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The Full Potential Podcast by Nick Wagner Sr.
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The Full Potential Podcast by Nick Wagner Sr.

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The Full Potential Movement is a group of influencers, innovators, leaders, motivators, philanthropists and technologists looking to help change the world. We share ideas and experiences to empower and inspire people to reach their Full Potential.
17 Episodes
In Season 3, Episode 6 of The Full Potential Podcast, we interview Shannon Malkin Daniels, CEO and Founder of encaptiv. She shares her passion for public speaking and how it led her to teaching and starting a business focused on public speaking software.   Shannon then shares tips with our audience on how to improve both your content and delivery when delivering a presentation. Enjoy the show and if you want to learn more about Shannon and encaptiv, follow the link below.  
Episode 4 of season 2 features an influential leader, John Jaramillo. John is the founder of Coach It Out LLC., where he provides one on one coaching for individuals at all levels ranging from high school students to executives. John has a passion for developing people into great leaders. During the podcast, we hear where his passion stems from and how he takes the lessons from life and turns it into advice to help people reach their Full Potential.  John and I will be sitting down for a follow up podcast to dive deeper into the topic of leadership. To learn more about his organization, follow the link below and enjoy the episode!
 Michelle Puzzo joined us for episode 3 of the Full Potential Podcast. We had a fantastic conversation about her life of service including her career as a physical therapist, the founding of her non-profit and her passion for writing children's books. Throughout her life Michelle has been dedicated to helping people and her interview highlights some of those unique experiences including her latest venture, her non-profit, UR Community Cares that pairs community volunteers with elderly and/or disabled people in need. To learn more about Michelle's initiatives, follow the links below and enjoy the conversation with a truly inspirational woman. UR Community Cares Puzzo Boy Books
Episode 20 of the Full Potential Podcast features Christina Musto, Business Development & Vineyard Relations at Musto Wine Grape Company, LLC. They help vineyards and home winemakers make wine. Hearing about their unique business was an experience. Christina shares her fascinating career story with us through some amazing stories . We hear about her selling grapes at age 8, attending school in California for her wine MBA and her family purchasing a vineyard. Check out their website and social media below. Enjoy the episode! Website: Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
Our 16th episode of the Full Potential Podcast features Mr. Good Vibes, an entrepreneur and Gen Z Marketing Specialist. Antonio shares his career story and his journey from Antonio to Mr. Good Vibes. His positivity and creativity has led him to become a successful entrepreneur, public speaker and mentor for youth. Antonio shares some fantastic advice during episode 16 about both life and owning a company. Check out his site by following the link below!
In episode 3 of the Full Potential Podcast we have the opportunity to interview Brianna Sylver, a leader in business innovation, board member, design educator and thought leader. She takes us on a journey through her career, shares how she started her own consulting firm and provides some tips on reaching your full potential.
Happy Thanksgiving! This week we sit down with Ali Lazowski, the founder of Bare Life, a crave-worthy food company headquartered in Connecticut. Ali shares her career journey with us and explains how her health pushed her to embrace healthy food and start her company. It is an inspirational story and will hopefully help people understand how to reach their Full Potential! Check out her site:
Episode 6 of the Full Potential Podcast is a fantastic interview with Stephen Shields, Senior Consultant at Gallup. We discuss his career & the Clifton Strengths Assessment. He also shares why "finding your joy" is critical to reaching your Full Potential. Find out more about the Clifton Strengths Assessment at
The Full Potential Podcast is back after some time off for the summer. Episode 5 features Jill Mayer, CEO of Bead Industries and a 40 under 40 award winner. We discuss her career journey, her current role as the CEO of a manufacturing company and what she does to reach her Full Potential.
In episode 2 of the Full Potential Podcast we here from a truly amazing woman. Alyssa Kelleher is a mother, Veteran and motivator working every day to improve the lives of Veteran students and their families at the University of Connecticut.
In the first full episode of the Full Potential Podcast, I have the opportunity to interview James Guerin. James is a proven sales leader, motivator, athlete and influencer. We discuss his career, how he ended up his role today and advice for our listeners. Enjoy and thank you for listening!
Learn more about the Full Potential Podcast by Nick Wagner Sr. in this quick 1 minute podcast.
Episode 14 of the Full Potential Podcast features Doug Whitehorn, Associate Producer for ESPN. We hear about his role supporting live NBA games, NFL games and other events for ESPN. Doug shares his career story from college to internships to his role at ESPN today. We hear how his variety of work experiences helped him determine his career path and end up with a job that he truly loves.  Doug also shares his biggest accomplishment and failure of his career as well as his advice to help people reach their Full Potential.
Episode 10 of the Full Potential Podcast features the founder of River Bend Bookshop, Meghan Hayden. She shares her story of leaving corporate America to pursue her dream of opening a bookstore. We hear about her motivation for making the change and she shares some fantastic advice to close the podcast. You can learn more about her bookstore and order books online by visiting Enjoy the episode!
Episode 9 of the Full Potential Podcast features entrepreneur and philanthropist, Matt Siracusa. Learn about Matt's passion for helping people through his organization Sparrow Ministries, and his company WEWOOL,
Episode 7 of the Full Potential Podcast is now available. We sit down with Christine Schindler, Co-founder and CEO of Pathspot, a company trying to end foodborne illness. We learn about her background, passion for technology and healthcare and why she started Girls Engineering Change.
I am excited to share with all of you, episode 4 of the Full Potential Podcast. We have the opportunity to interview Shannon Malkin Daniels, entrepreneur, public speaking & communication guru and author. We hear her career story and learn about her communication and marketing startup, Encaptiv.
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