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One songwriter, one song. Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music. In each episode Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they've written.
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In this episode Sven zooms with Em Baker of Plike.  Find out what recording in a car, a washing machine, and the opening scene in "The Fifth Element" all have to do with her music and collaboration with Yellow Belly. SONG: Sanity Meter (feat. Yellow Belly) ALBUM: Soteria BANDS: Alison Layne (Alice in Chains cover band), Bishop Buzzkill, Plike, Wire & Wasteland, Acting for Cameras  FAVORITE TREAT:  toss-up between a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and a chocolate martini! Photo Credit: Andres Morales-Torres | AMT Photoworks REFS Hellblade [Game] (Senua's Sacrifice) Yellow Belly [Band] WitchHouse [Genre] ChipTune [Genre] Synth-Pop [Genre] Pink Floyd [Band] Dub Step [Genre] Portishead [Band] The Fifth Element [Movie] PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) Aphex Twin [Band] The Crystal Method [Band] Spotify Myspace Decatur, IL DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) 90s Daughter Jupiter's The Canopy Club EDM VNV Nation [Band] Paul Oakenfold NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Mass Effect [Game Series] Star Wars [Movie Series] Commander Shepard [Character] Sony VO (Voice-over) Mark Hamill Silent Hill Oculus Rift Aliens [Movie] Ripley [Character] Alien Isolation [Game] Play Station Untitled Goose Game The Three Stooges Asheville, NC  
Even in the middle of a pandemic, music is still happening and being released.  Sven zooms with former guest Kelsey Sharp (EP6) to talk about releasing an EP in the middle of a pandemic and what goes into each of the four songs on her EP. You can find "W.W.L.D." available now!  EP cover art and episode cover by: Big E
Sven zooms with Jemma and Alaina from Familiar Ghosts to talk about their song "Bury Me Alive." Tune in to find out what Starbucks, Google Docs, and Edgar Allan Poe have in common, where the name Familiar Ghosts comes from, and what paint is better: acrylic or oil.   SONG: Bury Me Alive ALBUM: Daydreams & Nightmares (releases 12/21/20 BANDS: Familiar Ghosts (Formally the Killer Coven) Favorite Treats: Jemma: Chai latte & bear claws Alaina: Moscow Mule & banana bread Photo Credit: Tim Allen   Refs: Starbucks Emoting Rebranding Indie folk Indie rock Queen(esque) [band] Chord Structure Key Killer Coven [band] Hands of Fate Elton John The Star [Song] Google Docs Pop Music Ballad Sipyard NOLA's Rock Bar (Formally Blackbird Urbana) 90's Daughter [Band] Overworry [Band] Ingrid Michaelson [Musician] AJR [Band] Acrylic Paint Oil Paint Watercolors Tarot Astrology Midnight Sun [book] Midnight Sun [Definition] Stephanie Myer [author] Edgar Allan Poe Pompous The High Priestess [Tarot Card] The Star [Tarot Card]   
CW: Mentions misogyny, r*pe, abuse, assault, and people being shitty humans.Sven zooms with Dexter Anodyne, a musician in Springfield, IL.  Hear the question that Sven is glad he asked, Dexter's favorite venue in Springfield, and her favorite non-musical things. SONG: Brink of Summer ALBUM: Weeping Venus BANDS: Greenhouse Opera FAVORITE TREAT: Sushi Photo Credit: Dexter Anodyne REFS: Synthesizer Psychedelic Music Tool [Band] Radiohead [Band] Aesthetic(s) Nirvana Heaven Björk Guðmundsdóttir [Musician] Beatles [Band] Looping Buzz Bomb Brewing Company [Venue] Vincent Sebastian [Musician] Interference [Album] Ricki Marvel [Musician] Intersectionality Intersectional Feminism Blacksheep Cafe [Venue] Dumb Records [Venue] Bermuda Triangle [Band] Twitch YouTube Facebook Influencer  Bandcamp Springfield, IL Peoria, IL Elitism Australian Shepard Lady Gaga  
