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This is the podcast where you will hear real basketball coaching conversations. Whether you are a new or experienced coach at any level of basketball these coaching conversations will give you practical ideas to stimulate your coaching and make what you do even better.
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Guest: Megan Griffith, Columbia Head CoachColumbia head coach Megan Griffith joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on developing people, creating culture, and building community.Griffith has ushered in a new era of Columbia women's basketball. Her six-year tenure as head coach has combined to be the winningest six-year stretch in the NCAA Division I history of the program. Over that time, the Lions have earned seven power-conference wins, including their first victories over opponents from the ACC and Big East. Columbia has also qualified for the Ivy League Tournament in each of its last two seasons, playing in the championship game in 2021-22 before accepting the program's first bid to the Women's National Invitational Tournament (WNIT).The 2021-22 season was a landmark year as the team had its winningest season in program history, going 25-7 overall with a 12-2 Ivy League record.Breakdown1:00 - Columbia Basketball Program3:00 - Culture and Core Values5:00 - Communication9:00 - Defensive Communication12:00 - Foundation Things on Offense15:00 - Changing the Culture20:00 - Conversation24:00 - Better Practice24:29 - 25:03 - Basketball Immersion AD 202327:00 - Journaling35:00 - Wellness Check38:00 - Greetings and Handshakes39:30 - Buddy System43:00 - Journey Meetings48:00 - Unbalanced as Coaches51:00 - Multiple ExperiencesMegan Griffith’s Bio:Bio: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Seth Greenberg, ESPN College Basketball BroadcasterESPN college basketball broadcaster Seth Greenberg joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on coaching, college basketball, and educating players. Prior to becoming an analyst for ESPN Greenberg was a coach for 34 years, the last 22 as a head coach. Greenberg has been the head coach at Long Beach State, the University of South Florida, and Virginia Tech. He was a two-time ACC Coach of the Year. Prior to becoming a head coach, Greenberg was an assistant coach at Columbia, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Miami and Long Beach State. Breakdown1:00 - Knowledge on Broadcasts5:00 - Access to Coaches8:00 - Imitating Coaches13:00 - Relationship on Players15:30 - Evolution of the Game20:00 - Coaching Them Hard25:55 - 26:36 - Immersion Video Ad26:00 - Philosophy Behind Meetings30:30 - Resist Trends36:00 - The Modern Game39:00 - Two-Way Contract43:30 - College Basketball46:30 - Set of Rules Internationally50:00 - CFL52:00 - Shot Clock on High School Level53:00 - Conclusion Seth Greenberg’s Bio:Bio: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Jen Oliver, Entrepreneur, a Mother of two daughters, the Author of the International Best Selling Book, “The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood”Chris and Jen Oliver join the Basketball Podcast to discuss learning, unlearning and relearning and so much more from their experiences coaching, playing, and sharing the game. Jen Oliver is an entrepreneur, a mother of two daughters, and the author of the international bestselling book, The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood. Jen is an internationally recognized public speaker and has been a consultant, coach, and mentor for many successful online businesses and entrepreneurs since she started her first podcast in 2008.  As an Online Business Development and Mindset Coach, Podcaster, and TEDx Speaker, Jen Oliver inspires, educates, and motivates entrepreneurs around the globe to follow their vision for themselves and to do it with love. What she is most passionate about is spreading the message she draws on from science and mind-body data to support entrepreneurs in being their own biggest ally in business, relationships, and life. Jen has almost 1.8 million views on her viral TEDx talk, “How to Love Yourself to the Core” Breakdown1:00 - Basketball Immersion Podcast4:00 - Resistance7:00 - Decision Training11:30 - Practice with their Daughters14:00 - Asking Questions18:30 - Making Decisions21:00 - Technical Information24:00 - Human