DiscoverPower-Stability-Play: Health Tips for Busy & Confused Professionals
Power-Stability-Play: Health Tips for Busy & Confused Professionals
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Power-Stability-Play: Health Tips for Busy & Confused Professionals

Author: Duncan Salek

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This is a podcast for busy people who "just don't have time" for their health. These interviews will help simplify exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle so you can prioritize what matters most.
20 Episodes
Links: "3 Breaths, 7 Minutes" Exercise (optional: use a timer for each) 1. Long Deep Breathing: Slowly inhale and exhale through the nose, breathing up into the belly, chest, neck and head, and then back down. The exhale will be longer, allowing for a deeper inhale. The breath deepens immediately, engaging the Parasympathetic Nervous System to lower blood pressure, and slow the heart rate. (3 minutes) 2. Left Nostril Breathing: Block off the right nostril and do Long Deep Breathing in/out of the left side. This breath downshifts us into extra deep calm, to access the peaceful power that prepares us for stress. Perfect in advance of a situational stressor, or to advance a deeper level of calm anytime. (2 minutes) 3. Warrior Breath: Inhale through the nose for four seconds, hold for four, exhale through the mouth for five. Gently pull in the abs and hold the breath out for three. That's one round. Do six rounds. (2 minutes). ******************* Questions/Comments?
Sean Griffin is the founder and co-owner of Chicago Primal Gym. In this episode, you'll learn about: -Sean's background in corporate finance and taking a leap of faith into starting his own business. -His routines that set him up for success (even as a new Dad!) -What is Primal Nutrition? -Why kettlebells may be the best piece of equipment to use at the gym -The importance of building community Thank you so much for listening! I hope you enjoy @primal_seamus ***********************************
Links: -Next Generation Wellness Training: ***** Email: Episode Page:
Links: -LinkedIn: -The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod: -Wim Hof Method: -Harvard Business Review: What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs? Me! -Facebook: @duncansalekfitness ************* (episode link and more info on site) Facebook: @duncansalekfitness Email:
Brian has his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Fitness Studies and was a Season 1 Competitor on NETFLIX’s The Ultimate Beastmaster. Brian has worked in the health and fitness industry for over a decade helping athletes and the everyday fitness client overcome injuries and become better versions of themselves. He has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their goals. Links: -Instagram: @brian_redard ****************************************** Website is live(ish)! For all inquiries: -Facebook: @duncansalekfitness -Instagram: @powerstabilityplay -Email:
Rosie Ward is an accomplished speaker, writer, coach and consultant. Her expertise lies in organizational effectiveness, leadership development, and worksite health promotion. She uses her extensive knowledge to help organizations develop and implement strategies to create workplaces where the organization and its people can thrive. Contact Rosie at ***************** Facebook: @duncansalekfitness Instagram: @powerstabilityplay Email:
Dr. Cheryl Hurst is a licensed health psychologist and a certified yoga therapist in Chicago, Illinois. When she integrates psychotherapy with yoga therapy, her clients' benefit is doubled by an individualized holistic treatment to improve physical strength, balance, flexibility, and circulation, while fostering clarity, ease and relaxation, relieving pain, and building resilience to stress. I was very excited to sit down with her for an hour and talk about stress management and how to navigate through stressful times in our day-to-day lives. I hope you enjoy! Links: Questions/Comments? -Facebook: @duncansalekfitness -Instagram: @powerstabilityplay -Email:
Links: -Patty's bio: -WellMD Network: -Stanford Health Promotion Network:
Links: - Ryan Steenrod is the co-founder of Death of the Desk, a website and workshop designed to help you get more movement throughout the day. We had a great, integrated chat on how to get more movement, why it's important to stretch the eyes, how to become properly aligned, and much more! *********************** Questions: Facebook: @duncansalekfitness
Sam Whiteside has the best job in the world. On her first day as Chief Wellness Officer at The Motley Fool, she pushed around a beer cart, offering beverages to employees. "Aren't you the new wellness person?" people asked. "Yes." In her tenure with The Motley Fool, Sam has helped build one of the nation's healthiest workplaces. She genuinely cares about her coworkers, provides a positive atmosphere, and keeps almost 100% of the firm's employees engaged in wellness. There are no outdated health risk assessments, no "get-rich-quick" fitness tips, and no enticing incentives (except, you know, a beer here and there). Resources: -The Motley Fool: -Linkedin: Samantha Whiteside, MPH, CHES *************** Facebook: @duncansalekfitness Instagram: @PowerStabilityPlay Email:
