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Deeply Discussing Dexter

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A podcast by and for fans of Showtime's Dexter series. Where did it all go wrong?
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Josh Mull

just found out about the limited return, hopefully they'll be covering that

Oct 19th

The Everyday Bombshell

You guys really missed the boat with The Skinner. Here you have two guys that come across as proud and happy to be in the US, as good guys in their own juxtaposed different ways... Miguel who is an educated man, gigantic in size and a crusader for people's rights and the humble, unassuming in stature tree trimmer who started his own business from the ground up. Miguel Prado, who is respected for his position within the community vs George Washington King, who is respected for his blue collar work ethic. Both so different. Yet both are monsters. The idea is that wolves can hide in sheep's clothing, that there's no cookie cutter. That whether the person is grandiose and visible or unassuming and invisible they can still be monsters. The fact that you guys didn't remember the Skinner when immediately my suspicious mind thought he was way too helpful for someone in a community that doesn't trust the police...and way to respectful with the sirs and madams which suggests he's someone who wants to be unmemorable...just shows you guys missed the intent of this episode. I'm beginning to think I should start my own podcast.

Sep 8th

Hayley Graham

interesting thoughts. I actually liked the montage, it goes to show how Rudy is really going deep into his cover with Deb. Also showing he's better at lying than Dexter, proving how different they are. And no, Masuka is dope 😂😂😂

Feb 1st

Amber Bedford

Hello! I am just finishing up Season 5 of the podcast and noticed that episode 12 of season 5 is not listed. Is this a mistake or is it located elsewhere?

Dec 30th


Seriously did you listen to this before releasing? The quality of sound (specially the women) is noisy and terrible

Nov 6th

Amber Bedford

I just started listening to this podcast last week and I really love it! The insights into the show are great and as i rewatch the show, I am picking up on the critiques that are being put out there from this podcast as well as trying to determine for myself where the show went wrong. I really loved Dexter and watched it when it first premiered on showtime. It has such a great start and I was upset with the way it ended. Thanks for doing this podcast!

Nov 1st
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