Interactions27:00 - New Variables to Practice29:00 - Messy32:30 - Concept of Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn36:00 - Learning New Things39:00 - Adaptable41:35 - 42:10 - Basketball Immersion AD43:30 - Player's Perspective46:00 - Rabbit Hole50:00 - Summer League55:00 - Sharing Experiences57:00 - Five-Page Essay1:00:00 - Psychological Safety1:01:00 - To Be Creative and Free1:04:00 - Active Participants1:08:00 - Enjoying The Sport1:10:00 - Limited in the Game1:14:00 - People Involvement1:16:00 - Premium Podcast and Bonus Materials Jen Oliver’s Bio:Bio: - Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Ben Taylor, Founder of Thinking BasketballThe founder of Thinking Basketball Ben Taylor joins the Basketball Podcast to challenge and dive deeper into new and old basketball concepts that can help our coaching. Ben Taylor is the founder of the Thinking Basketball YouTube channel, podcast and author of Thinking Basketball the book. In all his platforms, Taylor goes deeper on basketball analysis, history, philosophy and theory. Thinking Basketball challenges a number of common beliefs about the game by taking a deep dive into the patterns and history of the NBA. He explores how certain myths arose while using our own cognition as a window into the game's popular narratives.  He is a behavioral scientist who loves basketball. He has had his blog in some form or another since 2011. Since then he has developed a bunch of historical metrics, hand-tracked hundreds of games, tried to start a basketball data company, written a book about basketball and cognition, and started creating podcasts / YouTube content about the NBA. Breakdown1:00 - Difficult Concepts5:00 - Cognitive Scientist8:00 - Applied Science11:00 - Not Connecting Perception13:30 - Data Gathering15:00 - Evaluating Their Defense17:00 - Old vs New School Thinking20:00 - Advocating Coaches22:00 - Lob Pass24:30 - Passing28:30 - Yoga31:17 - 32:00 - Membership Sales Ads32:00 - Split Cut34:00 - The Right Structure38:00 - Coaching Perspective42:00 - Concept of pre Switching46:00 - Adaptability50:00 - Overload Concept55:00 - NBA Skill Sets59:00 - Goal of Offense1:02:00 - Empowering Players Ben Taylor’s Bio:Website: Thinking Basketball - - ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Episode 248: Gordon Herbert, Philosophy, Roles, and IdentityGuest: Gordon Herbert, German National Team Head CoachGerman National Team head coach Gordon Herbert joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on philosophy, roles and identity. Herbert has extensive experience having coached throughout Europe, most notably in the German League and the Euroleague, and in the NBA as an assistant coach with the Toronto Raptors, and the Georgian national team and the Canadian National Team. In September 2021, he was named head coach of the Germany national team. He guided the German team to a bronze medal at the 2022 European Championships. He also has coaching titles, winning the Basketball Bundesliga: 2003–04, the FIBA Europe Cup: 2015–16, the French Cup: 2006–07 and the Finnish Cup: 2009. Breakdown1:00 - National Team2:00 - Importance of Roles4:00 - Organization and Creativity6:00 - Concept of Spacing10:00 - Triggers14:00 - Offensive Advantage16:00 - Adjustments on the Wings21:00 - Influence of Hockey25:00 - FACC Program25:35 - 26:20 - Membership Sales Ad28:00 - Three Factors30:30 - Teaching Defense33:00 - Player Enjoyment36:00 - Defensive Decisions39:00 - Special Situations43:00 - Coaching with Nick Nurse45:00 - Pace in Practice52:00 - Sorting Roles to the Players55:00 - Conclusion Gordon Herbert’s Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Joe Crispin, Rowan Head CoachRowan head coach Joe Crispin joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on offense wins and how to help players enjoy the game more. As Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Rowan University, Joe Crispin has advanced the team to the NCAA Division III Championships and been selected as the NABC Atlantic District Coach of the Year and the Atlantic Region Coach of the Year. Prior to being named head coach, Joe spent two seasons as the assistant coach for both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams at Rowan University. Joe Crispin is also the primary director for Crispin Basketball where he runs various camps, clinics, and club teams