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Unlocking Human Potential with Greg Clowminzer
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Unlocking Human Potential with Greg Clowminzer

Author: Greg Clowminzer

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Welcome to Unlocking Human Potential with Greg Clowminzer, a podcast dedicated to inspire, educate, and encourage human beings to look within as their primary goal in life.

Greg Clowminzer is a pioneering transformational business and life coach who has a unique way of helping professionals by educating them how their minds work and how human beings create their experience. He offers year long coaching engagements, live events, and webinars to professionals and entreprenuers who are dealing with business challenges and performance related issues.

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Feeling Good About Change

Feeling Good About Change


Greg Clowminzer is a pioneering business and life coach who has dedicated his life to educating people about the most leveraged way to handle any type of change by teaching people about Mind and the power of Thought.  In this video Greg is hosting a live discussion with participants as they explore the 3 distinct states of mind that occur for people when in comes to change.   Key Points:   ∙Being in a good feeling is the ultimate lubricant for handling any type of change.  ∙You can't change things externally.   ∙Nothing really changes until thought changes.  ∙You can't see new possibilities or opportunities when you resist change.   Are you finding change to be difficult?  Click here and book a coaching session today!
In this episode of Unlocking Human Potential you get a sneak peak into a weekly gathering Greg Clowminzer hosts. This week the topic focuses around Being Fully Present.  Presence is what we are before the stories we make up about ourselves, others and life and in each moment we are either experiencing our personal story or impersonal presence. As a person relaxes their grip of their personal story presence naturally comes forward. May you relax into who and what you really are.  Greg Clowminzer 🙏♥️ Would you like to work with me? Working with a coach is a powerful and proactive way to accelerate learning, move through resistance, and gain clarity about any situation. Your coach can help you open your mind to the possibilities of new opportunities, knowledge, and could even help bring greater fulfillment and happiness to your life. Book a discovery call today at
On this episode of Unlocking Human Potential, San Diego Business and Life Coach Greg Clowminzer talks about acquiring a taste for reflection.    ∙What happens for people when they become reflective?   ∙ Why do some people have a hard time with reflection?   It's an important topic, with what's currently going on in the world where many people have been asked to stay home.    And, for a lot of people, they've really gotten a lot of benefit and value out of this time of reflection.    Yet there's also been people that have really struggled with that.  And so I want to talk a little bit about what happen for people when they're reflective.    And, what I'd like to invite anyone listening to this to take a reflective stance and to practice reflective listening.    Don't get hung up too much on anything that I'm saying, but to listen to it in a reflective way.    So what happens for people when they're reflective is that things tend to slow down for them.    So what happens for people when they are reflecting is it's actually really good for their system.  It lets people's nervous systems relax. It helps them rejuvenate.  Keeping an open mind can be difficult for anyone yet sometimes even more so for people in transition.    Need some help breaking free of some negative thoughts?   Negative thoughts prevent people from accessing their resilience, natural momentum and from taking positive actions.   Working with a coach is a powerful and proactive way to accelerate learning, move through resistance, and gain clarity about the situation.    Your coach can help you open your mind to the possibilities of new opportunities, knowledge, and could even help bring greater fulfillment and happiness to your life.   Would you like to work with me?   Book a discovery call today at
I know it might sound crazy, here I am a coach and shouldn't I be interested in what a clients wants. Well I am not interested in what my coaching clients want and in this episode I tell you why. I also share a how to draw out new possibilities for clients along with my favorite question to have my clients reflect on, some real-time coaching plus a whole lot more. I hope you enjoy and potentially see something for yourself that is helpful for you to experience more success and greater wellbeing. To learn more about Coach Greg please visit  Let's stay connected: Instagram Facebook LinkedIn 
In this episode of Unlocking Human Potential coaches and Three Principles practitioners Pam Dibbs and Greg Clowminzer have a fireside chat about the misunderstanding of Uncertainty and Knowing. We invite you to rethink your relationship about change, thought and life. We hope that as you listen along side of us that you might see a new possibility for yourself that helps ease your souls journey in this amazing experience called life. You can learn more about Pam Dibbs here You can learn more about Greg Clowminzer here
I am a little embarrassed to say that I had know idea what innate meant or resilience. In this episode I confess that I couldn't understand why my mentor was making such a big deal about resilience and what I discovered since those original discussion. I hope you find this episode hopeful and  uplifting.  Please visit me You can also connect with me in Facebook group Living Truth - Conversations That Change Lives
In this episode San Diego Business and Life Coach Greg Clowminzer shares a hopeful message for anyone who may be fearful or struggling with works going in the world right now.  Greg wants to help people calm and clear their minds in order to flow through these circumstances together, with more resilience, compassion and stability. If you're interested or know of someone who you think could benefit from a little peace of mind in these times of uncertainty book an online coaching session today!  Schedule now
This was our first virtual gathering via a Zoom conference call. Living Truth is a San Diego based Three Principles Community and is committed to bringing an understanding of The Three Principles to people in the Greater San Diego area. Your host is Greg Clowminzer a registered 3PGC practitioner who is on a mission to share, teach, and mentor professionals who are interested in learning or deepening their understanding of The Principles. The Principles have helped people the world over to discover their own well-being and to move closer to achieving their full potential. The Principles have had a profound impact on every aspect of life, including: education, business and leadership, addiction and PTSD recovery, athletic performance, community work, and marriage and family counseling. These weekly conversations are an opportunity for you to step back from life and reflect. You’ll make friends, find solace, freedom to speak your mind, opportunity to get your bearings back, time for laughter and even tears, in the company of people who keep your secrets, respect your dignity and want the best for you. Join us when you can. We meet the first 3 Tuesday nights of each month, starting at 7:00pm. We all long to be part of something greater than ourselves. Yet, left on our own it is easy to fool ourselves and the people around us. Participating in a WISDOM COMMUNITY is how we deepen our understanding of who we are and what is really TRUE for us. I hope to see you soon. Much love, Greg Clowminzer Connect with us on Facebook 
Greg Clowminzer teaches people how to change your life for the better by pointing  to preexisting Universal Principles that live within all human beings. When people wake up to these principles it enables them to create a high quality lifestyle grounded in happiness and peace of mind.  To learn more about Greg's State of Mind Training visit
What is Self Love?

