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Never have I ever met a more passionate therapist than my first interaction with John. He is a Certified Massage Therapist in California and is on a mission to build a community of therapists to exchange ideas, learn from each other, promote therapist self care, vent to, share ideas, and generally just elevate the profession by helping each other out. He’s a breath of fresh air in a world that can often be full of negativity and his leadership skills, supportive nature, and laid back personality made him a really cool guest. Not to mention he drops f- bombs just like us! Check out John’s Facebook group, Extra Life Massage Therapy to join a growing network of Massage Therapists who will be your biggest cheerleaders! | |
Robert has many years experience in our profession and has built quite a career by constantly having the desire to learn more to better help his patients. Through research, tons of reading, and continuing education, Robert was able to develop his treatment approach which has yielded amazing results in his practice. As a true leader in the RMT community, he has worked to advance our profession by teaching what he knows, writing a book, and continuing to add value through research. On this episode we talk about self awareness, deciphering what continuing education to invest in, dealing with the haters, and of course Robert’s courses and book. You can find more about Robert’s work at | |
Krista is a Registered Massage Therapist in Nova Scotia and has had a passion for safe touch since she was 5! Her passion for Massage may have even landed her in the Principal’s office in high school. She became a RMT in the early 2000’s and hasn’t lost her love of Massage one bit. Krista is now in the final stages of becoming an author with her first book set to be available in fall 2022 entitled Confessions of a Massage Table. In this book she shares client stories from her many years as a therapist…and don’t worry…Her clients are her biggest support system and have been encouraging her to write this book and giving consent for her to use their stories…anonymously of course. Listen to hear a sneak peak of some of the entertaining stuff we will get to read in this book! | |
Megan is a Registered Massage Therapist and founder of Slow Medicine Company in Toronto. We invited her in to talk about her company and her journey through massage. Megan is a yoga instructor and was the person who got Amanda interested in yoga many years ago with her unique style of helping her students gain more body awareness and mind body connection into their practice. We didn’t expect the conversation that developed but we got to hear a beautiful story of Megan’s unique journey from leaving home as a teen, travelling alone as a young girl, gaining self awareness, and ultimately deciding on a career as a massage therapist. Listen to a story about another amazing human who helps other humans. | |
We had a sit down with 2 people from the Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association (CMMOTA). We met Heather, the Executive Director, and April, the conference coordinator, at the CMMOTA spring conference this past May in Saskatchewan. These two women really strive to provide a supportive environment for therapists and bring quality education and advocacy for their members. We have been invited back to their fall conference next month and we are so excited to work with them and the awesome therapists we will meet in Alberta. The conference is open to both members and non members so listen to hear what this association is up to! | |
Julie has been practicing Massage Therapy since before she was old enough to have a license! More than half of her life has been spent taking care of others and at a certain point she realized that she had never really learned to take care of herself. Through a lot of self discovery, Julie recognized what might be missing for Massage Therapists in their training and what the term “self care” truly means. Now as a Massage Therapy educator in BC, Julie wants to be sure that therapists truly understand how to communicate with their patients, how to deal with certain situations, and how to be sure that they aren’t burning out mentally, physically, or emotionally before it’s too late. Listen to us talk about how different self care can look for each of us and if we have ever experienced burn out. You can also listen to 2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone Podcast from our website | | Subscribe on all major podcast platforms
We had Monica, the owner of Atinama Massage Therapy, on the couch to tell us all about her journey this far as a clinic owner in Toronto and how she got to where she is today. Her clinic has been in operation for 10 years now and we wanted to have her come share her story. Monica tells us all about her training in Ayurveda, how it impacted her education, the way she practices, and ultimately how it is influencing her plans for her future. She describes herself as fearless and we agree! She has gotten to where she is today by being adventurous, trusting her gut, being open to opportunity, and putting in the work to build a practice that suits her lifestyle. Listen to this unique story and learn where the unique name came from… | |
Our favourite guys from Noterro are back to tell us what they have been cooking up. Most of you likely know by now that they have a really cool new patient portal available as an app that will make everything more efficient for you and your patients. If you know, you know…if you’re not using Noterro in your practice, take a listen to this…it may change your mind!
Joanna is a business strategist that works with innovative holistic practitioners, personal trainers, and bodyworkers that have the passion, the technical skills, and know how when it comes to their work but still there is something missing. Joanna’s background as a business owner in the fitness industry taught her that even the best and most knowledgeable practitioners that have the appearance of being successful because they are “busy” might not be living up to their fullest potential. For the last 5 years or so, Joanna has shifted her career to focus on helping innovative practitioners learn how to implement specific strategies to become the type of leader that has a lucrative, self- sufficient practice that allows for the business owners to be wildly successful versus busy! Listen to Joanna’s story to learn how to have a business that reflects your own passion for your work.
Charlie is an avid listener and has opinions on many of the topics we discuss. She originally wanted to come on for a good old unprofessional hour but we wanted to just hang out, talk, and see where the night took us. We talked about getting into the profession, her journey through the last 15 years, and many thoughts about the college, the role of schools in weeding out inappropriate therapists, and the ongoing conversation about healthcare versus service and where Massage Therapy fits in.
Janette is an Athletic Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist that has renamed herself a perinatal therapist because she focuses her practice on the most intense sport in the world…pregnancy. Janette knows how to get an athlete back on the field and she realized that there isn’t the same care and rehabilitation for the most gruelling sport with a 100% guarantee of injury at the end. Pregnancy, labour, and delivery, affect a persons body immensely and it is even more intense when it ends in major surgery- a cesarean section. So what do we need to do? Step one…ask Janette! Listen to someone who talks real about pregnancy, labour, delivery, and post-partum care and is doing some amazing work to ensure these athletes get back to their optimum function.