throughout the year. He focuses his energy on our overall development philosophy and programs. He enjoyed an extensive and successful playing career that has seen him play basketball for 28 different coaches. Breakdown1:00 - Offensive Tempo and Creating Pace6:00 - Have Fun11:00 - Mantra13:00 - Basics of Walking16:00 - Half and Full Court18:00 - Structure the Workout21:30 - Fundamentals25:00 - Three-Leg Program28:00 - Playing in the Triangle32:00 - Constraint-Led Approach35:19 - 36:04 - Membership Sales Ads37:00 - Game Situations39:30 - Constraints of the Shot Clock42:00 - Security vs Pressure49:30 - Importance of Recruiting52:00 - Creating Decisions55:30 - Changing Mentality1:02:00 - Mindset for Success1:07:00 - Part of the Process Joe Crispin’s Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Trevor Woodruff, Bucknell Head CoachBucknell head coach Trevor Woodruff joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on defense and mindset, and how it has made an impact everywhere he has coached. Through three seasons with the Bison, Woodruff has compiled an outstanding 57-17 (.770) overall record, including a 40-10 (.800) mark against Patriot League opponents. On top of that, Bucknell is 30-5 (.857) when playing at home under Woodruff and 4-2 (.667) in Patriot League Tournament contests. For his career, Trevor Woodruff owns a 170-27 (.863) record coaching NCAA women’s basketball and a 329-162 (.670) overall NCAA basketball record when factoring in his 11 seasons as the men’s coach at Misericordia. In all, Woodruff has eight conference titles, 11 appearances in national postseason tournaments, and 10 Coach of the Year awards. Breakdown1:00 - Defensive Conviction4:00 - Offense6:00 - Mindset Training7:30 - Drills and Live Play10:00 - Non Negotiables14:00 - Ball Screen Defense16:00 - Passing Piece20:00 - Connecting Things to Mindset25:00 - Practice Plan29:38 - 30:23 - Membership Sales Ads30:30 - Weak Side33:30 - Base Defense38:30 - Weak Defensive Concepts41:00 - Challenges43:00 - Variability46:00 - Emphasis on Recovering50:00 - Shift52:00 - Offensive and Defensive Talent55:00 - Conclusion Trevor Woodruff’s Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Roy Rana, International CoachInternational coach Roy Rana joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on building an unbreakable mindset and a defensive base with adaptability. Roy Rana is a Canadian professional basketball coach who is the head coach for the Kyoto Hannaryz of the B.League and head coach of the Egyptian men's national basketball team. Rana served as head coach for Canada's Senior Men's National Team during the 2019 FIBA World Cup Americas Qualifiers where he led Canada to a 10-2 record and a first-place finish in Group F to secure a 2019 FIBA World Cup bid. Rana was a guest coach at the NBA Summer League for the Utah Jazz in 2014 and the San Antonio Spurs in 2015. In 2019, Rana was hired as an assistant coach by the Sacramento Kings of the NBA where he served in that role for three seasons. Rana has incredible international experience serving as the national team head coach for Canada at the senior level on down to the youth level. Most notably in 2017, Rana led Canada to the FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup title, the nation’s first-ever title in the tournament. He also served as Germany’s lead assistant at the Tokyo Olympics last summer. Breakdown1:00 - Opportunities5:00 - Evolved Philosophy8:00 - Defensive Base10:00 - Heels14:00 - Scout16:00 - Professional Schedule20:00 - Driven by Imports22:30 - Defending Isolations23:30 - Analytics26:03 - 26:47 - Membership Sales Ad27:00 - Adaptability29:00 - Building Base32:00 - Natural Questioning34:30 - International Competition37:00 - Unbreakable Mindset39:00 - Player Development42:00 - Takeaways from the NBA45:00 - High School Coaching49:00 - Canada Basketball52:00 - Egypt Basketball55:00 - Conclusion  Roy Rana’s Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Gary Williams, Hall of Fame Basketball CoachHall of Fame coach Gary Williams joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on the flex offense, full-court pressure, and removing the grey areas. Gary Williams is the winningest head basketball coach in Maryland history. During his 22 seasons at the helm, the Terrapins went 461-252, a winning percentage of .646. His tenure included 14 NCAA tournament berths, seven Sweet 16 appearances, back-to-back trips to the Final Four, and the 2002 national championship. