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With another Friday evening comes another edition of The Brightest Conversation in Hamilton Radio, this week featuring Jamie West! Today is also National Truth & Reconciliation Day which has Scott and Jamie talking about what this day is designed to mark, if today should be a stat holiday and more in addition to the benefits and drawbacks of having inexperienced politicians, almost catching a baseball that would be worth a ton of money and what's with peoples' fascination with true crime & serial killers? Guest: Jamie West, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director
After moderating 16 political debates, has Mike Fortune's sanity been permanently altered? How does he feel about the future of Hamilton's political scene? Guest: Mike Fortune, Host, The Hamilton Network, Cable 14 - The topic of LRT in Hamilton is enduring with many for and against but in an area of Toronto, it's actually being built. The catch is that this project began construction 11 years ago, is still underway and its deadline to be finished just came and went. If this project is still being built, how has it affected the surrounding businesses and could we see a similar thing happen here? Guest: Enzo Torrone, Chair, Fairbank Village BIA - After 21 years, CHCH's Morning Live will be needing a new co-host because Bob Cowan has announced his retirement! In fact, his last time on the air will be tomorrow morning. Scott welcomes Bob to the show to recount his time on the air and what's next. Guest: Bob Cowan, Co-Host, Morning Live, CHCH-TV
Lots and lots of bonuses were given out to government executives even during the pandemic and yet the reasons for those bonuses are so flimsy! Bonuses are supposed to be given out for performance that is above and beyond what's expected, did the bare minimum even get achieved? What kind of message does this send to the public? Guest: Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation - Many European countries have some major questions that will need answers as the weather gets colder and their main source of energy runs dry thanks to a gamble that was placed on Russian oil. While this may seem like an issue that would affect European countries, the world economy is tied together which means we could be impacted too. What would that look like and how severe could it be? Guest: Dr. Eric Kam, Professor of Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, International Monetary Economics, Implications of Monetary Growth, Toronto Metropolitan University - As we near the 50th anniversary of Paul Henderson's goal during the 1972 Summit Series, Scott has started to wonder, what is the greatest moment in Canadian sports history? Guest: Steve Foxcroft, Sports Commentator, NFL Chain Gang Member & VP, Fluke Transportation Group
Scott welcomes on one of the candidates running to be Hamilton's next mayor, Keanin Loomis, to the show where they talk about his plan for Hamilton should he be elected as mayor. Guest: Keanin Loomis, Mayoral Candidate, 2022 Hamilton Municipal Election - What injury was sustained by Tua Tagovailoa? Is the NFL's concussion protocol a sham? What makes a player one of the greats? And should you put more effort into getting into the playoffs or saving your best pitchers so you can do well in the playoffs (assuming you make it in)? These questions and more get debated and possibly even answered in this week's edition of Sports Talk with Don Robertson. Guest: Don Robertson, Head Coach & Owner, Dundas Real McCoys & Broker of Record, ComChoice Realty
What should happen to Hamilton's city council during a municipal election? Are small things worth settling or should it all be decided by the next council? Guest: Larry Di Ianni, Former Mayor of Hamilton - Bill C-11 wants to govern what Canadians view online by promoting Canadian content over others. Is that actually how it would work or is there something more going on? Does anyone other than the government actually something like this put in place? Guest: JJ McCullough, Political Commentator & Youtuber - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been performing terribly this year however their showing against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was surprisingly great. Is this a sign of things to come or was it simply a fluke? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor, CHCH-TV
University is often something that's touted as being the bastion of debate and alternative points of view. Some research has found that may not be the case anymore as the political leanings and opinions of professors has shifted across Canada. Guest: Dr. Christopher Dummitt, Professor, Canadian History, Trent University & Podcast Host, 1867 & All That. - This week marks a big milestone for M*A*S*H but that's not the only big TV news that's happened and is happening. Scott welcomes Bill Brioux to talk about what's going on in television today. Guest: Bill Brioux, Television Critic & Author,
