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Welcome to the Kathy’s Korner podcast, where amazing things happen!
15 Episodes
This podcast introduces listeners to AR and showcases some of my favorite AR apps to support teaching and learning!
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 14: Second Life Professional Learning CommunityA group of teachers at Nauset participated in a Second Life Professional Learning Community from October 2007 through January 2008. This podcast is the audio file of their culminating presentations made within Second Life.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 13: Technology Tips and Tricks for AdministratorsStudents in Kathy Schrock's Technology Leadership graduate class provide insights on the important aspects of technology use in schools today. Students providing information are: Cheriann Armstrong, Shawn Chicoine, Mike Collela, Krista Connelly, Carrie Fitzpatrick, Nancy Flasher, Paul Funk, Brian Hyde, Tricia Leon-Finan, Paula Madore, Mike Moore, Bob O'Neill, Mike O'Toole, Amy Rokicki, Bill Sheehan, Leslie Travis, and Abir Zaineh.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 12: Tablet PC's in the Middle SchoolKim Conner and Majen Hammond, Instructional Technology Specialists at Nauset Regional Middle School, discuss the impact on teaching and learning that they have seen thus far this year with the new Tablet PCs in the computer labs.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 11: Nauset Educators Talk about TechnologyThis podcast was created by Kathy Schrock as part of the Techno-Monday course about podcasting as an education tool. Thanks to the members of the class who graciously participated in the making of the show and edited their own soundbites!
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 10: Kathy on the road at MicrosoftThis podcast was created by Kathy Schrock at a meeting of the Microsoft Educator Advisory Council the first week in March 2006. This group of hand-picked educators from all over the country represent some of the leaders in the educational technology field. The exciting thing about meeting with this group is that they are practitioners and their views on classrooms and technology are wonderful!Kathy posed the same question to this group as she did in an earlier podcast of the technology facilitators on Cape Cod. She asked, "What do you think is the biggest issue facing educational technology today?"
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 9: Kathy on the road at PET&CThis podcast was created by Kathy Schrock at the PET&C Conference in Hershey, PA, during the third week in February, 2006. Kathy interviewed four attendees to create a primary source document of information these teachers had found valuable and would be useful for listeners in the Nauset District and beyond.The four teachers interviewed include Alaine Nativio, and three educators from the South Fayette Township (PA) School District-- Jodi Holley, Lindsy Bushmire, and Kim Sahady.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 8: Nauset Profiles: Rockwell SchrockThis podcast includes a portion of a student-produced television show. In this selection, Nauset High School senior Rockwell Schrock discusses technology and his use of it both personally and in support of the school with his Homework Online application.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 7: Annette Lamb on "Comfort Sources"Kathy Schrock met up with Annette Lamb at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in Nashua NH this week, where Annette was presenting. Kathy asked Annette, "What is your opinion of students turning to Google or Wikipedia as their first source for information?" Hear her informative answer!
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 6: School District Technology ChallengesIn this podcast, Kathy Schrock interviews a number of technology directors on Cape Cod and poses the question, "What do you think is the biggest technology challenge facing our school districts today?"
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 5: Technology in the Physics ClassroomIn this podcast, Kathy Schrock interviews Roger Faucher, the Honors and AP Physics Teacher at Nauset Regional High School located in North Eastham, MA.Roger discusses his extensive use of technology to support both teaching and learning. He explains his integrated use of Mathsoft's Mathcad, Microsoft PowerPoint, digital cameras, digital video analysis software, and his interactive Web site.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 4: Technology InfusionIn this podcast, Kathy Schrock interviews Linda Hladek, the Instructional Technology Specialist at Orleans (MA) Elementary School.Linda has been the ITS for six years, and she shares her co-planning and co-teaching strategies for meaningfully and seamlessly infusing technology into the content areas at the school.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 3: The 21st Century ClassroomIn this podcast, host Kathy Schrock interviews Kathy Ferri, a fifth grade teacher at Wellfleet (MA) Elementary School.Kathy Ferri received a laptop, an interactive whiteboard, and an LCD projector for her classroom this year. In this interview, Mrs. Ferri discusses her use of technology to support instruction as she begins to learn how to best use the equipment to impact student learning.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 2: The Superintendent Discusses "The World is Flat"In this podcast, host Kathy Schrock interviews Michael Gradone, the Superintendent of the Nauset Public Schools.Superintendent Gradone discusses his thoughts on the impact of technology on changes in the workforce and in schools as outlined in Thomas Friedman's current bestselling book, The World is Flat.
NAUSET TECHNOLOGY NEWSPodcast 1: Technology Use in the Music DepartmentIn this podcast, host Kathy Schrock interviews Mariellen Sears, the band director and instrumental music teacher at Nauset Regional Middle School, and Berj Hagopian, the orchestra conductor for both the middle and high schools, as well as the strings instructor at Nauset Regional Middle School.The discussion centers around the current and planned uses of technology to enhance the student experience and allow for further assessment of the music students.
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