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Thoughts of a Trillionaire

Author: Elijah Claude

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An audiojournal documenting my journey to become a trillionaire.

I believe that I can become a trillionaire by creating massive value through ambitious empathy, magical technology, and egoistic altruism; because the best way to become wealthy, is to help everyone else become wealthy too.

Welcome to my PATH.
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Byebye, for now

Byebye, for now


Stepping back and letting go to let the possibilities align.
"The tighter we cling to an identity, the harder it becomes to grow beyond it." - James Clear, Atomic Habits. In this audiojournal entry, I talk about the importance of letting go of past behaviours and ideas that we may identify with, in order to grow beyond it and reach the next level of our lives. I currently identity as an ambitious, futuristic thinker. That has been what allowed me to get out of the depths of depression I was in before. But now that I want to be the type of person that can change lives and provide value in the present, I am coming to realize the need to let go of that idea and instead adopt a range of things that I want to be. I want to be a designer, an inventor, and the type of person that can increase the quality of life of everyone around me. I want to be more. To do so, I am letting go of what I was before.
Mistakes are opportunities for growth, learning, and change. In this short audiojournal entry, I share my Lovie's realizations about mistakes and riff on that wisdom in the realm of UX design in immersive experiences.
I'm leaving the arcade. Today marks my last day at work. It's bittersweet occasion. But a necessary one. Or at least a good choice for me to push myself further. This arcade has been a great place to work, learn, and grow. I am thankful for my experience here and will always be happy to help and to hang out with the folks I've worked with here. Alas, it is time to sail onwards towards the ever beckoning horizon.
Virtual Reality in the next few years needs to have standalone headsets with PC-level processing power. It also needs cohesive content that allows people to immerse themselves into a new reality of possibilities and opportunities. And it all needs to be built on more ethical and flexible business models. In this audiojournal entry, I try and figure out what the immediate next generation of immersive technology should be.
Knowledge is as much in the world as it is in the mind. Psychological concepts like habit loops from dopamine, the evolutionary significance of variable rewards, and the nature of constraints born from our environment all play into how we can design better things. In this audiojournal entry, I try to connect these dots to designing VR/AR experiences.
Why are there so few design roles at companies creating the next generation of technology? Do they really think they can create delightful, lasting products without people dedicated to thinking about their user's problems, behaviors, and desires?? In this audiojournal entry, I talk about the need for a balance between designers and engineers to create truly innovative products. I fear that this lack of designers will create another generation of overengineered tools that most people don't think they can use... Can we not do that?
Back again with my lovie, we talk about life, the nature of the mind, and more as we meander our way through this dance of science and spirituality.
We choose which reality we will create by our mindset and societal maturity. If we want more positive, inspiring, and fulfilling technology and tools, then we must be more positive people who think about how to inspire others and live fulfilling lives. In this audiojournal entry, I implore you and all of us to be more mature. To grow into our greatness through positivity, wisdom, and love.
Today I am walking and talking with my beautiful, charming, and powerful partner, Soteria. We talk about momentum, change, decisions, sacrifice, experiences, and other things we are learning about life and the Universe.
Its incredibly hard to say this... But I must admit that my dad has had much more of an influence on me then I ever wanted. I've realized that much of my feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and indecision has come from him... From never feeling like I was enough or was worth respect or reward. I never felt much of the love I wanted from him, or felt like I could be vulnerable enough to share my love or desire for love. I could never trust myself... And thus why I found it so hard to be confident in myself.
Continuing yesterday's entry, I go on to discuss where my feelings of inadequacy, melancholy, and lack of self esteem came from... As well as why I think I crave structure and constructive pressure. More to come!
Once again I am here, dealing with my issues in public 😂. In this audiojournal entry, I try and work through WHY I struggle with indecision, insecurity, and procrastination. I spend way too much time diving into a few memories then I do figuring stuff out but... Tis the nature of my struggles!
We can simulate the ideal close-knit community through virtual spaces. We can also be the hero of our stories without being the villain or being perfect. In this two-part audiojournal, I talk about more dualities that should be interwoven rather than binaries.
Globalization has allowed us to travel and communicate across the world faster than ever before, yet we have also lost the local communities that allowed us to travel and connect with our neighbors like we used to. In this audiojournal, I propose a rebalancing of our local communities so that we may benefit both from small, close-knit communities and from large, diverse cities.
There is over 5000 years of history leading to the modern, western idea of yoga. The original concepts were more about the practice of accessing intense concentration through meditation in order to understand greater truths about the universe and the nature of consciousness. Two main schools of thought came from these practices: a "theistic" concept where they believed in some supreme being or larger power, and an "atheistic" concept where they were still spiritualists but believed a supreme being was not necessary to understand greater truths and achieve liberation from the cycle of life and death. In this audiojournal, I try to understand this rich history and probably just achieve an intense state of humility 😛.
Procrastination is one of my biggest faults. I figured it's mostly due to fear/anxiety and low self esteem as well as a general failure to feel the Pressure in an unstructured environment such as I have with my personal goals. So in this audiojournal entry, I share an idea I just came up with to keep myself motivated.
This episode is just me preparing for the change that is to come, and plugging my channels and such. I am very excited to start my job search in earnest and to go beyond the surface and research some ancient histories as well. Thanks for coming along this journey with me, and let me know how you're doing in your journey!
There is change coming. So much change that the nature of our very reality will be in question for the masses. In this episode, I talk about how our perception of reality is an illusion soon to be upturned. What will you do when time comes to change?
UX Design is such an exciting and useful way of thinking and process because it forces you to really understand other people's perceptions and behaviors. In this audiojournal entry, I share my thoughts about why mental models can greatly impact how effectively you can solve an important problem.
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blockchain war using artillery, hosted using your syatem

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dude I love this topic, post more please

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