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Getting To Your Retirement Exit

Getting To Your Retirement Exit

Author: Jenny Jones

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This podcast is about how author and registered Investment Advisor Jenny Jones has successfully worked with clients over the last 19+ years to get them to their Retirement Exits based on real life stories, real experiences, and other events.
21 Episodes
In this episode, Jenny makes a case for why the ROTH IRA and why it's your only option in this post-pandemic era. Visit the following websites for more
I could not believe my stock picks did this, but My Covid 19 picks may surprise you.
Three retirement moves you should be making today. No one is talking about these three moves as a result of COVID 19 and I am not sure why.
Even though the world is standing still you muist continue to plan your work, while working your plan. Three major points to help you see the other end of these unsettled times.
Entire Market is down over 3000 points, yet there is still opportunity for us long term retirement investors. You got to hear this special podcast.
Most people sell their retirement portfolio on fear and don't know why only to discover that the market is up the very next day
I can't believe 98% of all retirees do not know this and after 20 years of advising I am ashamed I never thought of it until now.
Retirement Offers and Traps to avoid heading into your Retirement Exit. I remember it like it was yesterday. The Deal of a life time that sent me on this journey of financial education for the rest of us.
I fell in love with this one retirement strategy for many reason, but this one reason that may surprise you.
Join us as we learn the secret of the retirement buckets. Secret number one is shared with friends to include you.
What happens when DIY'ers come into my office and drop their retirement mistakes on my desk. Bam! Here you go Mr. Jones help me fix my mistakes. So guess what we did
There are 3 reasons why I hate your 401k and you should know about them. You will be amazed at the the #1 reason and can find Part 2 of this program at our blog
Reduce your retirement stress by addressing the retirement shortfall early. Those who wait take unecessary risks and are setting themselves up for failure.
You thought going into retirement was tough, wait until you have to answer the Biggest Retirement Question You Will Ever Hear, that actually has no right answer
As a financial advisor I had to share some personal confessions when I heard that 45% of middle-america would rather visit the dentist than to meet with a financial advisor.
Why the Social Security Board of Trustees see the system cutting benefits sooner than you think
Three buckets, three sources of income, but not knowing where the queen is or the right bucket can really cause you to lose money.
The big retirement surprise at 70 and 1/2 can cost you as much as 50% in taxes if you don't know about this rule
If you are not locked in and braced for an economic landing going into retirement then you might not have the time to recover.
If spending without control makes you feel good then how are you going to feel when you become older and not be able to earn like you did in your accumulation years
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