This week's edition of The Brightest Conversation in Hamilton Radio features Dave Woodard who joins Scott to talk about Australians wanting Steve Irwin on their money, the CFL and the position the Tiger-Cats find themselves in, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, transitioning to a cashless society and more. Guest: Dave Woodard, News Anchor, 900 CHML
Are you preparing to start going back to work on-site or hunkering down to keep working from home? Do you even want to stop working from home? Guest: Dr. Andrew Parkin, Executive Director, Environics Institute - Why does it seem like there isn't a government nor party who has any intention of saving or cutting back on spending? Could all this spending, this time from Doug Ford, be part of what's contributing to inflation's rapid rise? Guest: Jay Goldberg, Ontario Director & Interim Atlantic Director, Canadian Taxpayer Federation - There's almost a recycling of music nowadays as entire catalogues get bought and re-released and covers are put out and sampling pulls favourite clips & obscure ones alike. How has this contributed to a lack of 'new-ness' by regurgitating popular music of the past? Guest: Eric Alper, Publicist, Music Commentator & Shameless Idealist
What is worse for us to face, a recession or inflation? That's seemingly the choice that's having to be made as the fight against inflation continues but could a third, and albeit worse, option be on the table, we get both a recession and more inflation? Guest: Dr. Eric Kam, Professor, Macroeconomics, Toronto Metropolitan University - If you voluntarily give your DNA to the police and it gets used for more than just that case, were your rights violated? Where is the line drawn and if it hasn't been drawn yet, where should it be drawn? Guest: Jeff Manishen. Former prosecutor; Criminal Defence Counsel, Ross & McBride LLP - It turns out that music is a fantastic tool for reconnecting with people who are afflicted with diseases like dementia. How does our brain interact with music and what is the response actually like in someone with dementia? Guest: Rachael Finnerty, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Music Therapist & Music Therapy Academy Founder
Having a conversation requires two people but it simply can't happen when one of those people is belligerent, rude and inconsiderate. Unfortunately, that's the nice way of describing how some people conduct themselves online and someone has found this to be a major hindrance to their business. How is The Conversation dealing with problematic users who make it impossible to have a conversation? Guest: Scott White, Editor-in-Chief & CEO, The Conversation Canada - Gerry Dee has found a way onto many different TV shows all while also being a stand-up comedian. As a stand-up comedian, he's taking the stage right here in Hamilton on Thursday Sept. 15! Scott welcomes him to the show to talk about the show and more. Guest: Gerry Dee, Actor & Stand-Up Comedian
Scott welcomes on one of the candidates running to be Hamilton's next mayor, Andrea Horwath, to the show where they talk about her newly released plan for Hamilton. Guest: Andrea Horwath, Mayoral Candidate, 2022 Hamilton Municipal Election - Do you feed an easy pitch to a batter who's about to break a milestone? What should be done about the Montreal Canadiens' new captain who doesn't speak any french? These questions and more get answered in this weeks' edition of Sports Talk with Don Robertson. Guest: Don Robertson, Head Coach & Owner, Dundas Real McCoys & Broker of Record, ComChoice Realty
This week's edition of The Brightest Conversation in Hamilton Radio features none other than CHML's very own, Bill Kelly! He's worked all morning and now Scott is pulling him in to work all evening long where they talk about what the future of the monarchy may look like, simplifying the way governments and their subsidiaries speak about things, the state of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and more. Guest: Bill Kelly, Host, The Bill Kelly Show (9a-12p), 900 CHML
The Scott Radley show for September 8th: Guests: Nathan Tidridge - Presented the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Prince of Wales in 2012. Author of Beyond Mainland, Canada's Constitutional Monarchy, and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. Robert Finch - The Dominion Chairman of the Monarchist League of Canada. Tim Powers - Chair of Summa Strategies
As winter approaches, it's possible we could be seeing a massive 30% jump to the price to heat your home. This comes after an already staggering jump of 50% to the price. What's happened to all of the liquid natural gas (LNG) that's purported to be under Canada? Can't we just use that for cheap? Guest: Patrick DeHaan, Head of Petroleum Analysis, - The Bank of Canada is set to have another hike to its interest rate which could be very threatening to jobs all over Canada in addition to the economy itself. Is a recession imminent? Guest: Dr. Ian Lee, Associate Professor, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University - When entertainers betray the image they try to project to the world, what should we do? Should a musician who's accused of horrendous acts continue to get air play on the radio? Should we continue to enjoy the works of entertainers and athletes after they are accused? What if they're found guilty? Guest: Alan Cross, Host, The Ongoing History of New Music & Creator, A Journal of Musical Things
