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Seeing Through The Numbers

Author: Amanda Fisher

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Welcome to the Seeing Through the Numbers Podcast.

My name is Amanda Fisher, The Cash Flow Queen and author of Unscramble Your Numbers. Each week I'll be talking about different aspects of numbers in business and interviewing experts to gain their insights on what you can do to improve your numbers. The focus of this first series is cash flow and we'll be talking to experts on funding small business, bookkeeping, debt collection tips, business expenses insurance as well as looking at tools to make forecasting simple.
103 Episodes
100 Episodes of Seeing Through the Numbers podcast is about 80 more than I even planned to do. And I thought celebrating a milestone of 100 episodes was a perfect way to end this chapter. Seeing Through The Numbers has covered some diverse topics and had some amazing guests but now it's time to move on to something bigger and better. So this final episode of Seeing Through the Numbers I say thanks and goodbye... for now. Join me in the coming months for something totally new.
Each Quarter we put a focus on learning more about your customers. We call it Get to Know Your Customers Day! This quarter Amanda is talking about Life Time Value for your clients and how, once you know the LTV, you can use that information to up-sell, nurture and create more opportunities from your EXISTING customers rather than always trying to find new customers.
A time to Celebrate

A time to Celebrate


Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Seeing Through The Numbers Podcast. In this episode Amanda celebrates her journey from the originally planned 12 episodes to this 100th episode.
What DO networking and business numbers have in common? Find out in this episode of the podcast where Amanda discussing the nightmares that some people have around networking and business numbers and maybe public speaking.
Coming Out of COVID

Coming Out of COVID


Now that most states have lifted the heavier of their restrictions, everyone is getting excited about getting "back to normal". The problem with it is, while restrictions are still in place, that sometimes it isn't even viable to reopen the doors while numbers allowed on premises are restricted. Now is the time more than ever to have a look at the numbers to determine when is the best time to open without digging yourself into a hole.
Have you ever worried about how you're going to pay the bills, the wages or the rent? Have you ever been baffled when your accountant says that you've made a profit and you've got tax to pay, but yet you've got no money in the bank? Me too. Whilst I am an accountant, I was trained on how to do tax returns and prepare financial statements. I was never trained on how to run a business, manage cash flow or look at budgets and I bet you haven't been trained on these things either. Well, that's about to all change. Get ready to simplify the management of your businesses cash flow.
Earlier this month is was interviewed on Ticker TV by Founder and Managing Editor, Ahron Young. I had an amazing time, despite my video connection being a bit pixelated. But I had a great discussion with Ahron about all things cash flow which is important around these times when we're coming out of COVID shutdown into the new normal. I wanted to share this as my podcast interview this week and I encourage you to check out Ticker TV. Ticker is an Australian news platform with content focusing on business, tech, startups, entrepreneurs, media and travel. Ticker broadcasts daily from state of the art studios in the heart of Melbourne's startup community. and their programs are available as a continuous streaming service on the Ticker website Ticker celebrates the local entrepreneurs, the start-ups and delivers the latest news from Silicon Valley and how it affects local business.
Who Do You Look Up To?

Who Do You Look Up To?


Who do you look up to? This week Amanda is talking about leaders in your life and in your industry and the importance of having both people around you and people that you aspire to be like... but also taking their persona with a tiny grain of salt.
Some time in the hopefully not too distant future we're all going to have an opportunity to reboot our business. Reopening. Restarting. Returning. This week Amanda looks at what you'll need to do differently in a post-COVID world... and whether or not this might be the perfect opportunity to change the way you do things.
Remember when you used to earn a wage and you needed to budget to ensure that your weekly, fortnightly or monthly wage covered all your costs? Well you need to do the same in business. It's important to keep track of your expenses and make sure they stay in line with the income. They they stay under control and don't blow out when the income starts rolling in. It's also important to look at the reverse. Look at your minimal spend every month and make sure that you know how much revenue you need to cover them, that's your baseline for a viable business.
Amanda was running her own accounting business with many employees during the GFC. During that time she saw a massive downturn in her business which is very similar to the downturn in a lot of businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown. Today Amanda is talking about the lessons she learned during the GFC and how important it is to map your plan to get through this time. Looking at the reports you need to make decisions and not being afraid to make the hard decisions if needed. Make sure you're seeking out the help of a tax or accounting professional during this time to help you navigate the Government assistance that may be available to you.
In these challenging times it's more important than ever to have a handle on your cash flow. At the moment there is nothing usual about business, and when restrictions are lifted, business will not be the same again. Plus you need to rebuild almost as if from the start. The time is now to map out that cash flow for now and for the future.
World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020


April 23rd is World Book Day 2020 so I thought we'd have a bit of fun this week as I tell you about the 3 books that have impacted me the most in my life. Books have the power to excite us, inspire us and teach us. I'm an avid reader - my house is full of books - so to celebrate World Book Day I wanted to share my 3 faves with you and offer you a discount for the next 14 days on my books Unscramble Your Numbers and Connected Technology. Head to and use the code READABOOK for the next 14 days to grab your discount.
How often do you check your bank balance? This week I'll take you through 3 modern business owners scenarios and how often they check their bank balances. I'll cover where they go wrong and how to change your habits to reduce time wastage and reduce stress levels around the bank balance.
What are the core needs of every modern business owner? Tune in this week as Amanda talks about the THREE core needs that could relate to any business owner but are especially relevant to the modern business owner. Not sure what a modern business owner is? Check out Episode 87 of the podcast.
The Modern Business is something that probably didn't (and most likely couldn't) exist 5 years ago. The modern business owner therefore faces challenges that the traditional business owner doesn't. And,, at the same time, that owner has access to opportunities that are only brought about by advances in technology and a new way of thinking. In this episode, I introduce you to my definition of the Modern Business. I'll talk about its benefits, challenges and how the opportunities we now have can take a modern business global.
Want to make your life and reporting easier? In this episode, I discuss my top 3 timesaving Xero integrations to help you streamline your business. Hubdoc: Harvest: Futrli: ___ Xero:
What on earth is a Trading Statement? What does it tell you and do you even need to bother looking at it? A Trading Statement is often overlooked in service based businesses simply because your Xero or Cloud Accounting file isn't set up to correctly reflect line items in your Trading Statement.
Thinking you're trading well but not entirely sure? Today I'm covering my 5 most important KPI's to measure trading success in service and product based businesses. As well as naming them, I'll tell you how to work them out, when you need to be tracking them and how to get the most out of them in your business. Find out more about KPI's in Chapter 7 of Unscramble Your Numbers - get your copy in paperback or PDF here:, The audio book is coming soon!
Budget VS Cash Flow

Budget VS Cash Flow


Budget vs Cash Flow. Do you need both, either or neither? Spoiler alert, neither is NOT the answer! Today I break down the differences in the Budget and the Cash Flow, why you need them and how you can use them to create your goals and make better decisions for your business. Find out more about both these reports in Chapter 4 of Unscramble Your Numbers - get your copy in paperback or PDF here:, The audio book is coming soon!
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