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Pete Dupuis and I dive into Seth Godin's book The Practice and its underlying mantra of developing a consistent process without being married to specific outcomes. Pete shares insights from both his process of content creation, and from years of running one of the most successful fitness industry brands. We talk about his approach to social media and its pros and cons for your career and life. Pete will share with you why he takes a long view with everything he does, giving with no specific demand in return. "Content creation is an act of generosity".  --- Support this podcast:
Luka Hocevar unloads his thoughts on coaching and career. We discuss the process it takes across a long career to create a compounding effect on long term results. It doesn't come quickly or easily, but if you plan and practice patience, the process will get you results. Luka notes the importance of regularly reflecting and course correcting so you don't end up off course in your work. Luka talks about his work ethic and the balance with making time for the important relationships in his life. He shares the importance of understanding the sacrifices involved in building something special. Through the discussion we share more good books you should read, than most adults ever touch in their entire lifetime. This is one of the best episodes in the library.  --- Support this podcast:
My good friend and founder of Stronger U, Mike Doehla is back to talk about how he wants to see his customers and his coaches thrive in life, fitness, and business. Mike not only created and built a great company, he shares a ton of free advice for career and business success, despite not offering a paid service in that area. We talk about why we do this. Mike also shares the benefits of being a coach under a brand that takes care of the marketing and finding the clients, letting coaches do the part they're passionate about, the coaching. Mike also has a background in finance so he's been more passionate about getting coaches to learn financial literacy. Hope you enjoy this episode.  --- Support this podcast:
Derek Wilcox, PhD of Sports Physiology and Performance and coach with Renaissance Periodization joins me to chat about where he put his energy and focus this year and how his competitive powerlifting and education unfolded and intertwined with his career as a coach. We talk about some of his pet peeves in the common messages in the fitness industry and how to reframe nervousness into positive excitement when competing or just stepping into a gym for the first time. Derek seeks to give people the tools to be formidable in life through performance and strength training. He also shares the value he sees in being part of a greater team at RP vs going it as a solo brand.  --- Support this podcast:
Please welcome back Susan Niebergall to the podcast. Susan is inspirational and educational in the fitness and nutrition space. Susan reveals she has a book in the works, shares her love for my client Larry(often featured on my IG), along with her various thoughts and philosophies toward our world. She shares thoughts on content creation and putting yourself out there, the value of relationships in her success and the importance for any fitness career, and imposter syndrome a recurring and popular topic. Susan shows relatability and we discuss not appearing superhuman, how many fitness professionals feel pressure to. We explain why now might be the best time to stay in the fitness industry and how to time block to care for your priorities.  --- Support this podcast:
Business and brand, dealing with staleness in your career, and how to grow beyond where you currently are. Chad Hargrove examines these topics in our discussion on this week's episode. Chad explains the validation you get from social media, the dopamine driven compulsion of having a large following, and changes to instagram. He also explains his adoption and potential within TikTok. This is the career horizon episode you don't want to miss. --- Support this podcast:
My friend Lee Boyce is back sharing how he made the best of 2020. He discusses some of his long term ambitions as an educator and why he thinks mobile coaching is a good play for trainers. We talk about why the fitness industry is better than you might think and how the stability of secure salaried jobs is more of an illusion than you believe. Lee shares why he values instagram and various thoughts about building a following.  --- Support this podcast:
Dr Jordan Shallow drops in for episode #10. Jordan and I share our Newfoundland origins before diving into his ideas on career development and how he progressed into education. Learn about his powerlifting origins training under legendary powerlifter Dan Green, our perspective on imposter syndrome, and Jordan’s attitude toward fitness influencers who don’t share great information. --- Support this podcast:
Matty Fusaro joins me for Episode #9. We hammer on relatability as a fitness professional and brand. How to walk the line between having super human and down to earth qualities. We dive into the value of networking within the industry. Matty shares his experience becoming successful on YouTube and advice for anyone wanting to explore that media. We discuss starting a podcast and I push Matty to start one, and how you should approach the pressure to be on all platforms. We dive into a lot of ideas about content creation. Matty explains why you want other people to win, and the importance of sharing. “Just because someone else is doing well doesn’t mean that they’re taking anything away from you.” --- Support this podcast:
Join Dr. Sam Spinelli and I for a big discussion of personal development and how to look at 2020 as an opportunity. We dive into why it’s essential to learn and get comfortable with sales, the difference between people who use their money for experiences vs accumulating material possessions, and maximizing your clients’ experience with you. We also hammer on the value of your time and guarding it against people who rob you of it and your mental energy. We finish off with a big discussion on how we can expect a surge in demand for coaching in the coming months. Find Sam on Instagram at @dr.samspinelli plus @citizenathletics1 and @e3rehab and --- Support this podcast:
Tony Gentilcore returns to share various career lessons from his 18 years of coaching, writing, speaking, and why he doesn't have his own podcast. We jam on how his focus and priorities have shifted across his career, why he's so focused on teaching the fundamentals instead of a creative and curated social media brand, and the importance of building rapport and personal relationships. We also delve into how his speaking engagements began and how this launched into the brand that is today Tony Gentilcore.  --- Support this podcast:
My charismatic friend Gareth Sapstead joins me from across the pond to talk about creating connections and making friends in the industry. We detail the importance of finding out "what can you do or someone else?" instead of approaching people with what they can do for you. Gareth shares how to get started in writing, expanding your trainer toolbox, where his creative ideas come from, understanding body dysmorphia, and variety vs consistency in programming. We also discuss the pros and cons of showing a more ripped aesthetic physique on social media and the classic discussion around whether trainers need to be fit(nuance warning). --- Support this podcast:
Where does Jordan Syatt want to take his career and life going forward? Gain some insight as he shares how life changed starting a serious relationship. He shares his upcoming plans, plus we discuss: Should you be looking to leave the fitness industry now, what type of content should you be focused on, are industry leaders annoyed if you share and tag their work, resources to be a better writer, and more. --- Support this podcast:
Matthew Ibrahim is a breakout emerging star of the fitness industry and prolific content creator and educator. He joins me for an engaging discussion about training philosophy, active listening, communication skills, creating behaviour change, and how he approaches his career and media. Matthew explains how he approaches everything as a problem solver. This entire episode is a showcase of Matthew's skill in engaging and communicating. --- Support this podcast:
Jonathan Goodman returns to discuss the current and future direction of his work with The PTDC and Online Trainer Academy, why he doesn’t plan to write any more books(at least for a while), and the importance of taking care of yourself first before you’re able to support others around you. Jonathan breaks down the 4 important aspects of his professional and personal life and how you can’t make great progress in all 4 simultaneously. We also explore why fit pros don’t want business advice and how to instead help by leading by example. Jonathan also details why he doesn’t love Instagram. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Episode #2 of the rebranded Lift Free and Diet Hard Podcast with host Andrew Coates. Dr. Mike Israetel joins to share how Renaissance Periodization developed a successful brand and culture. We discuss RP and Mike’s individual approaches to social media engagement, should trainers touch politics on their media, and pitfalls of isolated research like the now famous, dubious, and possibly fraudulent squats vs hip thrusts study. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the 1st episode of the revamped podcast. After 150 episodes of The Fitness Devil Podcast, life and work are taking Dean onto other project focus, leaving Andrew Coates to host The Lift Free And Diet Hard Podcast solo. Sohee Lee jump starts the rebrand with a discussion about her recent life travelling with boyfriend Ben, a shift in her social media and experiencing new engagement, the value in consistency within your content creation, scaling to educate a larger audience, building a team of coaches in her business, and the importance of saying no to preserve your time and emotional energy.  --- Support this podcast:
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