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014 and has the basketball court at the Xfinity Center named after him. Breakdown1:00 - Introduction3:00 - Flex Offense5:00 - Removing Down Screen9:00 - Less Structured13:00 - Manipulation and Flexibility16:00 - Vs. Pressure18:00 - Vs. Switching24:00 - Triangle Influence26:30 - Three Point Line29:24 - 30:08 - Membership Sales AD30:09 - Toughness33:00 - Press Defense37:00 - Sideline Press Defense40:30 - Points Per Possession43:00 - Playing Full Court47:00 - Remove The Grey Area51:00 - Cross Matchups and Press54:00 - Press Break59:00 - Playing 5-on-5 Press1:00:00 - The Current Game Gary Williams’ Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Randy Norton, UAB Head Coach UAB head coach Randy Norton joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on communication, attitude, and solution-based coaching. Since Randy Norton arrived on campus in 2013, he has guided the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) to at least 15 wins in seven of the last eight seasons. From 2017-2020, he led the Green and Gold to three consecutive 20 win seasons for the first time in school history. He led UAB to its first C-USA Regular Season title in 2017-18. Randy Norton was named the 2017-18 C-USA Coach of the Year after leading the Blazers to a record-setting 27-7 overall record and a 13-3 conference record. The Blazers have finished with 12 or more conference wins from 2017-2020. Breakdown1:00 - Work On Their Own6:00 - Positive Things During Practice9:00 - Useless Information11:00 - Timeouts and Coaching15:30 - Communication18:00 - Mental Toughness22:00 - Thinking Solutions27:00 - Being Proactive28:12 - 28:59 - Membership Sales Ads30:00 - UAB Player-Led Development33:00 - 5-and-538:00 - One on One43:00 - Competition46:00 - Shooting Drills51:00 - Challenges Coaching Randy Norton’s Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Tricia Cullop, Toledo Head Coach Toledo head coach Tricia Cullop joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on how to build by culture and the blue collar gold standard. As the winningest coach in University of Toledo Women’s Basketball history, Head Coach Tricia Cullop has transformed the program into a nationally-recognized powerhouse. The 2022 WBCA Carol Eckman Integrity in Coaching Award is a testament to her success in creating space for authenticity and community on and off the court throughout her 30-year coaching career. Under her leadership, Toledo has made nine trips to the postseason and has hung five championship banners, including a postseason WNIT title in 2011, a MAC Championship in 2017, and three MAC regular-season championships (2010-11, 2012-13, and 2021-22). The Rockets’ 2011 WNIT Championship was the first major postseason tournament title won by a Mid-American Conference team. Cullop has been named MAC Coach of the Year a record-tying four times (2009, 2011, 2013, and 2022). Breakdown1:00 - Conversation Around Lynn Roberts8:00 - Done It That Way11:00 - Mindset Training14:00 - Challenges During COVID17:00 - Built By Culture20:30 - Blue Collar Gold Standard22:00 - Great Schedule25:00 - Playing Man to Man27:56 - 28:41 - Membership Sales Ad29:00 - Adavantages of Switching35:00 - Rebounding38:00 - Special Situation41:00 - Constructive Criticism46:00 - Captain Ideas49:00 - Highlights and Lowlights51:00 - Individual Freedom53:00 - Ball Screens55:00 - Perception Precedes Communication Tricia Cullop’s Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Tom Hovasse, Japan National Men’s Team Head Coach Japan National Men's Team head coach Tom Hovasse joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on the 5-Out offense style of play and Japanese Basketball. During his career as head coach of the Japanese women’s basketball team, Tom Hovasse did what no one thought possible, leading the team to silver at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Tom is now channeling his skills into coaching the Japanese men’s team. Tom played college basketball at Penn State and played professionally from 1989 to 2001, including a brief stint with the Atlanta Hawks and 10 seasons for teams in Japan.He also served as assistant coach to the Japanese national team