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Author: Chad Huffman

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I have been around bourbon for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of stuff and I’ve picked a lot of barrels. Now I’m sharing it with you guys. My honest opinion is all you will ever get on this podcast!
296 Episodes
Kore and I talk Beer and the sudden rise of barrel aged beers. Also, we discuss the Lexington craft beer scene and its rise! A lot of interesting information on this one and its only 30 minutes long.
Tyler and I sat down with the dusty king of northern KY to talk dust.
Talking to the king of store picks about store picks. What better way to spend 45 minutes. Ed lets us in on some of the picks he has coming soon and we share some stores. Also Newbie Corner Ed give some advise for the new guys.
Tyler, John, and I talk about Smooth Ambler beginnings, how John got into bourbon, and some of the fine folks at SA. John and I talk a little basketball he's a big Duke fan.
We introduce you to the rest of your Bluegrass admin. Also we finish the bourbon bracket.
Tyler and I welcome a few guy from some cost plus shipping pages. We revive the newbie corner with a special cost plus shipping edition. We introduce the guests and we all talk about the bourbon scene in our area. Also we all talk pros and cons to cost plus shipping groups. We did have some technical difficulties so the sound changes a little in the middle. If you like the shorter format the first 45 minutes is the podcast after that its bonus material before the pod starts.
This week Tyler and I talk to 2 of the Bluegrass admins about their love of bourbon, the bluegrass bourbon page, and THE BOURBON BRACKET!!!! Bonus I added our "out takes" slash shooting the shit at the end if you don't want to take the time to listen to it all. The meat is at first. PSA the audio sounds a little strange this week I don't know why.
Ep 210 - Old Stubborn

Ep 210 - Old Stubborn


I rant on everything from four roses to wild turkey prices
I taste through Neil’s Liquor, Otto’s, and Amans 1792 Full Proof picks and give my thoughts. Which is the best?
I taste through a few Old Louisville offerings
I taste through and rank the last three Amans Roses releases
Bourbon Truths Ep 1

Bourbon Truths Ep 1


With this series I want to be even more raw than I am normally. No intro music no edits just real talk.