ins and outs of what we should be thinking about when we are working with and living with the dogs we know and love. There is so much more than meets the eye and it's NOT all in how they are raised!  She is located in Asheville, North Carolina and you can find more information about her here. --- Support this podcast:
Dr LinLin PhD, CPDT-KA joins us to discuss her experience with online hate and racism in addition to her experiences in person with clients. This conversation was eye opening and one that I think everyone should take the time to listen to. You can find LinLin on Instagram  And on Tik Tok  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I'm discussing my thoughts on anthropomorphizing or humanizing our pets. Is it "good" or "bad"? You'll have to listen in to find out! ***** Leave us a 5 Star review on Apple Podcasts so I can continue to provide free, relevant dog behavior information --- Support this podcast:
THANK YOU FOR OVER 200,000 DOWNLOADS! We talk to Laura Nativo of Nativo Pet Family and Don Hutton of Running Dogs TO about Dog Training on TV. What should viewers be looking for?  Should the public be taking the advice given on tv verbatim?  ******** We'd love your stamp of approval with a 5 Star Review on Apple Podcasts! Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook --- Support this podcast:
Canine Body Language

Canine Body Language


Often times humans misconstrue what our dogs are trying to tell us, or we don't recognize subtle body language indicating discomfort and stress. The great thing about understanding this more is that we can then prevent escalations, we can improve the quality of our dogs' lives and we can prevent more dog bite incidents.  Lili Chins Doggie Body Language Book Free Body Language Course --- Support this podcast:
Vanessa Charbonneau of is a certified trainer and author of the book Dog Care for Puppies (available from Chapters-Indigo, Amazon and online retailers).  We discuss what we have been seeing since Covid-19 has seen an increase in people bringing home puppies.  If you've brought home a puppy, or plan to, tune in... --- Support this podcast:
Why do humans thrive and require so much "control" with our pet dogs? We talk to Jenny Efimova of and get her take on this interesting topic and how giving your dog more control will actually benefit both of you.  --- Support this podcast:
We are joined by Juliana Willems at to discuss best practices and approaches when working with small dogs. Are they really different than other dogs? We think so! --- Support this podcast:
Thomas Aaron discusses his work at Fetchmasters Dog Training in Boulder, CO where he and his wife Linda Aaron (both CPDT-KA certified trainers) work with gun dogs  using primarily positive reinforcement without the use of shock/ecollar, prong, choke collars or heavy handed techniques commonly used in the gun dog industry.  --- Support this podcast:
We talk to Mimi at CHAAMP Rescue and discuss how her rescue group commits to using humane methods and working with trainers who do the same.  You can also find more resources at And --- Support this podcast:
Chatting with Simon Moody at in Manchester, UK all about motivating the humans at the end of leash, realistic expectations and tons of other dog behaviour info.  Find him on Instagram at Don't forget to find our online courses at --- Support this podcast:
Most of us want a great relationship with our dogs however we may not understand that we are doing damage in some circumstances. I have some tips that may help. --- Support this podcast:
Humans suffer from a range of mental and emotional disorders and illnesses. We talk to Richard Gonzalez of the Domesticated Dog who also happens to have a Purple Heart as a result from his time in the US Marines. His wartime exposed him to numerous traumatic events which resulted in anxiety and PTSD. We discuss his journey and how it relates to the dogs and clients he works with. You won't want to miss this fascinating discussion.  --- Support this podcast:
Rachel Golub loves working with those dogs that tend to have a hard time “settling”. They may jump and bite at the leash and become frustrated easily. Tune into her tips and how she sets these dogs up to succeed. --- Support this podcast:
It’s not always easy advocating for animal welfare within your profession. I talk with Mandy at about some of the challenges one faces when doing so. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to the podcast this is part two where I discuss best way to ensure your dog is happy and healthy. behaviour problems are often the result of your dogs needs not being met so tune in... --- Support this podcast:
Over the next two episodes I go over some of the most important and crucial information I think will promote a healthy and happy relationship with your dog. --- Support this podcast:
Daily stressors are normal and a part of everyday life. However, this can impact your dogs' behaviour significantly. Reducing stress levels will positively impact your dogs health and well-being.  We discuss how to identify stress, common stressors and how to reduce overall stress in your dogs' life. --- Support this podcast:
Curtis from is located in Philadelphia, PA. He is a positive reinforcement dog trainer and business owner and faces challenges that many of us will never know. The R+ dog training industry is not very diverse at this time (which needs to change). We discuss the racism he has faced, and continues to face, and he shares some insightful information for not only dog professionals but the community at large. How can we make lasting change?  Tune in to find out... --- Support this podcast:
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