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Magic From Wherever I'm At

Author: Dartagnan

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Professional street magician Dartagnan regales with tales of people, places, and situations from the road as well as commentary on the performing art of magic.
84 Episodes
The 2nd installment of the School Of Wonder - discussing the wisdom & work of Tommy Wonder. 
This is the first of a recurring series within the podcast - focusing on the work and wisdom of Tommy Wonder. 
Part 2 of my homage to "The Maestro", René Lavand. 
The first of a two-part series on The Maestro, Lentidigitator René Lavand. 
In this episode, I start with something weird I witnessed at a supermarket and then weave this story into my answer to a listener question concerning mentalism. 
Episode 77 - The Graduate

Episode 77 - The Graduate


In this episode, I provide an introduction to the most recent of Roberto Giobbi's books. Then I briefly go into how you can improve your magic through the template of one of my favorite movies. 
Episode 76 - Chez Roberto

Episode 76 - Chez Roberto


In this episode, I delve into the many ways I have learned and benefitted from the work of Roberto Giobbi. 
Episode 75 - Agency

Episode 75 - Agency


In this episode, I get into setting yourself up for success on a daily basis. Then I get into a rant about raising respectable adults and some recent drama with a hotdog vendor. 
This episode continues on from Episode 73 and an approach to magic which creates teamwork instead of an audience of adversaries. The recording was made with background rain hitting a tin awning.  I apologize in advance :)
In this episode, I discuss the creation of freedom and the idea of removing possible control and the emotional impact this has on the audience. All of this through the conduit of another modern master, Dani DaOrtiz. 
Episode 72 - Five Percent

Episode 72 - Five Percent


This episode is an extension of Episode 71 and builds on the idea of improving your thinking skills. This time, it is through the lens of iconoclastic physicist Richard Feynman. 
Episode 71 - Adding Color

Episode 71 - Adding Color


In this episode, I delve into the most dire problem facing not only you and your magic...but the entire world. 
This episode is a continuation of the 10-minute teaser which concluded Episode 69. I delve deeper into the psychology of magic and why Lennart Green may be the greatest living magician. 
I start this episode with a cautionary tale, and the rest is an ode to a true modern master of magic - Lennart Green. 
In this episode, I tell a story of creating a method "on the fly."  Then I delve into "breaking the circle" and getting past solely thinking about methods and into a vast, grand universe of diabolical possibilities you haven't even touched. 
In this episode, I talk solely about street performing. I discuss your likelihood of success and the best advice I've been given and/or heard concerning this rarest of pursuits. 
In this episode, I delve into the cheapening, denigration and trivializing of magic through assuming the performing persona of a trained seal or a dancing monkey. 
In this episode, I read from a scathing article by Werner Dornfield. Then I tell two stories about some chance encounters on the street. 
The last installment of my conversation with the man who ask questions, answers questions, tells stories and makes things, Michael Weber. Discover the tyranny of the eyes, how imitation is the antithesis of flattery, the importance of doing the real work and how we should all become verbs. 
The second of a three-part interview with mystery performer, speaker and consultant Michael Weber. 
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