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Author: Glenn Douglas

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Musician's RealTalk is a podcast which focuses on life stories of musicians in the DMV area (Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia). The content of the stories are both substantive and historical told first-hand by the artist themselves. The podcast is equally beneficial to musicians and non-musicians, as there is something everyone can take from these life stories. A quote from one listener, "Musician's RealTalk is real talk that is real good". So take a moment and check out the Musician's RealTalk podcast.
20 Episodes
This episode features a conversation with multi-instrumentalist Gerry Gillespie. Gerry has performed with iconic artists such as Aretha Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Stanley Turrentine, Ronnie Laws and Erykah Badu. Our conversation covers his early beginnings in music, his thoughts on his UDC (University of the District of Columbia) experience, his views on gifted-musicians responsibility to learn their craft, and his battle with kidney failure and the impact it has had on his music. 
From being a versatile vocalist with vocal chops to sensitively sing Minnie Ripperton to the gutsy sound of Louis Armstrong, Miriamm Wright McKinney shares her musical and philanthropic story. As a chairperson on the Edith P. Wright Cancer Foundation, a foundation founded by her family to honor her mother's legacy. Hear how Miriamm is using her love of music to help people in the fight against breast cancer. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Miriamm Wright McKinney.
Enjoy part-2 of my conversation with WHUR’s Joe Gorham. In this episode we talk about his role in WHUR’s expansion to HD Radio and the creation of the WHUR Network, how an independent artist should approach getting music played on the radio, and finally, we take a look at the future of radio.
His smooth voice and selection of music filled the airways of the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas for over three decades. Hear how Joe Gorham, a broadcasting icon, passionately pursued a career in broadcasting, how he rose from the bottom to become one of the best broadcasters in the area, and we'll also talk about the evolution of WHUR's "The Quiet Storm". Enjoy part-1 of my conversation with Joe Gorham.
Welcome to part-2 of my conversation with LeRon Young. In this episode we will talk about how after leaving the Washington Music Center as a specialist in repairing electronic keyboards, he started his own business – Central Electronics which lasted for 26 years. We will discuss how he was able to grow the business without being swallowed up by the larger music stores in the DMV area. We will also take an in-depth look at his book “How’s Your T.E.D.D.Y?” Enjoy part 2 of my conversation with LeRon Young.
LeRon Young has been known as a jazz/R n B guitarist, owner of a music store/instrument repair shop, a composer, and an author. In this episode find out how he went from being the guitarist for the Washington DC based group The Unific's, to working at Chuck Levin's -Washington Music Center - repairing electronic instruments (eventually becoming the East Coast authority on repairing synthesizers), to composing music for the play "Where Eagles Fly". Enjoy this journey into the life of LeRon Young.
His mastery of percussion has been shared on the stage and recordings with Grover Washington, Jr., George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Dianne Reeves, Bob James and the list goes on. Enjoy this conversation with Leonard "Doc Gibbs, as he shares stories from his musical journey, which spans over 50 years as an in-demand percussionist. Joining me on this special episode as a co-host is percussionist Michael Friend.
In part 2 of my conversation with Brencore Entertainment’s Robert Smoot, we will talk about his views on product branding, why he believes the artist should shoulder some responsibility in promoting an event, and lastly an in depth talk on professionalism from a promoter’s view. Check it at its best!!
Many in the DMV area recognize him as a concert promoter - most notably for tribute shows. I see him as one the hardest working individuals in the music industry in the DMV. In our conversation you will learn who is Robert Smoot, how he got into concert promotions, and we will also take a look at why tribute shows are so popular? I hope you enjoy my conversation with Robert Smoot on the Musician's RealTalk podcast.
In part-two of my conversation with Michael Friend, we cover the expansion of the Soul-in-Motion Players from being a group performing poetry to including African dance, world renown percussionist Dr. Gibbs influence on his development as a percussionist, and his thoughts on the African dance and drumming community, as it relates to Soul-in-Motion. Enjoy part-two of my conversation with Michael Friend. Musician's RealTalk...real talk it's real good!!!
This episode features my conversation with percussionist Michael Friend, who is the Artistic Director of the African Dance and Performance group, Soul in Motion Players. Soul in Motion will be celebrating their 36th year of performance excellence in 2019. In Part 1 of my conversation with Michael Friend, we cover his introduction to the drum, the creation of Soul in Motion, the synergy between African drumming and poetry, and how different cultures have embraced the concept of "We Are Africa". Enjoy my conversation with Michael Friend.
The jazz group Collaboration has been performing in and around the DMV area for over 35+ years. Join me in my conversation with Tracey Cutler and Dr. Kenneth Dickerson, as they tell the story of Collaboration's start, how the group has evolved over the years, and how the concept of shared leadership is the cornerstone of the group's success.
They say it takes a village to raise a child. For two childhood friends, it took the pursuit to become musicians and solid mentoring from the music community to guide them through the tough neighborhoods of Shaw and Columbia Heights in Washington DC. I hope you enjoy Part 1 of my conversation with Tracey Cutler and Dr. Kenneth Dickerson, as they tell the story of their friendship, but also how the magnetic pull of music kept them out harms way and on the right path to become solid men in their community.
In part 2 of my conversation with Deginal Boykin, we talk about the Luther Re-Lives project, how it began, the many roles Deginal has had to take on, and importance of how understanding your audience contributes to the success of your brand. Enjoy the podcast, wihich features the music of saxophonist Rob Maletick..
Please enjoy my conversation with Deginal Boykin. He's a Washington DC native, who's father was the only African American to own a music store/instrument repair shop in downtown Washington DC during the 60's and 70's. Listen how his experiences working in his father's shop prepared him for a long lasting career at IBM. But more importantly, molded and shaped him into being a solid musician, as well as giving him a compassionate approach to the business of music.
Please enjoy part 2 of my conversation with jazz upright and electric bassist Wes "Sugar" Biles, as we talk about his time at Boston University and MIT, to his unexpected move to Washington DC, his experience with the late former Mayor Marion Barry, to his concepts on professionalism. Wes is a wonderful storyteller, and his professional approach to music is the reason he is a highly sought after bassist in the DMV area.
Here is an excerpt of part 2 of my conversation with upright and electric bassist Wes "Sugar" Biles. The entire podcast will be published in a couple of days. Please feel free to listen to the excerpt and check out the other podcasts in the Musicians Realtalk library. Enjoy!!
Earl Carter describes himself as a chameleon when it comes playing guitar. His "smooth" jazz sounds have shared the stage with Alyson Williams, Regina Belle, Angela Bofill, Bobby Lyle and Marcus Johnson - to name a few. Earl's career has taken him from management in "corporate" America, to being a successful full-time musician/entrepreneur. Enjoy this conversation with one of Washington DC's hardest working musicians.
This episode of Musician's Realtalk features a conversation with Grammy nominee Chris Barnes. Chris is a piano virtuoso, singer, songwriter, and educator located in the DMV area. Listen to how the music of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Donny Hathaway had a profound influence on his life and music. We also tackle the advantages and disadvantages of being a "studied" musician. Enjoy the podcast.
Enjoy Part 1 of my conversation with upright and electric bassist Wes "Sugar" Biles. We talk about how he was introduced to music from selling newspapers in front of the Grand Ole Opera in Nashville, Tennessee. Musician's Realtalk is a podcast which serves to provide life stories and information about musicians performing in the Washington, Maryland and Virginia area - commonly known as the DMV.
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