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Author: Reggie Johnson

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Various pop culture and news topics discussed
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In this episode Reggie and Lora discuss the often misunderstood reality of this condition, unmasking how it's not just about introversion or shyness, but can span from mild discomfort to a full-blown fear of stepping outside. 
In this episode we challenge the notion of whether having a racial preference is considered racist, and we also explore the fine line between preferences and deal-breakers in relationships, standards and whether they should evolve over time. 
In this episode Reggie and Doug unpack the strategies, personalities, and issues that are shaping the race for the highest office in the land. From the early rumblings of potential candidates to strategic campaign moves, and unexpected twists.
In this episode Reggie and DJ navigate the dynamic dating terrain, exploring attachment styles, preferences, deal breakers and much more.
In this episode Reggie and J Henry tackle the rising popularity of the weight-loss drug Ozempic. Why are quick fixes so appealing, and why should we resist them? We'll discuss the dangers of shortcuts to fitness and value of effort and persistence in achieving fitness goals. 
In this episode Reggie and Dannielle explore the intricate dance of controlling vs. relationship standards, diving into the case of a beach photo deletion request that led to a breakup. From discussing the art of expressing preferences without coming off as possessive to navigating delicate topics like physical appearance, we strive to help you enhance your understanding of relationship dynamics. In the latter part of our discussion, we talk about the balance of attraction and control in relationships and emphasize the need to consider your partner's feelings, uphold personal standards, and suggest alternative solutions. We also reflect on the evolving importance of physical attraction through different relationship stages and how breakups can sometimes serve as catalysts for self-improvement. 
In this episode Reggie and Doug unravel the of events leading up to the strike, exploring the underlying issues and grievances faced by actors and writers alike. We also shed light on the broader implications of the strike, examining its impact on the television and film landscape, as well as its far-reaching consequences for audiences around the world. 
In this episode Reggie and Lora explore the realm of automation and the generational gap in acceptance of these changes. It's a fascinating aspect, observing the younger generation seamlessly integrate automation into their lives while their senior counterparts lean more towards the human touch. We discuss the potentials and pitfalls of AI creating attractive profiles for potential dates or employers, and the risk of job automation. But we also marvel at the exciting possibilities of AI playing matchmaker, possibly revolutionizing the process of finding the right person or job. 
Ever wonder what it's like to build businesses across continents and cultures? This episode takes us on a captivating journey with our guest, Joe Matz. Life in foreign lands may seem intimidating, but Joe's experiences are a testament to the potential richness it can add to your life. From learning Italian to maintaining work-life balance, his unique experiences of transitioning between languages and cultures, make for some interesting listening. 
Have you ever wondered how emotional intelligence can go wrong in the workplace?  In this episode Reggie and Lora, a seasoned social worker, look into the potential pitfalls of emotional intelligence in professional settings.Discover when it's best to step away and let someone find the help they need on their own, as we share our experiences and Laura's expertise on navigating these complex situations.
In this episode Reggie and Momma FoxFire dive deep into the topic of mental health and overcoming trauma. We explore the power of resilience and the process of reclaiming one's narrative. Whether you have experienced trauma or are seeking a better understanding of its impact, this episode will provide guidance.
In this episode Reggie and Dannielle talk about the role Streaming and A.I. are playing in the writer's strike. We also debate the pros and cons of A.I. companions 
In this episode Reggie and Doug talk about the repercussions for the economy as AI is projected to eliminate millions of jobs
In this episode Reggie and Jason talk about the relationship between money, happiness, and mental health. While money can increase happiness up to a certain point, beyond that, it doesn't necessarily lead to increased happiness. Financial stability can improve mental health outcomes, but it's not the only factor. 
Real Estate Nightmare

Real Estate Nightmare


In this episode Reggie and Dannielle talk about the dramatically changing landscape of real estate post covid.
Company and Culture

Company and Culture


In this episode, we tackle the controversial topic of whether businesses should cater to culture wars. Taking a public stance on cultural issues can alienate some customers, but companies have a responsibility to create an inclusive environment. Join us as we explore the pros and cons.
In this episode Reggie and Lora discuss if businesses should be forced to accommodate workers time off request for religious or other reasons 
-Woman gets arrested for walking her cow in Moscow-Man in Thailand gets caught with 67 pieces of underwear he stole then hung on a tree-Man "politely" robs Wells Fargo in Utah then waits for police to arrive-Woman starts Only Fans and makes $2000 a month insulting mens penises
Banking crisis

Banking crisis


In this episode Reggie and Doug talk about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and discuss whether it will lead to other banks failing 
Men and Loneliness

Men and Loneliness


In this episode Reggie and Jason talk about a recent increase in men and loneliness 
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