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Author: Kim Wende

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Kim specializes in trail obstacle training and has been working with horses for over 40 years. She helps women prepare to compete with confidence so that they can have a super positive experience with their horse. With Kim's guidance, you’ll learn how to gain and maintain your horse’s trust and cooperation without relying on force, fear or intimidation. You can send your email questions to
28 Episodes
Sometimes we only consider obstacles in the arena trail course or on the back trail but there are other things we don't consider.
The benefits of trail obstacle training whether you want to have fun or compete.
In this episode I talk about building or buying obstacles, where to find them and what your horse needs to know.
In this episode I talk about what I use to teach my horses how to navigate an obstacle course.
When working with your horse here are 3 things that cause behavior issues.
In this episode I give you some tips to help your horse with crossing water obstacles.
In this episode I talk about the things your horse needs to do well before you start on the obstacles.
In this episode I talk about the benefits of trail obstacle training for you and your horse.
Groundwork has a lot of benefits for you and your horse.
Here are some myths busted about positive reinforcement based training.
Sharing with you why I named my business Passionate Horsemanship
Why it's important to feed extra hay in the winter instead of grain.
The Importance of providing water and loose salt for your horse.
Horse training tips for new or returning horse owners.
Being a leader to your horse does not mean be dominant!
Gain Confidence

Gain Confidence


6 Ways To Gain Confidence Around Your Horse
Go slow when introducing your horse to new things.
7 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Miniature Horse
Helping a horse with heaves.
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