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Getting To Your Retirement Exit

Getting To Your Retirement Exit

Author: Jenny Jones

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This podcast is about how author and registered Investment Advisor Jenny Jones has successfully worked with clients over the last 19+ years to get them to their Retirement Exits based on real life stories, real experiences, and other events.
29 Episodes
For most people looking for retirement near me or near them they always ask their friends and family and I share 3 reasons why this should never be done.
Jenny shares what to do when you are getting ready to retire in the next 24 hours. Learn more at Get our New TV App Now
In this episode with the help from we find out why 95% of most retirees are not ready for retirement and 3 ways to get ready. Get our New TV App Now
There are two camps when it comes to investing in Cryptocurrency, but do they help your retirement portfolio? We find out with these 6 reasons.Support the show (
Support the show (
Why the retirement narrative has changed and how COVID19 has created the birth of the Side Hustle Retirement Plan by The Financial Evangelist Jenny JonesSupport the show (
Jenny Jones aka The Financial Evangelist (TM) thinks just before you finish signing your new offer letter that you should take these 3 Retirement moves to heart.   He even throws in a bonus point. Support the show (
In this episode, Jenny Jones talks about what to look for in retirement planning software and possibly reshifting post-Covid-19.  He also shares some startling statistics behind being ready and not being ready when it comes to retirement.Support the show (
In this episode, Jenny talks about some key elements of your 5-year retirement window. He referenced Episode 3 as a precursor, which substantiates this particular episode. Quantitative is important, but Qualitative is just as important. Tune-In to learn at least one new retirement exit concept or strategy. Support the show (
I could not believe my stock picks did this, but My Covid 19 picks may surprise you.Support the show (
Three retirement moves you should be making today. No one is talking about these three moves as a result of COVID 19 and I am not sure why.Support the show (
Even though the world is standing still you muist continue to plan your work, while working your plan. Three major points to help you see the other end of these unsettled times.Support the show (
Entire Market is down over 3000 points, yet there is still opportunity for us long term retirement investors. You got to hear this special podcast.Support the show (
Most people sell their retirement portfolio on fear and don't know why only to discover that the market is up the very next daySupport the show (
I can't believe 98% of all retirees do not know this and after 20 years of advising I am ashamed I never thought of it until now.Support the show (
Retirement Offers and Traps to avoid heading into your Retirement Exit. I remember it like it was yesterday. The Deal of a life time that sent me on this journey of financial education for the rest of us.Support the show (
I fell in love with this one retirement strategy for many reason, but this one reason that may surprise you.Support the show (
Join us as we learn the secret of the retirement buckets. Secret number one is shared with friends to include you.Support the show (
What happens when DIY'ers come into my office and drop their retirement mistakes on my desk. Bam! Here you go Mr. Jones help me fix my mistakes. So guess what we didSupport the show (
There are 3 reasons why I hate your 401k and you should know about them. You will be amazed at the the #1 reason and can find Part 2 of this program at our blog myretirementexit.blogspot.comSupport the show (
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