What is Self Love?


Ever wondered what people really mean when they say "self-love?"  The words love and self are two loaded concepts that are often misunderstood.  In this FREE digital Masterclass with Transformational Coaches, Cuyla Coogan & Greg Clowminzer, we will explore the relationship and truth about love and self.  We are so excited to dive deep into this transformative conversation with YOU.  With love, Cuyla & Greg Attending our next 3 Day Coaching Immersion here
In this epidode my guest is Mads Qwist an expert in his understanding of State of Mind and it’s relationship to high performance and leadership. Mads has a rich background in psychology, leadership and performance and has studied with some of the worlds leading experts. Mads and I discuss the importance of State of Mind and the fact that it is hidden and easy to overlook when it comes high performance. We hope you enjoy! If you would like to learn more about Mads and his latest projects you can follow him on LinkedIn ==> To learn more about your host Greg Clowminzer, please visit
My guest for this episode of Unlocking Human Potential is Julieanne Chazotte. Julie is a Soul-Centered Professional Coach & Three Principles Practitioner. She supports people in transforming their lives and businesses by helping them understand the role thought plays in creating their experiences so they can experience their own well-being, have greater perspective and take aligned, inspired action that makes sense for them. To learn more about Julie, visit: To learn more about your host Greg Clowminzer, visit:
In today's episode I speak with Career Coach Adam Mitchell-Hardt about this idea of aligning one's career to one's values as a way to find lasting success and happiness. Adam and I approach this idea from different perspectives in our work with our clients. The conclusions we end up drawing may surprise you but if you keep an open mind you'll understand what the true secret to professional bliss is. To learn more about Adam visit To learn more about Greg visit
In this episode of Unlocking Human Potential my guest is Kait Boehm. Kait is an Transformational Intuitive Guide, Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher that brings Divine Guidance, Love and Healing around obstacles holding you back from living the life you so desire. To learn more about Kait please visit
My guest today is Moncy Brambila who shares how to get started with Instagram to grow you business in 5-10 minutes a day. You can find out more about Moncy at You can follow the apartment geek at And please make sure to connect with Greg Please visit:
In this episode Greg talks about the problem of dealing with stress as a symptom and encourages the listen to look to and understand the source of stress. Would you like to learn more? Attend Greg's next 3 Principles Inside Out Understanding Program.
In this episode Greg Clowminzer talks with a small audience about how to make the shift from confusion to clarity. Greg will be in Oregon on August 24-25th leading a 2-Day Clarity Coaching Immersion Program. The training is grounded in a new paradigm called "The Inside Out Understanding” and it is changing the lives of the professionals that I have shared it with. This program gives professionals the understanding to solve their biggest business challenges and performance related issues. Most professionals will agree that chaos and complexity aren’t a good strategy for business and high levels of performance. We all know professionals who come hot out of the gates looking to make their mark in the world of business and after a few years of accomplishments begin to feel disillusioned with the path they have been on. If this episode resonates with you let’s jump on a call and begin a conversation. Contact me at
My guest for this episode of Unlocking Human Potential is Kevin Lawrence. Kevin talks about one of the biggest business challenges growth companies face and how to succeed at hiring the talent and a surefire way of weeding out low performers. Kevin recommends business leader read Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street Also check out the next Topgrading Workshop Please visit
San Diego Business and Life Coach Greg Clowminzer has a 3 Principles based conversation with Joy Avila pointing to the nature of thought. In this episode I wanted to demonstrate how to integrate the 3 Principles into what appears to be just an ordinary conversation to assist both the participate Joy Avila as well as the viewer into the nature of the 3 Principles and how they are always at work underneath the human experience. Please visit
There is no place like home, and it’s not out there. In this episode Greg talks about his insight into "there is no out there". In fact all there really is, is out there thinking. Greg reminds us to question where we innocently place our source of happiness, security and freedom and it's not in the land of out there. Greg suggests that the more we see through this imaginary thinking that we return home to the here and now, which is where our freedom, joy, happiness, and well being live. In fact anything that you are seeking out there is based on something that you are trying to experience and that experience is already within you. Please visit
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