at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where the Japan team made it as far as the quarterfinals. Breakdown1:00 - Japan Women's Team Success3:00 - Adapting 5-Out System5:00 - Mirroring8:30 - Creating Gaps13:00 - Calling Plays16:00 - Freedom From Choice18:00 - Overload Spacing21:00 - Screens24:00 - 24:46 - Membership Sales Ads25:00 - Tagging Up Concept28:00 - Offensive Rebounding System32:00 - Putting in Long Hours36:00 - Following Structure41:00 - Best Roster44:00 - Conclusion Tom Hovasse’ Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Ted Hotaling, New Haven Head Coach New Haven head coach Ted Hotaling joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on seeking basketball solutions to our questions as coaches. With 173 career victories, Ted Hotaling stands second among nine head coaches in the history of the New Haven men’s basketball program and, with 27 more wins, would become just the second coach in program history to win 200 career games. The 2022-23 season will mark his 12th season strolling the sidelines of Charger Gymnasium. Ted Hotaling led the Chargers to back-to-back appearances in the Northeast-10 Conference Championship game, a pair of nine total appearances in the conference tournament under his tutelage. In addition, Hotaling’s teams have earned four bids to the NCAA Division II National Tournament, the most recent coming in 2022. Breakdown1:00 - Basketball Solution To Our Questions5:00 - Silence Condense8:00 - Skill Execution10:00 - Connection13:00 - Three Seconds15:00 - Clips of Turnover17:00 - Advance Stats21:00 - Shot Selection23:00 - System and Talent26:00 - Practice28:00 - Game of Change27:32 - 28:18 - Membership Sales Ad30:00 - Time Management32:00 - Playing More 5-on-535:00 - Weak vs Strong Hand Finish37:30 - Audition42:00 - Individual Close Outs43:30 - Offensive Philosophy47:00 - Book Phrase49:00 - Learning Language51:00 - Culture Around The Program Ted Hotaling’s Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Daniel Abrahams, Sport Psychologist. Consultant, Author, Blogger and Podcaster Sport psychologist. consultant, author, blogger and podcaster Daniel Abrahams joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on psychology, coaching and skilled performance. Dan Abrahams is a sport psychologist working alongside individuals, teams, coaches and organizations globally. He is known for his passion to de-mystify sport psychology and for creating simple to use performance techniques. He is the author of four best-selling sport psychology books and is the founder of both the Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy and The Sport Psych Show podcast. A former professional golfer and PGA qualified, Dan has a First Class Honors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Sport Psychology. He is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), meaning he is an accredited psychologist and bound by the HCPC’s code of conduct which emphasizes confidentiality, evidence of professional development, safe practice, and standards of proficiency. Breakdown1:00 - Engagement6:00 - Concept of Performance11:30 - Scaffolding16:00 - Variability21:00 - Small Sided Games24:00 - Player Led Development Time26:00 - Feedback30:00 - Asking Questions32:00 - Value of Review Sections37:00 - Retrival and Space Rehearsal37:24 - 38:09 - Membership Sales Ads46:00 - Memory Consolidation53:00 - Retrieval Practice Rehearsal55:00 - Persuade yourself1:00:00 - Coach to Player Conversation1:02:00 - Psychological Safety1:08:00 - Conclusion Daniel Abrahams’ Bio:Bio/Website: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Rob Lanier, SMU Head Coach  SMU head coach Rob Lanier joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on coach speak and his core values for his program. SMU head coach Rob Lanier to the Basketball Podcast. Lanier has more than 30 years as a collegiate coach including as an associate head coach or assistant coach at Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Rutgers, St. Bonaventure, and seven seasons as a head coach at Siena and Georgia State. He has been a part of teams that have made 12 NCAA Tournaments and earned 19 total postseason bids. Those teams also have five conference titles, three regular season championships and two tournament crowns, plus five more trips to a league tournament final. In his three seasons prior to SMU at Georgia State, the