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Author: Michael Navarro

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The foundation of a wonderful, fulfilling life is our health. This show is for those who want to utilize exercise, nutrition, and other aspects of wellness to improve their lives. The Agora Bodkast educates and entertains with interesting guests that have extensive backgrounds in the fields of exercise and nutrition sciences. Support this podcast:
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Marcus Clark (@mr.clark8_stayready) is a coach, student, and SAXMAN! We had the honor of having a college friend of mine on the podcast to discuss how coaches and individuals can develop a long-term plan for health & fitness (and a little bit of home-office ergonomics since we're still in COVID times). I hope you enjoy, learn something, and more importantly, STAY READY (in the words of Marcus).  --- Support this podcast:
We felt compelled to create an episode solely dedicated to addressing some pressing matters around the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe. Dr. Berger, Juan Schroth, and myself delve into a variety of topics and ideas around staying healthy during the virus and how to discern quality knowledge from misinformation. I hope you all enjoy and find this useful! Dr. B is behind on the times and doesn't have social media yet but you can find myself at and J at his Instagram profile here. --- Support this podcast:
You can find Mary on social platforms @manicuredmeatheads. We dive into the common mistakes that beginner and intermediate athletes make while on their powerlifting or Crossfit journey. We also cover coaching and gym owner mistakes in short. Let us know if you'd like to see more of these kinds of episodes where we cover common mistakes and how to address them! --- Support this podcast:
This is part dos of our discussion with Andres Vargas! Andres is a functional fitness and health coach who I personally believe will be spearheading a movement in fitness coaching towards incorporating the total wellness of an athlete to complement and influence what they do in the gym. We talk about some coaching advice and suggestions from him to new coaches, his story of how he got into sport and exercise and science, and then his unique philosophy and coaching strategy. I think you'll get a lot from this one whether you're an athlete or coach, because we touch on some factors that you may not have considered that may be affecting your training! You can find Andres Vargas on all social media @TheStrengthCave, his website is, and feel free to email him at --- Support this podcast:
You can get tickets to the seminar mentioned at and find Andres on social media as @thestrengthcave. This is a very wide-ranging conversation with Andres Vargas! We had a lot of fun with this one! We talk about all types of topics with the overarching theme of maxmizing your ability in the gym. Head over to for timestamps and the video if you like to watch as well. --- Support this podcast:
Rachel Larson is a PhD candidate at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions and a professor at Arizona State. She is working to publish multiple studies related to the mind muscle connection. Learn what it is and how to apply it to your training here! We cover the mind muscle connection study she worked on, force velocity training, and so much more! --- Support this podcast:
You can find Simin at We're back with another Bodkast! I sat down with Simin Levinson, a sports dietitian for multiple professional sports teams including the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury. We talk about her approach with teams and how it changes according to the size of the team and player knowledge along with the prevalence of eating disorders in athletes of all ages. --- Support this podcast:
We dive deep into many different aspects of powerlifting such as current trends in strength sports, macro tracking for powerlifters, and suggestions on how to make weight effectively, among many other topics! I think you'll enjoy this episode whether or not you're a powerlifter as we go over a lot of interesting and informative things. I hope you enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
This episode, we talk with Dr. Mitch Magee at ASU. We break down what exactly are GMOs, are they safe, and some other things surrounding GMOs that you may not have thought about. Also, we dive into the Autism-vaccine controversy and (completely) destroy the myths around it. We also talk about the gut microbiome and so much more! There's a lot of informaiton tucked into this episode, so please enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
This episode of the Agora Bodkast was produced in collaboration with Kelli Michelle (KMF) and some of her clients. We dive into each of their own personal stories to learn about how they make tracking macros and goal-oriented nutrition part of their everyday lives despite being business owners, executives, night-shift workers, and overall busy people. After listening to this, you can't say you don't have time anymore for this stuff! --- Support this podcast:
We actually recorded this one over the summer but we kept having on awesome guests, and so we wanted to push their episodes ahead of this one. Here, we talk about how to design your own exercise program specific to your goals. We do have a bit of a powerlifting/bodybuilding focus, but take what we talk about here, and you can apply it to your own style of training. That I can assure you! --- Support this podcast:
You can find Chris on instagram @cperry001. Chris Perry, a PhD candidate at ASU in the exercise and wellness program joins us to talk about all things sleep. Why it's important, the effects of sleep deprivation, supplements, and practical recommendations to get more and better quality sleep, among other things. This was such a great episode to record because so many disregard sleep and its importance, but it truly is a great tool for health; so don't skip out on it! --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Neck offers his unique perspective on exercise and nutrition, and fitting it all in to a busy life. How does he make time for it? Priorities...but not in the way you think! Stay until the end for a very inspiring message! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
I sat down with my cousin to discuss his recent decision to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for Kidney Disease. Donate to his campaign here at 100% of your donation will go to the campaign. We keep nada. Enjoy the show! --- Support this podcast:
We sat down with an exercise physiologist and macro coach to talk about an array of topics including energy balance, hormones, obesity, and so much more! So much we made two episdoes! Enjoy the rest of our discussion! --- Support this podcast:
We sat down with an exercise physiologist and macro coach to talk about an array of topics including energy balance, hormones, obesity, and so much more! So much we made two episodes! Enjoy part 1 of our discussion! --- Support this podcast:
Joe Micela is an Olympic-class weightlifting coach. In 2012, he lead the women's weightlifting team as the head coach, training athletes including Sarah Robles . We discuss his training philosophy, how weightlifting movements can be used for powerlifting, and the future of weightlifting in the US. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the Agora Bodkast! Our first episode is the introduction of me, Michael, and my friend and co-host, J. I hope you enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to episode #1! We're honored to have Sohee Lee on the show! You'll learn about why women should embrace the weights, her personal experience with eating disorders and how she overcame it, how to stand out from the crowd as an entrepreneur in the fitness world, and so much more! --- Support this podcast:
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