Laura Putnam is a highly-sought after speaker, an author, and a pioneer in the field of workplace wellness. In this week's episode, we talk about engaging middle managers when starting a wellness program (as opposed to the C-suite); why we should start with what's right; and new, innovative ways to bring wellness into the workplace. *********************************************************************** Links: -Workplace Wellness that Works: -Laura's website: *********************************************************************** Questions/Comments/Concerns/Suggestions? -Email: -Facebook: @duncansalekfitness
Links: -YouTube: Original Strength -Pressing Reset: Duncan: -Facebook: @duncansalekfitness -Email:
In this week's episode, I talk with Jason and Lauren Pak, co-owners of Achieve Fitness in Boston, MA. They're on a mission to bring inclusivity into the fitness world. You won't find shirtless photos or get-slim-quick schemes on their social media page--just real people, real results, and plenty of smiles. In this episode we discuss time management, how they broke in to the fitness space, the importance of breathing, and where to start. Links: Instagram - @achievefitnessboston YouTube - Achieve Fitness Boston Website - Enjoy! ****************************** If you have a question for me, you can always find me on Facebook @duncansalekfitness or email
This is a re-published recording from January 2018. In this episode, Dr. Nelson and I discuss what metabolic flexibility is, why fasted morning walks are amazing, and how to time carbohydrate use for strength training. Links: - - Questions, Comments, Concerns, Suggestions? Email:
Natalie Evans has been working for herself for 18 years. As a childbirth educator, birth doula, and wild foods instructor, she has taken a firm stance on being "natural". She forages for in-season foods; she uses no furniture; she sleeps on a mattress on the floor. All of this fascinates me. In this episode (first live one!), we cover a lot of topics including: Natalie's background and introduction into natural movement; ways to get more movement when working a desk job; and how to reclaim your play.  Key Points: Self-care is not selfish Keep your head happy and your feet happy When stuck in one position (i.e. sitting at a desk), ask yourself, What could I use today? Maybe it's walking, hanging, crawling, stretching your hips I hope you enjoy! Episode: Links (we mention quite a few resources): Natalie's website: My blog post:
I've done a lot of weird things for movement. From sleeping on my floor to holding 10-minute deep squats, I'm always finding new ways to see how my body can move. And to me, that's play. It's whatever you make it. It's experimenting, falling, and learning from all the new things you try. Matt Myers is at the forefront of the "Play" movement, and wants to get his clients (and people like you!) to unleash the power of play. His work, his podcast, and his e-Book "Play Full" have helped me reclaim my childlike approach to movement and see that exercise can and should be fun. We talk about Matt's background, from living in Japan, to his current work in Bloomington, IN. We also have a little "consulting" chat on my tactics as a trainer, and how I can get my clients to play more. Links: -Matt's site: -Matt's YouTube page: -
**Republished interview from March 2018** Travis Pollen is a doctoral student at Drexel University, but is better known under his moniker "The Fitness Pollenator" Like everyone else I've talked with, Travis is much smarter than me. He posts research-based content that is fun, challenging, and makes you want to get back into the gym. In this episode we cover Travis's work inside collegiate athletic departments, why everyone (yes, you!) should train for power, and why there are no bad movements in the gym... Links: - -Facebook:
**Reposted episode, recorded September 2017** Can hanging from a tree branch make you stronger? Can putting your plates on a lower shelf re-shape your biology? Are bicep curls functional? Galina Denzel is the co-author of the phenomenal "Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well: 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week". Along with her husband, Roland, Galina runs a podcast (Eat, Move, Live 52), manages several online courses, and personally runs her own restorative movement studio in Orange County. This book changed my life. It really showed me that exercise is not the key to feeling better. It's about doing simple movements throughout your day--walking, hanging, air squatting. And you can change your life to fit these needs. Being in a city, I've found I walk quite a bit; however, I'm repeating the same movements throughout my day--overdosing on vitamins flat and concrete. I had a few questions. Galina had better answers. Links: - -Book:
First "episode" just to give a background on what I plan to accomplish with this show. It's only 2 minutes and totally isn't read from a script. Anyways, I hope you'll tune in for future interviews! Socials: -Facebook: @duncansalekfitness -Twitter: @duncansalek -YouTube: "Duncan Salek"
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