Hamilton will be implementing a new 'nuisance bylaw'. How does this one differ from other bylaws and laws that already exist and why is it being put forth? Guest: John Paul Danko, Ward 8 Councillor, City of Hamilton - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been performing terribly this year. Despite their 3 wins and 9 losses this season, they aren't completely out of the race in the East Division. Does that indicate something wrong with the league? On another note, how has the ideal NFL & CFL player changed over time to match what kind of game the leagues have been trying to go for? Guest: Steve Foxcroft, NFL Chain-Gang Member, Vice-President, Fluke Transport
Hamilton's city budget deal with large sums of money but how much of that money is actually being spent on each Hamiltonian? How does this compare to past spending and other cities? Guest: Jason Clemens, Executive Vice President, Fraser Institute - Rob Golfi, a local real estate agent, is being sued by another agent from the US over a pose that he does in advertisements. This other agent says that Golfi is infringing on his pending trademark pose. Is there an argument that can be made here and what can actually be trademarked? What, if any, difference is there between trademarks and copyright? Guest: Rebecca Kupfer, Associate Lawyer (Trademarks, Copyright, IP Litigation), Shift Law - Is Serena Williams the greatest female tennis player of all time? What makes a network more inclined to give air time to one sporting event over another? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor, CHCH-TV
When the federal government conducts a census, the findings don't get released in one big information dump, instead opting for a trickle. Some of that info trickle has been released and it would appear that 1 in 5 people in Hamilton is over the age of 65. How could that statistic impact the city and the rest of its population? Guest: Steve Buist, Reporter, The Hamilton Spectator - Roberto Alomar won't be joining in the commemoration of the Toronto Blue Jays' 30th anniversary of their 1992 World Series win. How should we deal with players who have, or are alleged to have, committed crimes? Guest: Steve Foxcroft, Sports Broadcaster, NFL Chain Gang Member, NBA Court-side Administrator, Referee & Vice-President, Fluke Transport - Has HGTV ruined home renovation? There's an undeniable 'look' that can be attributed to the many shows on the network but how has that permeated into the rest of interior design? Guest: Glen Peloso, Creative Princial, Glen Peloso Design
Is a 35% raise something that the government can afford to give to education workers over the next 3 years? While a strike voting is set to take place, will either side back down? Guest: Jay Goldberg, Ontario Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation - A British study found that 85.7% of respondents feel that music is vital to maintaining their mental health. Should this be surprising to us or has the ability to bring music with us allowed it to become a much more integral part of us? Guest: Eric Alper Publicist and Music Commentator - What is this municipal election going to be about? There doesn't seem to be any one central issue that's in question - or is there? Guest: Larry Di Ianni, Host & Community Producer, Cable 14 & Former Hamilton Mayor
Scott is back for another wonderful show to talk about the latest impending strike vote, which union this concerns and what they want this time. Scott also welcomes Don Robertson back to the show for another round of conversations about everything that's going on in the realm of sports. Guests: Laura Walton, President, CUPE's Ontario School Board Council of Unions Don Robertson, Head Coach & Owner, Dundas Real McCoys & Broker of Record, ComChoice Realty
Why are we hearing so much controversy surrounding Taiwan and China's anger over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan? What is China and Taiwan's relationship like and could we see a similar situation to Russia's invasion of Ukraine? Guest: Dr. Charles Burton, Senior Fellow, Centre for Advancing Canada's Interests Abroad, Macdonald-Laurier Institute - Why would a journalist agree to speak with Dellen Millard who, along with Mark Smich, was convicted of murdering Laura Babcock and Tim Bosma? What does a killer have to gain by speaking to the media? Scott gets answers to these questions and more with the help of Adrian Humphreys. Guest: Adrian Humphreys, Reporter, National Post & Host, The Mob Reporter - There are a lot of people who look back at the original Woodstock music festival through rose coloured glasses. This was so much so that there was an attempt to do it again in 1999 for what's become infamously known as Woodstock '99. What went wrong? Was the original Woodstock really that good? Let's open our history books and take a look back in time with Alan Cross. Guest: Alan Cross, Music Historian & Host, The Ongoing History of New Music
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