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Author: Paul J Daly

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Weekly, digestible insights on business experiences and interpersonal communications from Paul J Daly, an entrepreneur who built a one-man wheel repair organization into a multi-million dollar car dealership reconditioning partner. After his business was acquired by the largest national reconditioning company, Paul J Daly is focusing on his second start-up, Congruent, a brand-first creative marketing agency based out of Syracuse, NY. Paul utilizes Congruent's creative horse-power to push brands to clarity in all aspects of their organization; messaging, company culture, operations, and everything in between. Clarity is an element that, once you find it, everything else in life starts to fall into place.
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There is a dark side to visionary leaders that often gets lost in the midst of the allure and appeal of progress. It’s like many relationships in life where we overlook the downside because the upside is good. In reality, BOTH sides of behaviors are effecting your ability to move forward and grow. So, who showed up for work today? The visionary or the arsonist?
I’m dating myself when I tell you that, as a kid, I played a game called “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out” on the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). In real life, Mike Tyson was an insane boxer to watch. Full of power and antics. A real entertainer out of the ring and straight-up vicious inside the ring, often knocking out opponents in seconds.
Have you ever chopped down a tree with an axe? I have! Swing after swing, I became tired, exhausted and almost had to stop. One of the worst moments was when I stood there breathing heavily with two thirds of the trees diameter cut out and the tree seems just as solid as it did when I took the first swing. It was crazy!
It’s not easy to walk through an airport backwards, recording a podcast … ESPECIALLY when everyone else’s eyes are glued to their phones! But then I thought to myself: there’s a daily opportunity that your brand DOESN’T want to miss.
I had a conversation about a brand experience I just couldn’t ignore. More than that, I couldn’t bear NOT sharing it with you because of it’s timely relevance.
Every company starts with a story. Usually that story revolves around a person and a problem they are out to solve. Today is no different. When I spent some time with Carvana CEO, Ernie Garcia a while back we saved a good portion of the interview to release after the initial segment.
On this week’s show I thought it was a good idea to bring it back to basics…one camera, one voice, one mic and one goal. To have you walk away with one small moment of clarity you can deploy TODAY in order to move closer to person you want to be.
One thing I’ve learned throughout my life is that leadership is not a respecter of industry, age, situation or just about anything else. Leaders understand how to serve.
It’s been two weeks and I’m STILL having flashbacks about how awesome ClarityCon 2019 was… seriously! I know I touched on the event last week, and how empathy was a key theme across all the speakers, BUT... the reason I threw the event needs to be told, too.
Phew… My very first live event, ClarityCon 2019. went down last and it was a HUGE success.
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