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Charis and Will sit down with Nehemiah Frank, founder of The Black Wall Street Times, to discuss how to respond to racism and advocate for awareness in a negative/reactive culture. Follow us:
Alex and Will sit down with Venita Cooper A.K.A. "Coop" to talk about her new business Silhouette Sneakers in Greenwood, and the power of voting in an emerging city. Follow us:
Charis sits down with The Rev. Dr. Robert Turner to discuss Greenwood, its last building standing, and what Tulsans can do to be a part of the solution. Follow us:
In the first episode of 2020, Alex Aguilar and Will Retherford sit down with Hannibal B. Johnson to discuss the Tulsa Race Massacre, the effects of this tragedy in present time, and how we move forward in the city of Tulsa. Follow us:
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