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Interesting people. Relatable stories. Join the award-winning 630 CHED Afternoons daily for in-depth discussion of the day’s topics. You never know where it might end up.
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You can catch her starting Monday at 5:30am with Daryl Mcintyre for the debut of CHED This Morning.
Guest: Kate Hallett, Sherwood Park Actress in Oscar nominated “Women Talking”.
Guest: Daryl McIntyre, Co-host This Morning with J’lyn Nye & Daryl McIntryre.
Guest: Bryan Hall, Legendary Edmonton Sports Personality.
Guest: Mario Canseco, President, Research Co.
Guest: Janice Krissa Moore, Edmonton resident, Founder Free Store for Ukrainian Newcomers. Olena Mashchenko, Escaped Ukraine to Edmonton.
Guest: John Gradek, Professor - McGill University.
Guest: Lars Callieou, Edmonton Comedian/Owns Volkswagen that keeps on rolling.
Guest: Chelsea Bird, Host, Chelsea on CHED.
Guest: Dr. Ganz Ferrance, Registered Psychologist, Former Public Education Coordinator as well as the former Vice-President of the Psychologist’s Association of Alberta.
Guest:  Nasr Bitar, Social Media Coordinator, 4 Day Work Week.
Guest: Dr. Tor Oiamo, Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies at Ryerson University, one of Canada’s leading noise researchers.
Guest: Dr. Eli Sopow, Associate Professor, MBA Faculty of Leadership & People Management, University Canada West. Guest host : Chelsea Bird
Guest: Dr. Peter Singer, professor of bioethics at Princeton University and founder of the charity The Life You Can Save. His books include The Most Good You Can Do and Ethics in the Real World. Guest Host: Chelsea Bird
Guest: CK Dhaliwal - strategic marketing and academic manager, Alberta E-Sports Association. Guest Host: Chelsea Bird.
Guest: Dr. Christabelle Sethna, Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa. Guest Host: Chelsea Bird.
Guest: Jan Reimer, the executive director of the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters and former Edmonton mayor. Guest Host Chelsea Bird.
GUEST: Chris Rutkowski, Winnipeg-based Ufology Researcher
GUEST: Shara Vigeant, Owner of SVPT Fitness & Athletics
GUEST: Sean Feagan, Wildlife biologist & Alberta communications director, Nature Conservancy of Canada