team went 53-30, winning the Sun Belt Tournament in 2022 and advancing to the NCAA Tournament and the program’s first win over an ACC opponent. Breakdown1:00 - Introduction6:00 - Coaches Own Voice8:00 - Coaching Experience15:00 - Georgia State20:00 - Transitioning to SMU23:16 - 24:03 - Membership Sales Ad25:00 - Family29:00 - 3 Core Values33:00 - Coaching at SMU36:00 - Sharing the Value38:00 - Advice to Older Coaches41:30 - Advice to Younger Coaches43:30 - Big Time Success Rob Lanier’s Bio:Bio: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Brian Morehouse, Hope College Head Coach Hope College head coach Brian Morehouse joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on culture and the Hope College We Pyramid. Brian Morehouse '91 has developed the Hope College women's basketball team into one of the nation's elite programs during his tenure, guiding the Flying Dutch to national championships in 2022 and 2006 and a national runner-up finish in 2010. Brian Morehouse has been chosen as the Division III National Coach of the Year three times by the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (2021, 2020, 2006). He was also named Division III Coach of the Year by (2019-20). Through the 2022-23 season, the Flying Dutch have won 658 games and 17 Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association championships. Brian Morehouse teams have made 20 NCAA Division III Tournament appearances. Morehouse has been named the Michigan Collegiate women's basketball coach of the year by the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan four times in his career (2001-02, 2007-08, 2011-12, 2015-16). Morehouse is ranked among Division III's elite active coaches by winning percentage. After the 2022-23 season, he is ranked second in winning percentage (87.4%). Breakdown1:00 - Consistency of Success5:00 - We Mentality9:00 - National Championship13:30 - Tweaking15:00 - Six Things19:30 - Connecting Stats to Practice23:00 - Adding Resources26:00 - Data and Evidences28:30 - We Celebrate32:27 - 33:12 - MEMBERSHIP SALES AD34:00 - We Appreciate37:00 - We Show Up39:00 - We Believe In47:00 - What Coaching Is51:00 - Gratitude53:00 - We Mentality Impact1:00:00 - Conclusion Brian Morehouse’ Bio:Bio: Courtney Kust Bio:Bio: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Paul Sather, University of North Dakota Head Coach University of North Dakota head coach Paul Sather joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on heart touches, Don Meyer, and effective terminology. Armed with a collegiate coaching résumé that includes 24 years and a head coaching record of 303-169 Sather has built a pair of national-contending basketball teams at his two head coaching stops, Black Hills State and Northern State. Prior to that, he was a five-year assistant at Northern State, his alma mater, under legendary head coach Don Meyer. Paul Sather had tremendous success at Northern State University. In his last year as head coach, the Wolves were the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament champions, finishing the league schedule with an 18-4 record, part of a 30-6 league mark in the past two seasons. Sather's team led the NSIC in scoring defense, scoring margin, 3-point field goal percentage defense, and assists. In addition, NSU sat sixth nationally in 3-point field goal percentage. Breakdown1:00 - Working with Don Meyer5:00 - Favorite Quote7:00 - Coaching at Different Levels11:00 - Heart Touches14:00 - Heart Touch Goal16:30 - Footwork19:00 - Getting to the Paint22:00 - Developing a Post Player24:00 - Motion Concept28:00 - Fronting the Post29:20 - 30:04 - Membership Sales Ads30:00 - System of Talk33:00 - S.V.P.T.A.M36:00 - Emphasize Communication38:00 - Three Point Shooting40:00 - Wall Ups42:00 - No Angles45:00 - Know Your Personnel47:00 - Dork and Opponent Terminators52:00 - Giving Structure53:00 - Changing Defense55:00 - Conclusion Paul Sather’s Bio:Bio: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Lynne Roberts, University of Utah Head Coach University of Utah head coach Lynne Roberts joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on smart box scores and bringing it to life in practice. Entering her eighth season in 2022-23, the Utes' first NCAA Tournament since 2011, Utah has eight letter winners and four starters returning to Salt Lake City along with a talented recruiting