Sven zooms with Keegan in his home in Bloomington, Indiana to talk about his song "Loose Ends." Tune in to find out about the beginning of Ghoul Jr., what the CU Music scene could do better, and Keegan's favorite non-musical thing(s). Trust me, this episode sounds much better than sleeping in together... SONG: Loose Ends ALBUM: EP BANDS: Ghoul Jr./Solo FAVORITE TREAT: Iced Coffee Photo Credit:  Veronica Mullen   REFS: Reis Desantis (Bonus EP 3 "We Are Family") Southtown Sound - Springfield, IL [Illinois Times article] Black Sheep Cafe (closed) Black Sheep Festival Deadbeat Boyfriend [Song] My Sibella [Song] Blips and Chitz [DIY Venue] Bloomington, IN Danville, IL Decatur, IL 217 Strikes Back [FB Photos - V Mullen Media] Lucid [Band] CLAW - Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling Ghost Planet [DIY Venue] Pity Sex [Band] Yuck [Band] Nectar [Band]  - (Episode 4) Data Waves [Band] - (Episode 40) Blockhouse Bar [Venue] The Bishop [Venue] The Bluebird [Venue] The Canopy Club [Venue] Rose Bowl Tavern [Venue] Jaws [Movie] Study on Green Space and Mental Health Chinese Evergreen - (Aglaonema Commutatum) Plant Mode SvenStock  
In this episode Sven zooms with Lola Honeye about her favorite song: "Dreams." Find out how this song got started, her favorite place to sing, and why tacos are the greatest.  SONG: Dreams Sofar Sounds Video of Dreams: BANDS: New Souls, Mother Nature, Restore, Code Red, Unfamiliar Vibes, Affinity FAVORITE TREAT: Peach Tea (HOT), Rainbow Goldfish Photo Credit: Boots HowardREFS: Jill Scott TheGr8Thinkas PlainRo/Ro Marsalis  Rokmore Klevah Columbia University 'Michael" Mike Ingram (The Last Champaign County Recorder) Kayla Brown Dr. Owens Cirque du Soleil Summer Camp Music Festival Watson's Shack & Rail Juke Joint The Canopy Club Young the Giant Dr. Seuss "Iron sharpens iron" - Proverbs 27:17 Henry Miller List of Banned Books Equilibrium    
CW:  anxiety and mental health Even in the middle of a pandemic, music is still happening and being released.  Sven zooms with former guest Chase Scott (EP38) of Chase Baby & Trouble Chasin' to talk about releasing an album in the middle of a pandemic and what goes into each of the four songs on his EP. Today (August 28th) Chase Baby released "The Dissociation EP"  You can find it here on all platforms: EP cover art and episode cover by Boots Howard
Even in the middle of a pandemic, music is still happening and being recorded.  Sven zooms with former guest Mike Carpenter (EP37) of Decadents and the podcast "The 200 Level" to talk about making an album in the middle of a pandemic, recording partially at Perennial Sound Studio with Ryan Groff (EP35) and the challenges of staying true to the band's sound, but at the same time exploring new sounds.  The result is Decadents' 4th album "Fever Dreams" set to be released August 21st!  You can find it here when it drops:
Sven zooms with Karena Tse about her song "New Blue Rollerblades." Tune in to find out if there were "new blue rollerblades," Sven's theory about buses, and Karena's favorite non-musical things...    SONG: New Blue Rollerblades ALBUM: (unreleased) BANDS: Karena Tse (Solo) FAVORITE TREAT: Strawberry Popsicles, Hot Milk Tea Photo Credit: Karena’s mom   Refs:   Beats by Jay Kim Anika Emily (Music) (EP39) Espresso Royal Coffee (Espresso Yourself Café Virtual Open Mic) [Event] Larry Gates (Curb Service) (Owner: The Little Red Recovery Room) TikTok Uber Eats McChicken Postmates The Canopy Club Sipyard Guy From Seattle (Richie Dagger's Crime) Music For the Masses (UIUC UNION) New Souls Seven Saints Smoke in Space (EP 2) The Dawn Patrol - Anka (EP 29) Jake Fava Daily Illini Habitat for Humanity Restore The Idiot (Novel by: Elif Batuman)  