Check out this sit down we had with Jeffrey, a RMT practicing in Pickering, ON. Listen in as we get down to some real talk with the usual nonsense sprinkled in the middle. We rap about a childhood accident which left Jeffrey with one functioning eye, a bar fight in his early 20s which injured his other eye, meditation and martial arts-how it helped him to overcome depression and helped his daughter to deal with a bully, dealing some of the stuff the comes with being a black male massage therapist, and his passion for acting...
Check out this remastered episode from Season 1, the first of our Hanging with Entrepreneurs series. Check out this sit down we had with Jason Campbell, co-owner of Modern Theory Institute, an Education and Skills Training Centre with 3 locations across Ontario Canada. Listen in as we crack open a couple of beers and talk about being kicked out of University, taking a stab at the film industry, and breaking the rules.
Check out this remastered episode from Season 1. Lidiya Yermakova is a Lawyer in Toronto. She has represented professionals before complaints and discipline committees, the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, the Superior Court of Justice and the Divisional Court. Listen in as we rap about things to consider when dealing with the regulatory body and how having the proper representation is something you need!! You don't know what you don't know...
Check out this remastered episode of Under The Sheets from Season 1. We had a sit down with Ross in his home office in London, Ontario. Ross is a Classical Musician, a Registered Massage Therapist, and a self proclaimed nerd. Listen in as Ross talks about his journey into Massage Therapy, death, the need to take care of others, the quest to learn as much as his brain will allow, unique living situations, unforeseen life discoveries and the process of adaptation. We get down do the real, the raw, the pure naked moments of conversation...
Sue is a repeat guest and fellow podcaster. We met in 2019 when Sue had gone inactive for personal reasons and since then she has become a podcast host (twice!) and co-hosts the “Every Body Holds a Story” podcast, became an author (again), editor, coach, and back to doing hands on body work. She has had an interesting career as a therapist but is now considering retirement. We talk about some of the reasons RMTs are leaving the profession, how Sue has managed to create other streams of income in this profession and the realm of helping others, and what her career path might look like if RMT is not her title. Sue is offering a virtual space for those who need a little help in getting going on a new project. Her Global Grounding Community has a “Create What you’re Meant to Create” group where you can find support, encouragement, and ideas to get moving towards your goals. Get in touch with Sue here:
Birthday Month Series continues... check out this remastered throwback to our first season. We chose this episode because it speaks to an attempt to understand a human's experience with open ears, searching eyes, and non-judgement intentions. How else are we to learn?? Stephen came by our office to shed some much needed light on the topic of alcohol and drug addiction. This is not information that you will get from a textbook, an academic journal, or a medical professional...this is the real life story of a courageous individual who candidly shares is life story with us. Stephen has struggled with addiction and is now is a place of being many years clean and sober. Listen in as he talks about life - his struggle with substance abuse of alcohol and crack cocaine, the cycle of being in and out of rehab, the role of his sponsor in helping him deal with his "soul sickness".
Birthday Month Celebration Series. In celebration of our birthday month, check out this remastered throwback to our first season. Listen in to our 1st episode of the Under the Sheets series. We sat down with an old friend Olivia, Registered Massage Therapist and Fitness Competitor. This conversation gave birth to this new series. The original intent was to speak about her journey into fitness, but it quickly turned into a candid conversation about her life- work, fitness, marriage, life, death, and becoming self aware. It's raw, it's pure, it's real...check it out!!! We dedicate this remastered release to Olivia's mother. The week after we recorded this episode Olivia found out that her mother pasted away 11 months earlier without her knowledge.
In celebration of our birthday month, check out this remastered throwback to our first season. This month we will continue to fire off new guests for your entertainment, but we are also throwing you back to the early days before some of you were on board with the 2 RMTs and a Mic crew. So sit back, open your ears real wide, and enjoy this throwback episode with Mark and Robert.... Are you a Manual Therapist or Fitness Professional interested in adding something new to your tool box? Check out this sit down we had with an old friend Robert Glean. Robert is a Registered Massage Therapist and instructor of Fasical Stretch Therapy with a company called Stretch to Win. Listen in as we talk FST, manual therapy, some reminiscing, and music. Visit to get in touch with Robert.
If a person could be the definition of go-getter, it might be our guest, Dylan. We had her on the podcast in 2020 when the RMTAO featured her in their member spotlight and she was published in Massage Therapy Today. 2 years later and this therapist has continued to kick some gluteals in our profession. She is the lead therapist at her clinic, a board member with the RMTAO, and she has her own line of muscle trading cards and study guides to help students and therapists who need to brush up on anatomy, physiology, pathology, and more! She has displayed no signs of having any intent to slow down and even said she is living her dream. We wanted to pick the brain of someone who is always moving onto the next project and find out how her brain works and what motivates her. Whatever it is we should all be thankful!
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You love massage and you often don’t have enough time to get a massage. But sometimes you need to think about yourself so take a break, to help you relax v day spa in rancho cucamonga .

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Robyn Hunter

I started listening to this as background noise but it's caught my attention enough that I'm adding to my watch list for replay later. You guys touched on so many things that resonated with me about either myself or a couple friends. I'll be sending them a link after I replay. Thanks for touching on this subject. There is a lot we can do for clients that have had these experiences to make them feel accepted and comfortable with touch therapy.

Jul 13th

Brandi D

Really enjoyed this guy!

Apr 14th

Brandi D

damn dude...he has the flow

Nov 27th
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I would like to have them back again

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I LOVE the unprofessional hour!!! Been quietly listening for a while and look forward to these. THANK YOU!

Nov 18th
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