class, including adding the 2018-19 Pac-12 Freshman of the Year to the squad. Heading into the 2022-23 season, she holds a 112-99 record at Utah and is 333-274 in her 20 years as a head coach. Breakdown1:00 - Modern Approach to Basketball4:00 - Modern Offensive Template9:00 - Smart Box Score11:00 - Offensive Rebounding13:00 - Taking Advantage16:00 - Shooting Off the Dribble19:00 - Don't Meet After The Game24:00 - Evolution of Box Score26:00 - Free Throws30:00 - Turnover35:00 - Decision Making41:30 - Sit Down During Games45:00 - Improve Turnover Percentage48:00 - Conclusion Lynne Robert’s Bio:Bio: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Rob Fodor, NBA Shooting Coach NBA shooting coach Rob Fodor joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on rethinking how and what you teach about the shooting. Rob Fodor is the long-time shooting coach of the Miami Heat. Formerly, he was a coach for the Seattle Storm of the WNBA and the head coach of the Florida Pitbulls of the ABA. He has played college and professional basketball both in the United States and abroad. During his three years with the Miami Heat, the team has set numerous individual and team-shooting career-highs, both on a percentage and volume basis. Coach Fodor has coached or taught in Norway, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Slovenia, the ABA, the WNBA, and the NBA. By being a teacher and clinician for over 30 years, Coach Fodor has acquired experience in communicating and reaching players of different types and levels. Breakdown1:00 - Concept on How To Teach6:00 - Decision To Shoot8:00 - Importance of Variability within Shooting15:00 - 5 Words Explaining Shooting18:00 - Central Programming Generator18:09 - 18:51 - DR. DISH AD24:00 - Question Asked on His Players30:00 - Psychological Safety32:00 - Lift of the Ball37:00 - Energy Transfer40:00 - Perception and Decision43:00 - Simulate Skills49:00 - Mix Drills and Guidance55:00 - Vertical Drop56:28 - 57:07 - JUST PLAY AD1:00:00 - Goofy Shots1:02:00 - Concept of Form Shooting1:08:00 - Types of Quick1:13:00 - Being Collaborative1:18:00 - Conclusion Rob Fodor’s Bio:Bio: Shooting Guy Facebook Page: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
Guest: Dejan Milojevic, Golden State Assistant Coach  Golden State assistant coach Dejan Milojević joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on decision-making, rebounding, Jokić, and collaborative coaching. After his 2009 retirement from a very successful professional career, Dejan Milojević became a head coach for Mega Basket of the Adriatic Basketball Association (ABA). There, he coached future NBA All-Star and NBA MVP Nikola Jokić. Milojevic had a major impact on Jokic’s basketball upbringing and is one of Jokic’s role models. Some of the reads and passes Jokic makes today were originally taught to him by Milojevic, a Serbian legend himself and three-time Adriatic League MVP who helped Yugoslavia win gold at EuroBasket 2001 In 2021, he won Montenegrin League and Montenegrin Cup titles with Budućnost. In addition to club coaching, Milojević had a coaching stint with the Serbian national team from December 2019 until September 2021, assisting head coach Igor Kokoškov. Golden State Dejan Milojević was tasked with working with squad members playing closer to the basket that the team deploys in stretch four, power forward, forward-center, and center positions. For Milojević, that meant primarily focusing on Golden State's recently-drafted young center James Wiseman as well as their established squad players Draymond Green and Kevon Looney. Milojević won the NBA championship in 2022 making him the second Serbian assistant coach (after Igor Kokoškov) to win an NBA ring. Breakdown1:00 - Jokić Quote4:00 - Jokić Development6:00 - De Facto Point Guard8:00 - Connecting Skills and Decision13:53 - 14:32 - JUST PLAY ADS14:00 - Developing Passing18:00 - Golden State System21:00 - Game Situations23:00 - Competition Within Practice25:00 - Adjusting Small Details28:00 - Small-Sided Game33:00 - Beyond Passing35:27 - 36:10 - DR. DISH ADS37:00 - Coaching Philosophy39:00 - Coaching Rebounding42:00 - Decision-Making45:00 - European Coaching48:00 - Conclusion Dejan Milojevic’s Bio:Bio: Basketball ImmersionWebsite: Videos:Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics:
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