In this episode Sven talks to Dom aka Soul Savage about the song "Breaking The Mold." Find out about his nickname... Getting started... taking chances and the how our past makes us stronger. SONG: Breaking the Mold ALBUM: Single BANDS: aka SOUL SAVAGE, Collective: The Ideal Spot FAVORITE TREATS: mango bubble tea, green tea mochi, root beer, hot cheetos. REFS: Z Swamp Double Entendre Peter Pan Mother Goose Lil Uzi Vert Kanye West DaBaby Tupac Shakur Kendrick Lamar J. Cole Mos Def Dear Mama [Song/Video] Hip Hop The Canopy Club The City Center Crossfire [Song] Parkour Anime Dragon Ball Z Trigun Toonami IMC (Independent Media Center) Wacom Bamboo Circus Tablet Paint Tool SAI Sketchbook Pro [SONG] O BABY O BABY O PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME (Unknown)    
Sven Zooms with Bardo and James Treichler to talk about the song "Tranquila (feat. Jazz Lisette.)" How did Bardo and James meet? Find out how their first performance together went and find out what what Bardo and James' favorite non-musical things are...  SONG: Tranquila (feat. Jazz Lisette.) ALBUM: Single (Album in the works) BANDS: Bardo: Black Cotton James: Turbo Pascal, Crazy Marvin, Sangamon, Matt Carter Band, The Dirty Feathers, Elsinore (EP35), Tang Dynasty, Emily Blue (EP41), and Mermaid Heaven Favorite treat: Bardo: C C Lemon   James: Buffalo Trace Bourbon Bardo Photo Credit: Vanessa Velasquez James Photo Credit: Della Perrone Refs: Family of Geniuses It Girl [Song] Pharrell Williams Jazz Lisette Kids See Ghosts Feel the Love [Song] George Floyd Pogo Studio Mark Rubal Perennial Sound Studio Church Booty (EP7) now: Fay Ray Emily Blue (EP41) Germany Vs. Brazil (2014 World Cup) Lincoln Hall 808 Hip Hop [Genre] Reggae [Genre] The Roots [Band] Channel Orange [Album] Frank Ocean Velvet Lounge Dub Music [Genre] Cultura Profética Tim Maia Gilberto Gil Evinha Seu Jorge Vanessa da Mata Bob Marley So Much Things to Say [Song] Tranquila [Video] Talus Films   Camera Ambassador I Just Wanna Kick It (Feat. Bardo) [Video] Sci-Fi [Genre] Cowboy Monkey [No longer Music Venue] HighDive [No longer Music Venue] The Accord [No longer Music Venue] Joe's Brewery KAM'S The Blind Pig Ward Gollings Rose Bowl Tavern The City Center The Canopy Club Exile on Main St. Seven Saints Brothers Mabel's Nature's Table F1 Racing
Excerpt of interview for Episode 42 with Reginald Chapman. 
Sven Zooms with Dr. Reginald Chapman Jr. We talk about writing, arranging, the Champaign-Urbana scene, being a musician in NY, and the best way to propose... maybe.  SONG: Hoodie ALBUM: Prototype BANDS: UTV. Chamber, Trio Of Justice, No BS Brass, Foxygen (+Vid playing on Conan), The Mountain Goats, Pressure Fit, Lucky Chops, Champaign bands: Recorded and performed with: Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen (EP20), Elsinore (EP35), Church Booty Now Called Fay Ray Favorite treat: Twizzlers Photo credit:  Nick Moore REFS Empire [TV Show] Trayvon Martin ii/V/I Progression Devonnne Harris Gil Evens J. Dilla Major 7th (#11th) Ken Vandermark Indie Rock [Genre] Death Cab for Cutie [Band] The Flaming Lips [Band] Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots [Album] FUNK [Genre] George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic [Band] Herbie Hancock Roy Ayers Derivation Sibelius [Engraving Program] Rhodes Piano Corey Fonville Christian Scott Karl Lyden The DisneyLand All-American College Band [Video] Ben Ford Navy Commedores King Silversonic Brass Flugalhorn Duke Ellington Stradiverius Reynolds Contempora [Types of Trombone] George Roberts Euphonium/Baratone/Tuba VIDEO OF TUBA/Contra SOLO [VIDEO] The Iron Post Highdive [Closed] The Great Cover UP We The Animals Mike Ingram The Dirty Feathers Elsinore (EP35) Justin Vernon Bon Iver The National Bebop [Genre] Cowboy Monkey [No longer a venue] Emily Blue (EP41) Melvin Knight (EP7) Rebecca Rego (EP20)
Thank you everyone for listening to the show! The Little SIPS are done... for now... but regular episodes are still coming.  Tune in June 12th for Episode 42! If you feel like supporting my favorite charity; Imerman Angels, check out my compilation of CU Musicians: Crumpled Piece of Yellow Paper (Vol. I) ALL PROCEEDS GO RIGHT TO Imerman Angels:
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