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This episode of Study Hall w/ Mr. D took place during a Q&A session for the Iowa Reading Convention @ Iowa State University. Topics include: Student Teaching Advice Sharing 'Ah ha!' moments Peaches and Cream Corn Has Joe ever read the book, Wonder?
An incredible full circle experience at my alma mater, Central Michigan University. Take a listen as educators (and some non educators) from various experience levels ask critical questions about the field. Questions include: -Using humor in the classroom -How to follow your passion -Behavior Management -Becoming “Mr.D” -Travel & Teaching -Balancing teaching & 2nd jobs -Many more!
The fact that kindergarteners have only been alive on this earth for a total of FIVE years will either scare the hell out of you or intrigue you to the point of wanting to spend your Monday through Friday with them. Greg Smedley-Warren, aka Kindergarten Smorgasbord, is THE guru of Kinder and very well know for his online presence. Take a listen to hear his hilarious moments, advice, tips and trips and SO much more!
S2E1: The Power of Art

S2E1: The Power of Art


Cassie’s 20 years experience as an art educator is apparent from the very start of our conversation. She simply oozes authenticity and creativity.  Here is a woman who knows who she is and is confident with her goals. Show topics include: -Fashion as an art form -Getting started with art integration -Keeping it one hundred 100% of the time -Cassie’s favorite art projects -The release of Cassie’s upcoming book
Joe is back in his childhood home this week visiting the H.B.I.C  herself, his mom, FRAN! In this episode Fran gives all the hot gos on her picks for ABC's The Bachelor, Joe confesses to almost being arrested on college AND Fran discusses exactly why when you two time her..."Yer dead to me!"



Brittany Sinitch aka @fivefootoneteacher might be tiny, but her personality is anything but small. Her take on resilience comes from the fact that she is a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland Florida, where a tragic school shooting took place in February of 2018. Listen to her as she talks about the importance of putting students emotional well-being  FIRST at all costs.
Fate placed me at a conference where I was graced with the greatness and positivity of Dr. José Medina. However, it was our personalities and common goal to create a better world for students that connected us together as friends. In this episode you’ll learn the truth behind dual language education and the power behind the work. Dr. Medina shares his personal stories that resin within so many of us as educators and overall members of society. This episode is 100% a MUST listen for not only teachers but ALL humans of the world.
Mr.D and long time Kindergarten teacher and social studies curriculum guru LeNesha Tabb talk about the pros and cons of teaching 5 year olds, being stranded in an airport together for three days, balancing family and career and everyday teacher life.
Episode 2 features my very good friend, and Ellen Show brother, Mr. Michael Bonner. It was so great to catch up with Bonner to talk about our experiences on the show, technology in education, Michael’s book “Get Up or Give Up,” and so so SO much more.
Joe sits down with the extremely entertaining @swdreamteam5. They are a team of 5, fifth grade teachers from Indiana who are sweeping instagram by storm with their highly engaging teaching style.
This week, Joe and Mama Fran chat about the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset. Mama Fran keeps it real and Joe gets some real estate news of his own! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Joe is joined by the hilarious Gianmarco Soresi. Joe and Gianmarco chat about childhood bullies, being in the theater crowd, and middle school field-trips. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Joe is once again joined by the Tutu Teacher herself, Vera Ahiyya. They chat about all things teacher life including the importance of librarians, dealing with bureaucracy, having important conversations in the classroom, and Vera's incredible and important book, 'You Have a Voice.' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Let's Watch TV: Ozark

Let's Watch TV: Ozark


This week, Joe gets sucked in to a show he thought he would never watch, Netflix's crime drama Ozark. Mama Fran gives her thoughts on haunted houses as Joe comes up with an idea for a new reality show; 'Comfort Zone,' starring Mama Fran herself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Things get reaalllllllll midwestern when Joe is joined by the hilarious Charlie Berens. They chat about Ranch dressing, ice fishing, and all manner of midwestern tropes before getting into some amazing listener emails. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Cue the water-works as Joe and Fran watch the iconic and emotional show This Is Us. Joe is stretched to his emotional limits and Fran shares why she thinks this is one of the best shows of all time. Joe also shares some of his thoughts and experiences following the recent shooting in Texas. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Things get crazy as Joe is joined again by popular demand by Gaspare Randazzo. They talk about Hand Stuff (ASL...and prostitution), Pizza in time square, and a truly memorable trip to the hospital. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Joe is joined by former farm-kid Amber Autry. They discuss the joys (and terrors) of the outdoors, growing up as a theater kid, and what kind of interesting neighborhood Amber lives in before getting into listener emails! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Joe and Fran watch Joe's favorite show thus far, the Hulu Docu-series The Dropout. Mama Fran and Joe disagree over the finer details and Joe reminds Mama Fran who's the boss! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Joe is joined by hillarious friend of the pod Zachary Noe Towers! Joe and Zachary chat about salacious pictures made with museum gift shop toys and Joe almost gets engaged before getting into emails about horrible gifts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Hey, Mr.D. and Mama Fran! I'm not only a muggle, but a mom to the greatest preschool teacher in a public/large school district AND mom to my 6 g-kids. I have also subbed as a para in her room and a couple of the g-kids' classrooms at dirt cheap pay. I loved it! daughter got me HOOKED to your podcast and YouTube videos. You keep it real and oh so funny! You make washing dishes and long walks outside/treadmill something to look forward to! I would love to know... What is the title of the opening music to your Let's Watch TV Christmas Edition podcasts? Thanks! (Mama Fran... you've raised an awesome son... and have a mom I'd love to hang out with if I lived near both are fortunate to have each other!💞). Donna

Dec 16th


Good broadcast

Aug 8th


Intriguing, very interesting as well, hope to see what the future beholds of the beholder

Jun 16th
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