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Life To The Full with Nancy Campbell

Author: Nancy Campbell

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Nancy Campbell speaks personally to you from her home to yours. She shares about life in her home and on the “Hilltop” where lots of their family live, including Serene and Pearl of Trim Healthy Mama. But mostly, she shares truth and treasures from God’s Word about home, family, and motherhood. God’s way is the exciting way. It is LIFE TO THE FULL which you will discover as you listen to her podcasts.Nancy Campbell has been writing and speaking on biblical marriage, family, and motherhood for the last 48 years. She publishes Above Rubies, a magazine to bring strength and encouragement to wives and mothers. She has authored many books and writes a message to wives and mothers each day on Facebook, MeWe, Gab, Parler, USALife, Twitter, and Instagram. You can sign up for the Above Rubies magazine and find more exciting information on her website at
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Are the lamps burning in your home? Is the incense wafting up in your home? Are your children sharpened up with God's word? Are they fortified with truth and ready for end times?
You are the temple of the living God, a house of the Lord. Is every part of your life open to God's Spirit? Your home is also a house of the Lord? Is every room in your home open to God's scrutiny and light?
Introducing Julia Hughes from Idaho. Julia set out on her married life to be mechanic, but somehow, she was hooked into coming to an Above Rubies Ladies' Retreat. Everything she heard blew her mind, but she knew she couldn't deny the message. Little by little her mindset changed. That was 18 years ago! Today Julia is a mother of eight children! And guess what! This last weekend in Tennessee Julia attended her 34th Above Rubies retreat! I think she wins the prize for coming to the most retreats! Can anyone beat that?
What does God say in the New Testament about His people assembling together? What attitudes does God wants us to have about meeting together? We look at seven different attitudes which will completely change your attitudes to the positive instead of the negative.
Do you know what God says about Israel? What about the land? Do you have a biblical worldview on this subject? Do your children know God's mind on this subject? It is imperative that we know the Scriptures regarding Israel as it will affect our future destiny and the destiny of our children. Please don't miss this podcast.
God is the Great Shepherd of the sheep and loves to tend to His flock. We are the sheep of His pasture. Although we can have an individual relationship with the Lord, He looks upon His people as a flock. What does this mean?
What’s been happening on the Hilltop?God assembles His people at appointed times. Are we on time?
These are the words our government and the FBI call God-loving, children-loving, freedom-loving families. Bethany Vaughn is with me again today as she tells the horrific story of how the FBI kidnapped her husband in the early hours of the morning at gunpoint, without even showing a warrant! Do you really know what is happening in our country?www.stifledcry.combethanyvaughn.substack.com
Introducing Bethany Vaughn, wife of Paul Vaughn who faces 11 years in prison for saving babies. Bethany, mother of 11 children and 8 grandchildren (so far) tells the beginning of their story. And guess how Bethany was dressed when her husband proposed! Check it
We look at another Hebrew word for "assembling" today discovering many more  examples of how God loves to assemble His people and how He wants the whole  family included, from the oldest to the youngest-even the toddlers! Wow, what do we do with these little ones?
We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. Are you willing to assemble for the battle? You will hear some personal family stories on this podcast. 
A soldier cannot win a war on his own. He must be part of an army. We can't win our battles against Satan and evil on our own either. We need one another and we need to be part of a prayer army.
We discover more today of how much God loves the togethering and assembling of His people. He doesn't want anyone to miss out.
Today I discuss how God made plans for us to spend time with Him. God orders His kingdom and in His Word, He gives us daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly appointments to come into His presence and to assemble with one another. Check them out.
It begins with God who is the triune God and who live in fellowship together. God also created man for the purpose of communication and fellowship. We are not created for isolation but for togetherness. That’s why God planned marriage and family life. This is the most wholesome and healthy way to live. Join us as we discover this truth from Genesis to Revelation.
Colin and I continue talking about how to effectively feed the "inner man" of our children. This is more important than their bodies. Many children grow strong physically, but their spirits are starving. We must not let our children leave the table until we feed them body, soul, and spirit.
The table is more than a place to feed the hungry tummies of your children. It is where we feed the soul and the spirit. We feed the whole man. Who do we do this?
Do you know where tables originated? My husband, Colin and I talk about the power of the table in raising your children. Your children will rise to the value you put upon your table. How you portray the table will determine the behavior of your children.
Allison and I share another podcast together as we have many more things to share with you. We talk about the movie, SOUND OF FREEDOM (God's children are not for sale!"). Did you see it? We'd encourage you to get the DVD. This movie set us off on a tirade of the need for a new intensity of protective parenting. And what about smart phones? Do you allow your children to have them or not? We also discuss the pros and cons of young marriages.
The Hartman's are staying with us for July 4 week. Join with Allison and me as we talk about a lot of different issues including what we can do to strengthen our families rather than fragmenting them. We welcome you on board.
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Jennifer Stone

This is Powerful, magnanimous, convicting, encouraging, and needed!!!!!

May 3rd
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