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Life To The Full with Nancy Campbell

Author: Nancy Campbell

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Nancy Campbell speaks personally to you from her home to yours. She shares about life in her home and on the “Hill Top” where lots of their children and grandchildren live. She also shares with you insights and treasures from God’s Word about the home, family, and motherhood. Nancy Campbell has been writing and speaking on biblical marriage, family, and motherhood for the last 40 years. She publishes Above Rubies, a magazine to bring strength encouragement to wives and mothers. You can find more exciting information on our website at
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Mothering is work. The Bible says it is a GOOD WORK! And the rewards are coming. Don’t give up or give in!
Today you will meet Charity Jenkins. Charity had no intention of having a big family but today she has eight children. What changed? How can you trust God for more than two children? How can you trust God when your husband has no job? How can you trust God when you leave family and friends to move across country? Charity shares the answers to these questions.
Today you will meet Shavona Shaw, married to one of the Imperials (Southern Gospel Quartet). Shavona tells the story of how their little two-year-old son was suddenly taken from them by cancer and how God has enabled them to walk through this grieving trial with hope and victory.
FOOD TWINS. God associates many different things with food in the Bible. Come on in to discover them. We also find that God wants us to set an ordered table. And when we set an ordered table, our children will be more orderly at the table.
God also loves to fill us with good food. We talk about the table in this session. Do you know where tables originate? You'll be surprised to find out. We also talk about how God wants us to sit at our tables, rather than eat food "on the run."
More about the FILLED life. Filled with His presence, filled with His praises, filled with His goodness, and filled with His glory. God wants His Holy Spirit to shine from us? How can we do this?
How can you change your face from a sour, dreary face to a smiling, bright face? Learn the secret. And we talk about more FILLING Scriptures again today-even FILLED with laughter!
How can you be FILLED with joy, peace, hope, and all the fruits of the Spirit? Find out how we can make this work in the nitty gritty of everyday life. 
God is the God of the FULL HOUSE! God wants our homes filled and the land filled. Isaiah  45:18 says: “God that formed the earth, and made it . . . he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited.” What else does God want us to be filled with? Check it out.
Today I begin a new series, LIFE TO THE FULL. God does not want us to be half full but truly FULL Today we look at the very first FILL word in the Bible.
Today you will meet Cassie Fox, the Mom of 11 Sons! Baby No. 12 is coming. And guess what? It is another son! You will be blessed as you hear from Cassie who the doctors said would never be able to have children. She also endured many miscarriages, and they have one special needs son who is a blessing to the whole family.
This is the last podcast on this subject of clothing. We look at more Scriptures today to see what God has to say. It's amazing how much God has to say about the everyday things of our lives, even about how should dress.  The Bible even talks about jewelry. And what about fashion for our little children?
God wants us to dress femininely and like royalty. Did you know it is possible to dress femininely and yet not modestly? It is also possible to dress modestly and yet not femininely. How do we do it?
Allison Hartman joins me again as we talk about dressing in a way to glorify God. And we continue discussing how to teach our children God's ways in the midst of a worldly culture.
We discover today that God's plan for clothing is to cover, not uncover. Allison Hartman from Pensacola joins me as we talk about how we can teach our daughters to dress biblically without getting into legality.
God is clothed in glory. He also wants us to clothe ourselves with glory. He wants us to dress in a way that represents His glorious, majestic, and royal kingdom. What does this mean? How can we make this happen in our lives?
God is clothed with glory and honor, but the amazing revelation is that He wants to clothe us with glory too! He brings His glory right down to the nitty gritty of our lives. He wants us to hold on to the glory He has given us. Find out how you are God's glorious "footstool' on this earth.
What is happening behind your four walls? Are you going for gold, or are you living a replacement lifestyle? Check it out.
King Rehoboam exchanged gold for brass. What are we experiencing in our lives as wives and mothers? Are we living the gold, or have we exchanged it for brass?
King Rehoboam inherited the richest kingdom in the world in his day. In only five years everything was taken away! We must hold fast that which we have!
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Jennifer Stone

This is Powerful, magnanimous, convicting, encouraging, and needed!!!!!

May 3rd
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